November 26, 2011

Thrift Store Finds For The Kitchen

Every time I have a few extra dollars in my pocket, I find myself perusing thrift shops. My mind, of course, is on our kitchen remodeling project, with a view to the little things that will impact the overall result. Admittedly, some of these are borderline frivolous, but most lean toward the function side of their purchase. Here are my latest finds:

9, gallon glass jars, $1 each

stainless steel cream pitcher w/ hinged lid, $1.50

cast iron saucepan, $5

wallpaper, 2 unopened rolls, $1 each

Yes, I did get the expensive wallpaper that I fell in love with (Kitchen Remodel: The Perfect Wallpaper). I found it deeply discounted online, though the shipping and handling knocked it out of the bargain box. I plan to give the dining nook a chair rail look, using the green on the lower portion of the wall, separated from the expensive stuff with a cheap, but coordinating border I found at a big box store.

wire & wicker baskets, $3 & $4, respectively

canisters, $5 the set

one, perfect for my kitchen but could only find one, dinner plate, $1.50

Of the plate, I have to say that I couldn't resist because I will be needing new kitchen dishes. My 30 year old set of Corelle is down from a service for eight, to two dinner plates and three cereal bowls. The Blue Willow is for good dining room use, so I need something for breakfast and lunch in the kitchen. The pattern on the back of this plate says is "China Pearl, Olive Garden", and I would love to have a set. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it online. Doubt it would be in my price range anyway. :) I did find the following however, at the dollar store.

4 dinner plates, 4 cereal bowls, & 4 mugs, $1 each

Not as pretty, but the theme and colors will match my new kitchen, don't you think?

Have you found any good bargains lately?


  1. Fabulous. We got exactly the same cream pitcher, exactly the same way!

    Our Corelle has done a little better than that, or I think it has; possibly I don't know for sure because pieces from the same simple set can be bought individually at our local "Bi-Mart."

  2. Leigh - I love the last plate (set) most of all. Guess I'm an autumn colours girl :)

  3. Lovely finds! Almost all of my kitchen things are from the thrift store - there's nothing like finding something great that will get a lot of use for only a few dollars. My favourite finds are almost always cast iron cookware, although I'm also thrilled whenever I can get my hands on proper flip-top canning jars and the odd piece of hand-thrown pottery.

  4. It is so fun to share our thrifty finds with each other, you found some great treasures. I tried to find your plate online but had no luck either. It's a shame because it really is quite nice. You can't beat the ones from the dollar store and they will set a pretty table too. - My latest fun thrift finds have been Christmas music on cassettes to play in my car, yay!

  5. Wow, what great finds - you and my sister - she's a whiz at thrift shops -

    I remember when I remodeled my first house (well, I had a contractor but I did part of the work - I was left with the fridge, the sink and the microwave. (and no gas for heat or range) I finagled lots of dinner invitations from my friends! T.

  6. Risa, I have loved my Corelle. I love that it doesn't chip. I was willing to buy a new set, but couldn't find a pattern that I thought really worked with our new kitchen theme. :(

    Dani, it is pretty isn't it! Autumn colors are very popular right now, so you must enjoy that.

    Notherethenwhere, thanks! Don't you just love thrift stores? Not only do I love getting a bargain, but I love not having to buy new, I love giving something a new life.

    Sherri, it's too bad about those plates, isn't it. I'll keep my eyes open, but without much expectation. Great buy on the Christmas cassettes!

    Tina, LOL. Great job on the dinner invites. We just tore the sink out yesterday; makes me glad we put in a laundry sink!

  7. Great finds Leigh! I love thrift stores, you can always find the greatest stuff:)

  8. I haven't seen large jars like that for years! Great find... They are useful for so many things. In order to get large enough glass jars for storage, I had to buy a case of 1.9 litre canning jars. Interestingly enough, the included instructions warned that they might not be suitable for home canning! They make great storage jars for somethings though. There are a few things which I'd rather have the larger glass jars for though.

  9. Compras excelentes Leigh! adore la cazuelita (saucepan)
    Un abrazo

  10. Love the saucepan! And the olive garden plate, beautiful colors.

  11. I love the baskets!! I too am in need of new dishes...just can't find what I am looking I just keep looking :-)

  12. Besides the dollar store, hubby always says in a loud voice.."Take your time Dear and buy anything you see that you like" :o) Funny thing he never says that in the other stores :o)...I wonder why! You got some great buys.

