March 27, 2013

Life of Riley: Wordless Wednesday Edition


  1. Riley is definitely a happy cat...and living a well-balanced life apparently! How does he stay on that chair??

  2. Dearest Riley,

    Thank you for making me smile first thing this morning! mwah!! :)

    Leigh, I love your blog header!


  3. looks like he's toppling off that chair any moment:) when the dog does this (not on a chair!) it means only one thing: tickle my belly - now!!

  4. He must be comfortable! It's a good morning giggle to see kitty antics though!

  5. Jacqueline, I wonder how he stays on the chair too! He's almost too big for it anyway.

    Pam, thanks!

    Candace, I have to say he does earn his rest. He is a very good mouser.

    Bettina, it means that to Riley too, "rub my belly!!!!!!"

    Nina, he never ceases to bring a smile to my face. :)

  6. Okay so did he eventually fall off the chair? That is so funny.

  7. Leigh,

    I see you've updated your header with a new picture. It's really nice!!!

    Riley seems to be very comfortable on this chair. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen off the chair?
    Give Riley a scratch behind the ears for me.

  8. Could he find a smaller chair to lounge about? Regardless, he looks content.

    Love the new header!

  9. First picture caption: "You lookin' at me?"

    There MUST be a larger spot in the house for him to get comfy on!!

    Spring must have sprung by you . . . look at that beautiful header photo!

  10. Riley doesn't need words - he needs rubs!! And I love your header, too! Can't wait until there's green grass here.

  11. Is that a very small chair, or a very large cat???

  12. Sherry, no! He never did fall off. :)

    Sandy, thanks! Amazingly, Riley has never fallen off.

    Renee, :)

    DFW, that's his chair!

    Mama Pea, you could add, "And if you are, how about scratching my belly." :)

    Susan, thanks! The green grass is actually winter grasses sowed last fall. Wish I'd done it before.

    Michelle, he is a large cat!

  13. Love seeing your goats enjoying the "new" pasture. And that Riley, he certainly DOES live the Life of Riley! Amazing his balancing capabilities!

  14. Any chance of a settee for Riley to graduate to? If he tried a stretch-out-able size chair, he might like it :)

    (Wish I was there to rub that tummy!)

  15. He is definitely loving the camera :) Great shots! And like everyone else, love the new header, seeing the goats out in the pasture.

  16. Janice, thanks! I'm actually amazed Riley has never fallen off this chair, considering how large he is and that it's a particularly favorite napping spot.

    Quinn, LOL. Who knows why cats do what they do!

    Stephanie, thanks! Riley is pretty good about the camera, even better about belly rubs. :)

    Theresa, ;)

  17. Oh his belly cracks me up!!! I have a cat who's that same shape!

  18. Jocelyn, is your cat a tabby?!?!

  19. Hi Leigh
    I bet that has been his chair for a while. We have one the same. Getting bigger by the day but staying on his favourite chair as a kitten. Great picture and I love cats too. :):):)

  20. Cloud, I know you can appreciate, LOL

    Pat, it has! Funny how they adopt spots like that. :)


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