November 4, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets I Will Not Miss

My kitchen had some of the oddest wall cabinets I'd ever seen ...

The kitchen wall cabinets that came with the house.

They weren't odd because they were handmade, nor because they were tall and extended to the ceiling (8'10"). They were odd because the bottom was 63.5 inches from the floor. That's 9 & 1/2 inches above the height of conventional kitchen wall cabinets, and 27.5 inches above the peninsula counter top.

Now, I'm 65.5 inches tall, which means opening them required the full stretch of my arm to reach door knobs. At first I though I would appreciate all the storage space, but of the three shelves inside, only the bottom one was conveniently accessible.

These don't fit into my kitchen cabinetry plans, so yesterday, down they came.

Happily, we were able to salvage quite a bit of good wood.

The wall color behind the cabinet tells me they were not part of the original kitchen. The first coat of paint on the walls was gold. They were subsequently painted two different shades of green. The last coat, the white, was applied most recently for the purpose of selling the house. I figure this cabinet was probably added the same time as the upper cabinet we tore out to put the new back door in.

So, now you see them....

Kitchen I've been living with for 2 & 1/2 yrs.
Now you don't.....

The kitchen today.

We have been busy bees, haven't we?


  1. Who were these people? Amazons? What were they thinking? I always dream of building my own kitchen. I will enjoy yours!

  2. Now there some action happening!!! Cannot wait to see your new and improved kitchen.

  3. I'm sure you will be so happy to get this project done! Congratulations on another step taken.

  4. Maybe a basketball player used to live there LOL At least you are making progress!

  5. Wow! What a difference:) Can't wait to see the new cabinets in place:)

  6. Congratulations on the progress. Are you going to replace the cabinets with some that are usable?

    I've always wondered if the architects/ designers ever actually lived in any of the houses they planned!!! Folks ask me why I don't have the tall cabinets in my kitchen rather than just the 36 inchers. I can reach all three of these shelves, thank you very much, and I couldn't do that if the cabinets were taller!! Besides, I've already got a ton of cabinets in my kitchen and more stuff than I know what to do with in them!!

  7. We had cabinets like that in our old rental house... just bizarre! What is the use of all the storage space if you cannot reach things without pulling out a step ladder?

  8. How thrilling to make over a kitchen with new cabinets, it sure frees up counter tops..I have two corner cabinets that are nothing but a waste:o( I can't really store anything that I can put my hands on in them..I'd have to reach the other side of the wall and the turntable is another waste :o( be blessed to make that change.

  9. maybe the previous house owners moved on stilts?:)) I wouldn't mind a bit more shelf place in the kitchen, but not if I have to learn to fly to reach them! and you can't even put a moveable step underneath, because you'd stumble over it all the time... but I am sure you'll find a way to use that wall space eventually!
    happy remodeling:)) (or would that be spelled remodelling???)

  10. Its looking good, changing out old kitchen cabinets is a great quick way to make a big change. Kitchens age so fast!. Richard

  11. I really like that gold colored paint. But I bet you like the cabinets gone even more.
    Now I need to go check the plan and see what you're going to put there. :D

  12. You so deserve to be getting your kitchen done! I know other things had to come first but, omigosh, having an efficient, well-laid out kitchen is so important for a woman! Seeing those cabinets being torn down must have felt like real progress. (Who's that good-looking handyman working in your kitchen? ;o])

  13. Susan, LOL, I've wondered the same thing. They must have been tall. Or else the woman of the house didn't have much of a say-so. ;)

    Benita, isn't it exciting!?!?! I can't believe it's finally happening.

    Candace, thanks! Seems like we have a lot of steps to go yet, but this one makes a big difference in the way it looks.

    BRF, LOL. And visible progress at that!

    Stephanie, it's amazing what a difference things like cabinets make.

    FFG, thanks! Oh yes, something definitely usable, LOL. Those ceiling high cabinets are very popular right now, but like you, I think they are not an easy way to store things. I figure folks like them so they don't have dusty cabinet tops to clean. :)

    Prairie Cat, I'm amazed someone else had cabinets like that. I used to keep a step ladder near by, but it was such a nuisance that I finally got it out of the way.

    Ginny, I'll be so happy to have accessible cabinets and more counter space. Neither one was adequate in this old kitchen!

    I think corners are the worst. Not an efficient storage space at all.

    Bettina, we've wondered "what in the world" more than once! It's definitely a challenge trying to figure out how and where I'll put everything.

    Richard, that's true. I'm very excited about my Amish cabinets, though we have quite a few steps before we can get to cabinetry.

    Renee, the amazing thing about that gold is that they painted the ceiling the same color. In fact, the whole house was that color. Then the whole house was green. Not once but twice. I'm definitely strive for variety going from room to room.

    Mama Pea, thanks! (For both compliments :) It does feel like progress. The electric work was necessary, but invisible in terms of results. This however, feels like we're truly underway at last.

  14. You are so lucky to have such a handy husband! I briefly considered removing my kitchen cabinets, but since it's just me and my bad back I think I'll just paint them. I'm actually looking at green paints (it's a 70's mobile home, so avocado & harvest gold are pretty prominent). There is wall paper in the kitchen, and I think I can match the lightest green in that and do new handles to freshen stuff up. Worked in the bathroom when I had to replace the toilet.

  15. I wonder what they kept on the counters that they needed so much space. What a relief to have them all out. Who doesn't like the clean canvas part of a remodel?

  16. Goodness, those were awkward cupboards. I've never been able to reach the top shelves of any kitchen cupboard, but having to strain to reach the knob would have been a huge deterrent for me. Just think of what an awesome kitchen you'll have when this is all done.

  17. Crazy what people put in their homes - that may have suited them, but have no use for other folks.

    Too bad you can't train the deer to thin your broccoli instead of eating your beets... T.

  18. I agree that your kitchen cabinet should be renovated, since it was placed too high. I know you'll come up with a better solution soon. Please post some pictures of the outcome. I'd be glad to see them.

  19. Sue, yes, that a handy husband is something I'm very thankful for. On the other hand, paint can do wonders to give a room a face lift!

    Theresa, it's definitely a puzzle. I do believe there were additional cabinets and counters originally. I'm basing that on paint lines that were covered over. The owners before us had it all different, with a round dining table where I've been keeping the fridge.

    Nina, they were for me anyway! LOL I will definitely appreciate my new kitchen. :)

    Tina, I hope it suited them! Sometimes builders don't reckon on the users needs however, and I can't help but wonder if this wasn't the case here too.

    Good idea about the deer, LOL. If only they'd cooperate. :)

    Chase, I will definitely post results, though it will be awhile because this project only progresses as time and money allow. I've got most of the cabinets already though. My aim is an eclectic country look.

  20. Leigh, I so feel your pain with wanting the cabinets gone, and likewise feel your joy ripping them out! These look so much like the ones I removed from my kitchen -- complete with the "wrap up onto the ceiling" part. (I had 4 types of cabinets in my kitchen; I'm down to 3...!) It's quite... liberating to yank them down. I can't wait to see what you do next! Nice job!

  21. Project Girl, if anybody can relate, I know you can. :)

  22. Who was living in this house before you came in?, installing cabinets that much high is useless if you and other family members are not tall enough.

  23. Liam, we have no idea who built those cabinets or why they were so high. It's true they were useless, which is why I was glad to see them go.


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