  13. Wow! You did good. LOL! The stainless creamer and the cast iron are my favs. Interestingly, I like the second set of dishes better! Great job! Do you have a time frame on when you plan to be finished, or is it simply as you're able?

  14. I think I have a basket that matches your wire and wicker one, I will have to check. I went to thrift store recently and found more stuff than I needed. Posted them on my Tombstone Tidings. Before that my SIL and I went to three thrift stores and I found a candlewick juice glass for $1.79 Happy Hunting.

  15. You got a cast iron pot WITH a lid ?!!! * shaking head muttering lucky dog under my breath ...

  16. Stephanie, it is so much fun to find a good bargain, isn't it? Too bad I don't have spare change in my pocked more often. :)

    Nina, those jars are hard to find so I was really excited to find these for $1 each. My other option is to buy gallon jars of pickles for about $5 or $6, but since I home can our pickles, that's a more expensive way to go. I bought some of those canning jars too (1/2 gallon here) and love them for storage. We used to can with those things decades ago!

    Rosamargarita, thanks! The saucepan was a great find.

    ADoC, thanks! Too bad I can't find more of the olive garden plates. I'll have to think of someplace special for the one. :)

    BRF, I love shopping for dishes. I love the kitchenware department of any store. I only need so many sets of dishes however. :o

    Ginny, that's so funny. At least you have permission to shop without abandon someplace!

    Michelle, quite a few folks like the second plate better! We're just making progress as we have time and money. We're working steadily, but it will be slowly, especially when we have to save up for some of the more expensive buys, like floor and cabinets. Still, I'm glad we're not going into debt.

    TL, how cool is that. Love your thrift store finds, especially the pitcher, vase, and terra cotta bunny! I like that you made a page for your finds. :)

    Pelenaka, I know! Amazing isn't it? I was very excited to find that one.

  17. You are very wise to do things as you are able, and not go into debt just so it can be finished quickly. I also think that the finished product will be a better reflection of you than if it were done quickly, because you've had time to consider all the possibilities and make deliberate decisions. :-) It's gonna be an amazing kitchen when you're all done. It will be well worth the wait!

  18. The so called thrift stores in our town are too high priced for my liking. But the ones in the next store over are really very good...I just have to be willing to drive.

    I don't think that it can be called a bargain, but I bought a table top weaving loom on ebay last week. I'm hoping to make some kitchen towels out of it.

  19. I think you have to have the right "eye" to go into a thrift store and not walk out with junk. You, clever shopper person, obviously have the eye. What a bunch of cool stuff!

  20. I love thrift stores!!! Great finds.

  21. I just check my wicker / wire basket and yes it does match yours except it looks like someont painted white dots on the leaves to look like blossoms. I has 4 compartments with wicker bottom and wicker wrap on the handles, (maybe a condiment basket?).

    BTW I think you made a score with the cast iron pot, especially since it has a lid.

    Sorry I didn't see the autumn leaf dinner plate when I was at Dollar Store, I saw the mugs, only thing I bought were 2 of the autumn leaf wine glasses.

  22. I have to say...that cast iron saucepan made my heart go pitter-patter a bit faster! A GREAT find!

  23. there's no thrift shop in my reach, but I was quite happy to find two very large soup pots in stainless steel last week for a reasonable price, when I had been looking for big pots for ages. ok, they're not le creuset or some other fantastic brand, but I only wanted them for natural dyeing anyway! it's not easy to find something like that in an area, where apparently people, who cook their own stock are looked at with suspicion:)) never mind dyeing with plants....and for the kitchen I'd actually prefer the leaves design, because it's slightly more rustic. I am the first to admit though that true china keeps better, because it either lasts or breaks completely and doesn't just chip like ceramic does.... (or is it just DH, my "dishwasher", who manages to do this???:))

  24. I love thrift shops, but we call them Chaity shops in the U.K. I like all your aquisitions, but especially the cast iron pan.

  25. Great finds! I'm eyeing those gallon jars for solar dyeing fibre.

    I think I need some thrift store retail therapy....

