November 28, 2012

My Blog Web Address

This post is to let you all know that my blog web address (AKA URL or domain name) has been changed. I recently purchased a custom domain, and my blog web addy is now

The old blog address was

The new one obviously makes more sense and is easier to remember. I would have chosen it as my blogspot address when I first set up this blog but at that time, it wasn't available. 'My5acredream' was the closest thing I could come up with. Add the .blogspot and it wasn't easy to remember, considering that's not the title of my blog.

Because my blog is still hosted by Blogger, everything will be redirected by Blogger to the new web address. You should still be able to get here by your usual means, unless you visit via a search engine. These will take awhile to catch up, because my entire blog must be reindexed with the new web address by search engine robots. Until then, it may not show up in searches. According to this helpful article over at The REAL Blogger Status, the best thing to do is publish frequently. I'm going to try to follow this advice, so you'll see a few more posts from me for awhile; I hope that's not a problem; I notice we homestead bloggers blog the way we like to live, slowly. :)

As long as my blog remains at Blogger, any links you made to me should redirect with no problem. There is a transition period of several days for this, so if you run into problems, please be patient. Things like Google Friend Connect may be nonoperational, but this is temporary. If you continue to have problems or would like to update any links, just let me know.

So, to get the search engine ball rolling (and for anyone else who is interested , here are links to my recent posts in various categories:

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My Blog Web Address © November 2012 


Laura said...

I've been thinking about my own domain name, but haven't pursued it. Where did you get your name? Do you mind my asking how much it was (and will be)?

I like that you were able to get the name you wanted - makes it so much better!

Leigh said...

Laura, I bought it through Blogger. You can do that from your dashboard under settings > basic > publishing. It was $10 for a year. That's a fairly standard price, though some places will offer discounts. The advantage of buying through Blogger though, is that Blogger sets everything up automatically.. If you buy a domain name elsewhere, you have to set it up yourself, manually.

The REAL Blogger Status has tons of good articles about the whys and how-tos for this. Chuck addresses all the worst case scenarios (which is scary), but in my case it was automatically configured, almost instantly. No problems except the transition period, where some things appear not to work.

You'll need a credit card for the purchase, and you will have to sign up for Google Apps which is where the name is managed. Google Apps offers a step by step tutorial, so that was pretty simple too.

Amy Dingmann said...

Thanks for all the information! I have been toying with this idea as well. Although I do have one .com for a blog I do (my author site) my two other blogs are still blogspots and don't have addresses that have much to do with the title of the blog. I was worried about the transfer of stuff from the .blogspot to the .com, even through blogger. I'll be watching your progress and probably following suit!! Congrats on buying the domain name!

Benita said...

Having your own domain name makes things easier, for sure. Congratulations!!

Sandy Livesay said...

Good morning! Thank you for sharing how to change your domain name. I've updated my blog roll with your new web address and look forward to continous reading of your blog.

DebbieB said...

I've bookmarked the new domain name so I'll go directly there every morning. :)

I'll probably get around to purchasing one, too, at the first of the year.

Anonymous said...

Redirection happened just fine. Might I suggest one other thing? Get rid of the word verification. Yours is the only blog I comment on that still has it and often it doesn't work right. If you start having spam issues, just turn on moderation (it's easy to go in and mass approve comments and honestly I've never had a spam one come in).

Sherry in MT (MTwaggin) - see word verify loses my google signon too

Florida Farm Girl said...

Never would have known of the change if you hadn't told me. It just went right to your blog. Goes to show that I sometimes don't pay attention to the URL for links.

Leigh said...

Amy thanks! Of course I had to run right over and check out your author blog. Congratulations on your new book! That's actually one of the reasons I bought this URL for my blog. Seems better to include an easy to remember blog address in one's book.

Benita, thanks! I wish I'd done it sooner. :)

Sandy, thank you! By updating your blogroll I'm thinking it will help search engines index my blog all the sooner. :)

Debbie, thanks! It's nice having an easy to remember blog address. :)

Sherry, I appreciate your dislike of word verification. In the past I have turned it off, twice. Unfortunately I got tons of spam, most of it obnoxious and I don't even want to read the 1st sentence about how many ways to do it with a dog.

Because I know word verification annoys folks, I presented a poll to my readers about it awhile back. They were very helpful and we had an excellent discussion about word verification and spam in genera. That post is here, Poll Results, Conclusions, & Comments. Because I'd still have to look at them with comment moderation, and because I don't always get to my comments in a timely manner, I turned WV back on. Bottom line, it's easier for me. Some readers told me they absolutely will not comment, and I respect that. If it annoys you badly, I'll understand if you refrain from commenting. Just know that I have valued your input.

FFG, that's good to know. Thanks!

Michelle said...

How funny! I was just trying to tell someone the name of your blog, and all I could think was My Five Acre Dream, but I knew that wasn't right. I'm extremely visual, so that address bar info is really ingrained! LOL!

Nina said...

Congrats! That's going to be a good thing for readership.

Ngo Family Farm said...

More posts, woohoo! For me, everything slows waaaay down in winter ;)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Do your followers come automatically or do we have to un-follow on the other blog and follow on this one?

Leigh said...

Michelle, quite a few folks think that. I've seen my blog listed that way on a number of blog lists. Hopefully this will help. :)

Nina, that's what they say!

Jaime, aw thanks!

Sandra, Blogger will handle all of that. They promise I won't lose anybody. :) Right now the blog is in what they call transition. It lasts about three days, and then everything should by synced with the new web address.

Unknown said...

Congrats, good to know! Is there a limit to the photos you can post?

Leigh said...

Nancy, thanks! The blog is still hosted by blogger, so the photos remain as before. Thankfully.

Katy said...

why does the USDA say canning pumpkin isn't safe?? I hardly trust anything the government says, but wondering what the motive behind that was!

Leigh said...

Katy, it's only purees that they say aren't safe to can, because their experts can't verify the middle of the jar reaches a high enough temperature. Cubes or chunks are okay to can. That's what they say anyway.

Now motive on the other hand, is a whole 'nother ballgame. The government is after all, controlled by big business. If we, the little people, can do for ourselves, then we won't buy and they won't make humongous profits.