January 21, 2014

A Quick Thank You

A quick thank you to everyone who has written a review for my book on Amazon. These are so appreciated because they are key for indie authors to sell books. I even have one on Amazon.co.uk! More are welcome!

Also I have started a "What readers are saying" page on my publishing website, with comments from emails I've received and links to reviews folks have done on their blogs. Thank you so much for these! If you have or are willing to write a review and would let me quote you and link back to it, I'd love to. Just let me know and I will.


jewlz said...

Writing a review (a glowing one I'm sure) is on my do-due list. I did
figure out how to promote your radio spot on facebook, though, doubt it helped much.

Leigh said...

JW, thank you! Every little bit absolutely helps and is much appreciated. Let me know if you'd like your review included on the "What readers are saying" page.

jewlz said...

You're more than welcome to use the review if you would find it useful. I pray you're not offended at my rating. I mistrust glowing reviews in general, & projected that onto your future readers. Lol if you can follow the logic (lack thereof).

Leigh said...

JW, thanks! If it's an honest review with a good rationale for the rating, I cannot complain. I confess I'm a bit ambivalent about the whole rating system. On the one hand, they are something I always look for before buying something. On the other hand, many are poorly written. On Amazon I always look at the one rated "most helpful" and then the lowest ratings. It's content that's key to me. If something gets a glowing review within a few days after purchase (this applies mostly to items rather than books as some folks are fast readers), that carries less weight to me than a glowing review after the person has had the item for months or years. I find that low ratings often have nothing to do with the product itself, sometimes its wrong for the intended purpose, sometimes it's damaged in transit or slow delivery, or the reviewer clearly didn't read the directions(!), sometimes they just seem to want to ding an otherwise good rating. With books, of course, it's considerably more subjective, but again, if it's that person's honest evaluation based on their own experience, then it's of great value.

Sorry to be so long-winded, LOL, but I've been thinking a lot about reviews lately, and what they mean to me as a writer. I appreciate your taking time to write it! The Amazon reviews pretty much speak for themselves, so I'll likely let it be. Mostly I'm collecting reviews on blogs and websites for my What readers are saying web page.

Hoping to read some exciting news on your blog soon!