  26. Michelle, there's so much wisdom in what you say. Having to take our time like this is really helping us to think things through. We've also been motivated to hunt for bargains and weigh options. Sometimes it seems like it'll be forever before we get it finished, but at least there's progress.

    Renee, I find some of ours the same way, too high priced. The ones with real bargains are a gem.

    Good for you for getting that loom! I'm very excited for you. I have to warn you though, weaving is addictive!

    Mama Pea, thanks! It takes self control, that's for sure! And patience. I'm thankful for every bargain I find.

    Dr. Momi, me too!

    TL, that's exactly what I have. I'm not sure yet what I'll use it for, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

    The autumn leaf plates were snapped up in a hurry. I got 4, and then Dan asked why I didn't get more. I went back within 2 weeks and they were all gone. :(

    Lana, thanks!

    Bettina, actually your area sounds like mine. Folks just seem to prefer the modern consumer lifestyle!

    Shaheen, thanks for visiting. No matter what they're called, bargain buys from resale shops are the best!

    Norma, oh yes, they would be great for solar dyeing, wouldn't they!

  27. I've just started using a wood cookstove (Pioneer Maid from an auction) this season and though I've always loved cast iron I REALLY love it now. I think your pot is a great find.
    I love my gallon jars and half gallon jars. The half gallon ones I get at the Amish store filled with local honey. The gallon jars are pretty hard to find! You can spray paint the metal lids if you want them to match. I kind of enjoy doing that though most jars are on my bottom shelf with dry goods in them, not really in sight.
    I've very much enjoyed your blog though I've never commented. Thanks for your thoughts here :)

  28. I love the jars and cast iron pot. My best thrift store find lately was a Krups ice cream maker for $5, and they sell for $60 retail. It works perfectly and looks brand new. I used to go weekly but have fallen out of the habit. I think a trip is in store for next week.

  29. Just One, congratulations on your Pioneer Maid. Now that is a find. Thank you for your kind words about my blog, and thank you especially for commenting!

    Candace, score! We would love to have an ice cream maker. I mean, we have plenty of milk! I'll have to keep my eyes open. Going weekly like you said is the best way to find the good deals.

  30. Love the leaf motif plates! And that cast iron pot was a great find. You did good!

  31. Love that cast iron sauce pan! Pretty plates make me smile. Your kitchen is going to be so beautiful with all your found treasures. The kitty will be glad to get back inside.

  32. As all of your "fans" I, too, love and covet that adorable cast iron saucepot WITH LID . . . oh my gosh, that indeed was a great find! I wasn't sure what you did with the large jars since they can't be used for canning. After reading the comments I now realize they're used for storing. Why haven't I ever thought of that? I always hate tossing out a perfectly good jar. Now I'll be saving the big ones for pantry storage containers. Thanks for the tip . . . duh!

  33. What great finds! I love shopping the thrifts where ever I go. Breaks my heart to see things that should have been family heirlooms.

    I think my best find was my big warping board. It was in pieces (but all there) with a $5 price tag. Obviously they didn't have a clue what it was, but I'm glad I foind it before any of the other local weavers! And I wish our stores would bring back their bag sales - $5 for a paperbag filled with as much as you could cram in. Used to shop by feel for silk and rayon shirts and cashmere sweaters. Amazing how many you can fit in a bag.

  34. Jen, thanks! I'm really pleased with all of it.

    Callie, good to hear from you! I'm with you when it comes to plates. I could easily have dozens of sets of dishes, LOL.

    CaliforniaGrammy, thanks! I don't find cast iron at thrift stores very often, I admit. And yes, those gallon jars are wonderful for storage: grains, beans, dried fruits, herbs, and seeds. Also for tincture making!

    Sue, now that is a fabulous find! And wow, what a great price. I've not seen one of those "stuff a bag" sales in awhile either. I still rely on thrift stores for a lot of natural fiber clothing though.

  35. Oh my! What a find that cast iron pot was. I like those big pickle jars too, they fit in my pantry and hold all my staple grains, legumes and flours.

  36. Heather, great to hear from you! Those big glass jars are so perfect for that. Now that we're growing some of our own grains, I can sure use them!


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