November 7, 2013

A New Place For My Remodeling Posts

Header photo for a new site for my remodeling posts

Remodeling and upgrading our old house has been on ongoing project since we bought it. I've always appreciated your interest, comments, suggestions, and ideas. I also enjoy visiting your remodeling blogs and posts!

For awhile I was trying to keep track of projects on a blog page, accessed by the "Remodeling" tab under the header photo. It was a helpful when I needed to refer back to something, and I hoped of intereste to others with similar projects. Gradually, however, the page became harder to keep attractive and orderly, so I decided to try something else.

The "Remodeling" tab is still there, but now it links to a new site for keeping my remodeling posts handy and organized. It's much easier to navigate and find things, and I will add to it as I add posts to this blog. Please give it a looksee!


Lynda said...

Very clever! I really enjoy your remodeling posts...I wish I had half of your energy and ideas.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Ooh, I likesee! :) It must be so satisfying to see all the progress you've made over the seasons in your home.

Dani said...

Very clever :)

I also drive myself nuts looking on my blog for info on the build / improvements we've done on our smallholding.

Leigh said...

Lynda, thanks! It's not so much energy as it is motivation to fix the myriad of problems this place came with, LOL. At least it was livable. :)

Jaime, it is extremely satisfying. I confess we become impatient to be done with the house and on to more outside projects. At least most of it is one time stuff!

Dani, I was really pleased with blogger's label system and foudn it helps to find things. But I still spend too much time hunting all over my own blog to recall when we did something and why. I suppose it's the nature of blogging.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea. It keeps everything nice and organize :)

Sandy Livesay said...


I love your idea about making the home improvements a separate link.

Great looking header by the way!!!

We love following all the changes you've made to your home.