September 25, 2011

Kitchen Remodel: Progress Inside & Out

Progress since my last kitchen remodel post.....

  • wiring completed for light switch by door: outside light, porch light, & soon to be ceiling light over dining nook
  • installed lockset in kitchen door
  • cut out subfloor for HVAC vent (beneath window)
  • added insulation to walls
  • foam insulation in cracks around door & window

  • removed old vinyl siding
  • put new siding on rebuilt kitchen wall & adjacent wall
  • caulked windows
  • coat of primer on new siding and trim
  • installed outside electrical outlet on back porch
  • doorbell transformer replaced & new bell button installed

We had hoped to get the trimwork up last week, but it rained every day Dan was off. Below is an exterior "before" shot of the new kitchen window, when he just started taking down the vinyl siding.

Removing the vinyl siding

Under that were some sort of pressboard siding planks. The paint was chipping, but they weren't in bad shape actually. Dan took a peek under one of these and while there wasn't any sheathing, the walls did have insulation. Because of that we left the planks to serve as sheathing and simply nailed the new paneling right on top of them.

Dan wanted to do at least this much....

Starting to put the new panels up

... getting siding up to cover at least the newly rebuilt window wall and the corner. How far to go with it and how many panels to put up, is one of those things that could lead us on a house project rabbit trail. We finished out the adjacent wall, but still need to install trim around the new window and horizontal panel seams.

We looked at a lot of siding options. I like the look of planks, while Dan always liked the look of T1-11. In the end we chose a manufactured barn board look panel, because we like the rustic look and it was more economical. I've got a coat of primer on it and at this point, still plan to go with my original color scheme for the exterior of the house. Of course, trim work and paint are "weather permitting," and this time of year, who knows.

I admit I'm anxious to get back to work on the kitchen interior. Yet all these kinds of things that have to be done too. It's the old one-thing-leads-to-another, and another, and another. Because of the weather this time of year, we've started keeping both an "inside" project list and an "outside" project list. Now no matter what, we've ready to go.

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Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Forgot how I got to your blog, but I enjoyed my visit and have decided to follow the progress you make :o). Wish I were your neighbor I'd do some exchanging for those figs :o).. Ginny

CaliforniaGrammy said...

It's such fun to be in as you guys progress with this huge project, and you're doing such a nice job. I can just imagine with fall coming and winter soon to follow that your outside jobs may take priority over the inside. Thanks for the update (oh, I had to link back to your color scheme for the exterior and I love it too!)

Mama Pea said...

Oh, the outside is looking SO nice! I'll bet you're just itching to get a bit of the "blue" on so you can see how it actually looks. If you don't get to that until spring, your primer coat still looks very respectable! I can fully understand why you're anxious to get some more work done inside.

We, too, (maybe more than you!) are getting anxious about all the outside jobs still needing to be done this fall. We'll all just do what we can do and try not to get our knickers in a twist, right? :o)

bspinner said...

dWell done!!! I'm sure one of these days when you're finished you'll be amazed at just how much you did to get your home and farm just the way you wanted it to be.

Leigh said...

Ginny, thank you so much for your visit and taking the time to comment! Would love to be able to pass some figs on to you. They're really yummy. :)

CaliforniaGrammy, and it is huge! It didn't seem that way at first, but the details and side projects are never ending. I'm really looking forward to getting some outside color on our house!

Mama Pea, thanks! I am so looking forward to painting the blue. I just read that primer should be covered within 30 days, so we may have to start sooner than originally planned! But you're right, we just do what we can and don't worry about the rest. :)

Barb, thanks! I have to tell you though, that Dan thinks one of these days will never come!

Hazel said...

I am enjoying watching the progress. Thanks for the update.

Sherri B. said...

It's fun to see your progress and I'm learning some things too. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Can't wait until you get going on the interior.

Benita said...

Why does some of your remodeling experiences remind me of the old adage that most major redecorating projects start because someone wanted a new pillow or rug for a room. Before you know it, you've got a brand new room!

Jody said...

We can't wait to see the finished goal. Keep up the hard work!

trump said...

You guys are making some progress and seem to be doing most of the work yourselves! I only wish i were that handy or better yet daring to try something like this on my own. At least you will know the job was done correctly. Some of the homes in Pennsylvania are going through something like this, but for all the wrong reasons since we had very bad floods a few weeks ago. Richard from Amish Stories.

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks so good Leigh! Well done to you both:)

Leigh said...

Hazel, thanks for the visit!

Sherri, me too! Both on the learning part and the can't-wait-to-get-to-the-interior part. It seems we learn on an "as needed" basis, doesn't it?

Benita, that's so true! Maybe it's because once you get started, the possibilities seem endless and before you know it, the project does too, LOL

Jody, thanks! I have to admit though, that the end seems pretty far away at the moment.

Richard, it's true, we are doing most of it ourselves. So much to update and correct with a 90 year old house. I feel fortunate to not have had the flooding you all have had in Pennsylvania.

Thanks Stephanie!

Project Girl said...

I just love watching your progress and can really appreciate that you are taking the time to do it right. How exciting for you, for it to be taking shape!

Leigh said...

Project Girl, I appreciate your comment. I know you can relate because of your own house projects!