March 17, 2013

Make-Do Baby Goat Coat (And An Update)

Update first. Our little guy is doing well and has a name.

We were trying to think of something signifying "First Kikobian," and thought of Adam or Alpha. Neither seemed quite right but then, neither did "Babykins," "Skeeter," "Junior," or "E2" (for Elvis 2). That's usually the extent of our creativity, LOL. Then we hit on Alphie, and it just seemed to suit.

I am pleased to report that his congestion has pretty much cleared up, and that he's a regular little jumping bean. His first two nights though, our temperatures were dipping below freezing and I was worried about keeping our little guy warm. Some folks use little kid size sweatshirts, or buy Lambie Jammies, or even make them. I needed something pronto however, so this is what we came up with.

Don't laugh, it's the sleeve of an old sweatshirt. I cut off the sleeve and cut two slits for his front legs.

He wore it for two days and then Friday the day topped out at 71° F / 21° C, so I took it off. A warm night followed and spring appears to be here for the time being!

Surprise, however, has been running a low grade temperature so I've got her on antibiotics now too. With an assisted birth like she had there's always a risk of uterine infection. She still has her appetite though, and is drinking well, so that's a good sign.

Next to watch appears to be Ziggy.

Today is one of her potential due dates although she never seemed to cooperate with Gruffy. However, she's as wide as she is tall now.

I can't really feel any baby heads, butts, or feet, but if she is carrying a single, I might not feel anything. This was the case with Surprise but singles are very unusual with Nigerian Dwarfs. Because of our set-up I'd like a little more time in-between kiddings, but human plans rarely factor into it. Still, that would be better than a June due date, resulting the fiasco that might make Elvis the daddy. Then again, maybe she's just fat!


Tombstone Livestock said...

I always keep old sweats around for emergencies. Old socks work good on small pygmies or angoras too.

If you can't find suction syringe have you tried holding them upside down for a few minutes to drain mucus when they are born?

Hope Ziggy has an uncomplicated birth, she sure looks like a wide body. Good luck.

Dani said...

Alphie in the coat looks too cute:). Clever - using a sleeve

daisy g said...

Love the little guy's outfit.

How exciting! I sure hope there's a little one in there! ;0)

Leigh said...

TL, I hadn't thought about socks, another good idea!

Laura mentioned swinging them to clear mucus as well. I'd heard of that to get breathing going but not the part about the mucus. It's something I'll tuck away in my mind's needful information file. Thanks.

Dani, thanks! I'm thinking I'd better get a-knitting. :)

Daisy, thanks! For Ziggy, I have about 4 due dates circled on my calendar. She was that uncooperative with her chosen husband. Considering her size now, I can't imagine her waiting until June, which is the last time and the time Elvis jumped 2 fences to get to her.

Quinn said...

Glad Alphie's doing well and I hope his mama feels 100% soon.
I've made quick coats from ragg wool socks, but last year I got a much better fit (for these particular kids) by cutting up a polarfleece scarf and making two matching coats in about one minute while sitting on the ground with the babies. They looked quite dashing!

Nina said...

I used old kids sweaters for Feb. lambs born at the coldest time of the year. Really, they only needed the little sweaters on for a few days before they grew too big. By then they were bouncing, had lovely dry fleece and were thriving.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a goat that "fat" who wasn't preggers. Perhaps one being carried on each side? Another thought is that perhaps she ate a couple of soccer balls or basketballs. That scenario would give her a wide as she's long look too, giggle.

Clint Baker said...

My friend that I posted about in the past, has had 6 little ones! So cute!

Michelle said...

I've done the same trick for my dog when I have shaved him a bit too early in the spring. Alphie looks like he's doing great! -and if Ziggy's not preggers I'm gonna be totally shocked!

Anonymous said...

Alphie is a great name! I am so glad to hear he is doing well. And that was a great idea, using the sleeve of the sweatshirt :) Necessity is the mother of invention.

Renee Nefe said...

I've made a few sweaters for Lilly but not out of old clothes yet. The first one was on a knifty knitter and the second one was crochet. She likes them well enough and tries to tell me when she wants them on or off.

Hope everything goes well for Ziggy and that Surprise feels better soon.

Leigh said...

Quinn, great idea. Do you have photos on your blog?

Nina, I wish I'd had some on hand. I didn't really want to have kids born this early in the year, but one must let mother nature take her course. :) And I agree about Ziggy!

Clint, they are so much fun. I wish this little guy had a companion.

Michelle, yeah, I'm keeping an eye on Ziggy!

Stephanie, thanks!

Renee, that's so funny about Lilly, My mother-in-laws little poodle used to let her know when she wanted her sweater. In fact, when it got washed, she'd camp out by the dryer until she could get it on again!

