January 10, 2014

Master Bedroom: New Ceiling

We're in the homestretch with the bedroom/master suite remodel. The ceiling was the next to last project and it's almost done. Here's how it's coming along, starting with a before photo of the original pine tongue and groove ceiling.

Ceiling before, but after the closets were torn out.

And a close-up of one corner, where a stove pipe used to go. . . .

Where the old chimney pipe used to go

The house was originally heated with coal and there is evidence in each room of where a coal burning stove used to be. The problem with this corner is that when the stove pipe was installed, a hole was simply cut in the ceiling to accommodate the pipe, but with no structural support for the ceiling itself. Over time, the ceiling sagged in this corner. Being 90 year old tongue and groove boards, the sag is pretty much petrified into the boards now. We discussed what to do about it. Based on time and money, we'll just live with it.

Still, we want the room to look nice. For purely decorative effect, Dan wanted to add some pseudo beams made of stained 2x4s.

Dan stained 2x4s for a beam look. In the lower left you can see the
storage compartment Dan made when he began to rebuild the closet

Dan doesn't care for the tongue and groove, however, so we decided to cover the ceiling in between the beams. We like the styrofoam tiles we use in the hall bathroom, and went with that again. They look nice, are inexpensive, paintable, add a little insulation, and cover a multitude of ceiling flaws.

Styrofoam ceiling tiles

I bought the tiles from Antique Ceilings on Amazon. They have a good selection and are about half the price of elsewhere.

I alternated the pattern to prevent a striped or checkerboard look.

My problem was that they don't quite cover the space between the beams.

Cutting strips of foam tiles to fill the narrow gaps next to the beams

I cut strips to fill in the gaps. Not what the professionals would do, I know, but as my grandmother used to say, "No one will notice on a galloping horse."

My piecing doesn't really seem to show, does it?

The foam takes paint very well and with regular ceiling paint, the ceiling looks like painted tin or a molded plaster.

My apologies for the wonky picture! This is as far as I've
gotten for now. You can compare unpainted tiles in the
upper left corner. And you can still see where the ceiling sags.

Unfortunately, I have yet to finish that. It got too cold before I was done and I would rather paint when I can crack the window and put in a fan to vent the smell. I don't suppose the ceiling is going anywhere, so I'll have to wait till springtime to finish this project.

Master Bedroom: New Ceiling © January 2014


Anonymous said...

Looking good! You guys have made some wonderful changes to the old house. You might want to check your link to the Antique Ceiling, though. I got a "Not Found" message.

Leigh said...

Thanks Sue, for both your comment and the head's up on the link. Fixed now! :)

Farmer Barb said...

OOH! Very fine!

Chris said...

"No one will notice on a galloping horse."

Priceless, grandma. That's a gem of wisdom right there.

I like the ceiling too. Make the best of what you've got.

Renee Nefe said...

I love Grandma's phrase too. We say something similar in theater for costumes... no one is going to notice from 20 feet away, because that's how far the stage is from the audience. I may have to borrow Grandma's phrase though.

I suspected that you were going to go with the tiles. It looks great and yup no one is going to care about the fixes. :D

Nina said...

Real pretty solution!

Sandy Livesay said...


This bedroom is going to look really nice. I love placing the tiles up on the ceiling with the beams. I can't wait to see the final project.
Waiting patiently, lol

Unknown said...

Looks great Leigh! I just found your blog tonight as my mother in law has purchased your book for my birthday (although an amazon foul up means it's not quite in my hands yet...). I am looking forward to reading it and will definitely review it on my blog! (houseonthehillwv.blogspot.com) I look forward to following your journey!

Leigh said...

Thanks Barb!

Chris, I think of that saying a lot, LOL.

Renee, that's a good one too! We were really happy with those tiles in the bathroom, so they seemed a good choice for the bedroom too. I'm hoping to find some curtains with a similar pattern. :)

Nina, thanks!

Sandy, sadly it may be awhile before we get it all done! So close but not there yet.

Heidi, hello and welcome! I'm pleased your MIL thought to gift you with my book. :) I would love another review, and look forward to yours!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing tiles! And balanced with the wood, it really pops :) Great idea! Most definitely stealing this one for my renovation projects down the road.

I am going to have to remember Grandma's saying, that made me giggle.