September 2, 2011

New Kitchen Back Door

Progress on our kitchen remodel is beginning to pick up momentum. Once we got the new ceiling beam in place, we were encouraged with the results and ready to tackle the next project on the list, replacing the old kitchen back door.

Old kitchen back door, before the post was removed

This was not just a door swap, but according to our floor plan,

Click for bigger

... meant relocating the door to the other end of the wall.

The first step was to take down the interior walls in that corner, which were oak tongue & groove and original to the house (built in the 1920s). Next, the porch wall was cut out where the new door would go.

Opening the wall where the new door will go.
The picture story about the porch door you see, here.

The new door will go on the right, instead simply replacing the old door on the left.

Looking into the kitchen from the back porch; wall down, old door gone.
An old sheet was put up to help keep some of the sawdust out of the house.

The above shot was taken from our back porch/laundry room, looking into the kitchen. You can see the new wall studs on the right, where the old door used to be. On the porch side, the new door will be on the left.

The next step was to frame out the new door opening....

New door opening framed out.

The new door was installed and the open wall covered with siding panels on the porch side.

New kitchen door in place, exterior wall up.

With the bed sheet taken down, you can see how nice and open the kitchen looks with the post gone. We only gained 6 square inches of floor space, but visually it makes a huge difference. I like it!

Here's the new door from a porch side view ...

Porch side view of new kitchen back door. Eventually
I'll paint the porch paneling, doors, & trim all white.

On the porch side we need to add both door and floor moulding. Eventually I will paint the porch side white.

Before we can put up a new interior wall on the kitchen side, we need to replace that kitchen window next to the door. That wall also needs repair from previous water damage. Then we (Dan, actually ;) will run some wiring for a light switch which will be located just inside the door. He also needs to run a telephone line for a wall phone. We will add insulated batting, and then the drywall can go up.

It seems like a lot to do, but progress is going quickly. It's fortunate Dan has the kind of job he does, so that he can have 3 or 4 days off at a time for our home projects.


  1. The new door looks great. I really need a new front door. It lets so much of the outside air in, it is like not having a front door at all ;)

  2. Oh, I do love a handy man!! Love mine, too, though not handy at all!! You're making great progress on the house.

  3. It's amazing to me how much difference a few inches of floor space can make! You're going to love your new, open kitchen. I can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  4. Brilliant! You're making good progress :)

  5. Jane we have a front door like that too. We can see daylight through the cracks even when the door is closed, LOL. We actually have the new door, but also problems with the threshold and front porch. Dan thinks it will be a big undertaking just to put in a new front door!

    Judy, it is and what a difference!

    Florida Farm Girl, I agree they are wonderful! Dan would be the first to admit he doesn't know it all, but he's very willing to do the research and learn how to do a new thing. I'm grateful for that.

    Kari, ain't that the truth? Just getting that post out made a huge difference. More window area and more light is huge too. I'm afraid it will be awhile though, before the finished photos can be taken. :)

    Michelle and Dani, thanks!

  6. looks good already! I don't think it's the floor space you gained that matters, it makes moving around much easier without the post? it was nice to put stuff on, but if it's in the way as it is, hanging things up on it might make it even more in the way? and it looks much more open, sometimes relatively small things can make a very big difference! I am glad that I don't have posts like that anymore, they can be a right nuisance....

  7. Again, I'm missing my carpenter husband...coming home from work every day to see the progress he'd're a lucky girl, it looks wonderful, what a transformation!

  8. Bettina, that's so true. Ours was a terrible nuisance and I won't miss it at all!

    Sharon, aw, have a big hug! It's amazing how we can all have different talents. I've always wished I had learned how to properly use carpenter's tools and could build a simple book shelf. I can't, so I never cease to be amazed at what Dan can do.

  9. looking good! what a visual difference without that post. can't wait to see the rest.

  10. I want to remodel my kitchen! You have made great progress.

  11. It looks great! And I bet you feel like you've gained an additional half a kitchen with how open it is now.

  12. I'm tired just READING about your remodeling! Good looking job!

  13. What a HUGE difference your changes have made! Just shows to go ya, great things can be done by being able to envision the right changes. No huge addition of space but using the space you have to better usage. Love watching the progress.

  14. It all looks great and I enjoying watching the progress.


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