Last night I found out goats can be given ibuprofen, so Surprise is getting that too. I know her innards as swollen, and it helps with the fever and pain too.

Woolly Bits said...

nice coat!:) I can't believe that a goat, who's just fat could have two bumps like that! I hope not, I love looking at your "baby "pix:)

Farmer Barb said...

What a cute face he has! I hope mom is over her birthing soon. I had to have assistance with all of MY births, so I have the ultimate sympathy for her. Any time someone else's hands are inside of you, the potential for unpleasantness is there.

Best of luck this week!

Mama Pea said...

I can't believe Ziggy would have the two side bumps like that if she weren't pregnant! She sure looks close to kidding, but goats can fool you. It's funny that Elvis was still eager to get to her when she should have been settled though. Hmmmm . . .

Alphie is a great name for the little guy. And under your great care, he seems to be over his congestion and ready for a playmate to romp with!

famousthecat said...

Ziggy's girth is reminding me of my mom when she was pregnant with my older brother (who turned out to be 11 pounds, 1 oz) - her skinny, beautiful friend, Claudia, came over to visit when my mom was about to pop, and she goes, "Deb... I CAN'T SEE THE OVEN AROUND YOU!" My mom's poor, pregnant body blocked out the entire oven.

Sue said...

Alphie is looking great! I've used sweatshirt sleeves a lot in the past. Glad to hear that you have Surprise on antibiotics; going in to assist often leads to infections, even when we are as careful as possible.

And if Ziggy holds out until June she'll need outriggers to navigate!

Anonymous said...

Doing the *happy* dance!! I love Alphie's looks like it would fit him perfectly! :)

Anonymous said...

Alphie is a handsome lad. Congrats.

As for Ziggy, I'd wager there's more than one kid in there. :)

But we have one mama who gets so fat that I've assumed she was carrying twins, only to learn that she wasn't even pregnant. Still, I'm guessing twins for Ziggy.

Sandy Livesay said...


Alphie is so adorable, and I love the name you chose. The name fits the little guy well.

I don't think Ziggy is fat, she looks prego.........

Ziggy is going to surprise you with her due date.

By the way, great idea using the sleeve to cover Alphie. I wonder if a little dog sweeter would work well? They have all different colored ones for $4.96 at Wal-Mart.

Leigh said...

Bettina, they say one can't tell if a goat is pregnant based on how she looks, no matter how fat!

Mama Pea, I hope Ziggy kids soon. It would mean that Elvis is definitely not the dad!

Christie, that's so funny, LOL! I hope it didn't give your mom a complex!

Sue, I can't imagine Ziggy holding out till June (knock on wood!)

Pam, thanks! It worked out well. :)

Practicingresurrection, thanks! I had two does last year that I was positive were pregnant because they were so fat. But they weren't!. I'm hoping for at least twins for Ziggy. :)

Sandy, I actually thought of that; a doggie sweater. If it hadn't been so late at night I might have gone to get one. I might should get some to keep on hand for occasions such as this. :)

SmithGang said...

Love his name! we had twins born today. this is her second set of twins . last set she walked off from them this time we have her pinned up, hope this helps her. 4 more moms to go :)

Farmer Barb said...


Cat Eye Cottage said...

Wow, she's big, and great idea with the sleeve. Hopefully the warmer weather will get Surprise back on the road to recover.

Bridget said...

Seeing those goats makes me miss mine. They are gorgeous! That Mamma is huge.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The name is perfect and I always used old sweaters and sweat shirts. I have such fond memories of my lambs jumping around in their little sweaters.

Leigh said...

Cindi, thanks! And congratulations on your twins. I hope they bond well with their mom.

Barb, LOL. Your wish is my command.

Candace, Surprise is definitely feeling batter today. Too bad it's rainy and cold!

Bridget, aw. I'd miss having goats too.

Jean, thanks! More Alphie pix coming right up.

Sandra, thank you! I love the vision in my mind of lambs in little sweaters.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Leigh! I just got caught up on your posts. I am so happy to hear Alphie is doing better. I hope mama recovers soon as well. He sure is a cutie pie.
I don't know but Ziggy definitely looks pregnant to me and big.. maybe two in there? I bet we'll see soon.

* Crystal * said...

I love his name & that sweater is just perfect!!! Congrats in your newest addition.... it's been way too long since you've had baby pics on your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Thx for the awesome post...we are "expecting" our first Nigerian dwarf kiddos..not sure when, since we bought a doe and buck who'd always been together. Exciting days and almost as nervous as when our own babies came:) These babies will have a baby monitor, whereas our real babies had to go without!!

Leigh said...

Aw, nothing is cuter than baby goats!