October 17, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Surprise & Gruffy

Breeding season is upon us.

Let's make some Kinders!

But how does such a mismatched couple accomplish such a tall order?

With this.......

The Pygmy Buck Assist

Strategically placed on the right ridge, the only other thing that's required is to get her into position and make sure she doesn't step forward. Gruffy takes care of the rest.


  1. Phew! For a minute I thought that post was going to be pornographic!

  2. What's that old saying? Where there's a will, there's a way?

  3. I am laughing right now at Hazels comment. - They both look so cute and innocent standing there, like they don't know what you're talking about.

  4. Hazel. LOL. Strictly family friendly here. I do have folks ask about it from time to time, since there is such a big difference in their sizes. ;) Another popular assist is a bale of straw.

    FFG, that's true when it comes to the male goat! A gal on the Kinder yahoo list said her Pygmy buck managed to breed her Nubian does without a boost up. :)

    Sherri, they are cute together which is how this post started. I couldn't resist taking pix. Then I thought of questions I've been asked about breeding. The platform is actually a sleeping bench for the boys.

  5. That is very cute and exciting news. New kinder babies is something to look forward to in the next few months.. The gestation time for larger goats is about 150 days give or take. Is that the same for Kinders and Pygmies?

  6. Well, it's not quite a "posturepedic" but I'm glad to see that it worked. They both look happy! Cigarette anyone?

  7. I wish I had one of those and so does my farrier! It would make donkey trims much easier too. Good job.

  8. I knew when I read your title on my blog reader it was going to be "goats"!! LOL

    There is LOTS of love in the air here too--- STINKY STINKY STINKY AIR!! P- U!!

  9. reminds me of a dachshound male and a very large german shepherd bitch in our neighbourhood years back... she was lying down - he did the rest:)) though the sentence "let's make some kinders" sounds like very tacky and bad german:)) good luck with the results:))

  10. Nina, Kinders have the same gestation as standard breeds. I'm not sure about Pygmies. I'll be curious as to whether or not she goes into heat again in 3 weeks.

    Tami, LOL. The real proof of success with be in about 5 months, when we finally have our Kinder kids!

    Theresa, it's actually a sleeping bench for the bucks. Proved to have more than one good purpose. :)

    Jane, the alarming thing is that McGruff has lost a lot of weight with his one-mindedness. :o

    Mom in PA, LOL, yes, their "perfume" is definitely in the air!

    Bettina, thanks for being so gracious about the bad German, LOL. I've wondered why they chose the name "Kinder" for the breed. Hopefully my little guy will manage with our big girls. :)

  11. At first I was wondering how the goats knew to use the assist you provided for them...thinking you put the assist in the pen for that purpose. But after reading the comments I see that they made use of it themselves.
    I was picturing you trying to convince the goats to go over to it.

  12. Oh my gosh, I'm learning a whole lot from you this morning ... you mean there really is a breed called "Kinder?" I must google and get more educated here! Good luck you precious looking love birds!

  13. Where there's a will there's a way!

  14. Ha ha ha ha ha, oh, I love it.

  15. I have a friend whose 13.3 hand stud colt bred a 16.3 hand thoroughbred mare at age 2. That's a 1 foot difference in height.

    Belive me, he won't need the ramp - he'll get the job done just fine without it!!

  16. I have a friend whose 13.3 hand stud colt bred a 16.3 hand thoroughbred mare at age 2. That's a 1 foot difference in height.

    Belive me, he won't need the ramp - he'll get the job done just fine without it!! Given that getting a nubian doe to do anything she's supposed to do without her wanting to, that's a good thing!

  17. Renee, you're right! They don't know to use it and the does really don't care to. :)

    CaliforniaGrammy, Kinders are actually a fairly new breed, about 30 years I guess. Very neat goats.

    Jody, that's what I'm hoping!

    Andrew, glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Laura, you're right about those Nubians. Stub-born. I love hearing about those horses. That's encouraging.

  18. Ö!!! They need that... kind of table to...?
    Un abrazo

  19. LOL!!! Surely an odd match couple, but I can't wait to see Kinder babies!

    We bred my mom's tiny, 3rd generation miniature Alpine buck to a standard girl....Shouldn't laugh, but it was hilarious! He'd jump high, & launch himself at her, hind end going 1st.....Believe it or not he hit the mark twice doing this! On the second sucessful hit he actually held on & bit her collar.

    No, not mature to laugh, but my goodness it was hilarious. :) Next breeding we got him a step stool though so he wouldn't have to work so hard :)

  20. Rosamargarita, it is hilarious, isn't it. :)

    Crystal, so glad to hear your mismatched couple was a success story! No jumping for Gruffy though, LOL. We tried him on a large stump first, but he really didn't seem to comfortable being that far off the ground. :) I know I'll be on pins and needles all winter, wondering if we actually got those does settled!

  21. LOL At least you only have to wait 21 days to know whether our not it was a success.

    So far the mini buck was a success, even his first time at 6 months old :) My Alpine buck had his first breeding not take, but got the job done on his second time. :) Between my mom & I we have kids due in November, December & January.....

    I can't wait to see your first kinder babies......Have you made plans on how many kids you wanna keep? We're planning on keeping a lamancha doeling if I'm lucky enough to get one.....But I dunno about the Alpines yet..... I say I'm not retaining any Alpines this year, but we'll see how strong my resolve is once I see the babies :)

  22. So you'll be starting kidding next month! Very exciting. I won't have any due until March at the earliest. At this point I'm planning to keep all the kids I get. Since I only have the one buck, I won't be able to breed my 1st generations to one another, but I'm hoping to be able to trade Kinder bucklings with another breeder. Another option would to be to buy or trade for another registered Pygmy buck. Hmm, that's an idea though Dan really likes Gruffey. We'll use the Kinder kit for at least one more 1st generation breeding next year, maybe more. Eventually I hope to phase the Nubians and Pygmies out.


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