September 18, 2011

Contest: Name That Goat

I need a name
I've received some wonderful things from fellow bloggers via contests and giveaways, so I thought it was high time I jumped on the band wagon and offered something back to the blogging community. Plus, I need some help!

Remember Surprise's Easter twins? My plan was to sell them, together preferably, or singly if necessary. Well, I still had one left at the time I lost Chipper, which was a blessing in disguise because Gruffy needs a companion. The problem is that neither of us is very imaginative when it comes to naming our animals. In fact this guy is going on 5 months and the best we can do is "Billy Boy" or "Surprise's Kid."

I'd love for you make some suggestions for this little guy, one of which will be picked as his name. Here's what to do to enter the contest; simply leave a comment with a suggestion for a name. You can offer as many as you'd like. The deadline will be Sept. 30th at midnight. A winner will be selected on the first of October and I'll let you know the results after that.

The prize is one of my handwoven log cabin scarves, the winner's choice from one of the following colorways.....



Desert Night

These are handwoven by me, in easy care acrylic. They are machine washable.

So put your thinking caps on and let the naming commence!


  1. He's a beauty, even without a name. :)

    Ok, let's see...

    Spike (beautiful black spike stripe)

    James Dean (cuz he just has that look about him)

    Once I drink some coffee, I'll come back for more. ;)

  2. Oops, didn't give me login on my phone.

    Hammock_gal (Christine)

    (If email needed, DM me)

    (I did Spike & James Dean)

  3. cute kid! I'd call him Easter, or Dazzle. Your scarves are lovely! Its always neat seeing what other bloggers create!

  4. Well since he was a Easter baby and looks so sweet I would name him Cadbury after my favorite easter candy.

  5. Oh no.... I missed your post about Chipper :( I'm so sorry you lost him.

    I'm awful with names, it's a miracle my kiddos have decent names, but my daughter says he looks like a Patrick :)

    I finally responded to your comment on my blog... so sorry it's taken so long, I'm behind on everything these days...

  6. He is so adorable! I will give the first name that came to my mind since we can enter more than one...Stanley. I will keep thinking on it and perhaps offer another. - I would love winning the beautiful scarf made by you!

  7. I say Hiram for his name... he looks like a Hiram. I'm glad you're keeping him as a companion.

  8. Such a pretty little goat. I know if he was mine I would name him Nigel.

  9. Well, his name is Dream Boy, of course!

    While I'd love to have one of your scarves, we seldom have need of one here in Florida!

  10. He's totally Poncho! (Though I'll admit, Woody is a close second!)

  11. IS the South so you could call him "Bubba" or "Cooter" or "Tater".

    I do like Hiram too. (Mary Ann suggested that.)

    Heck, you can call him "Lehman". (grin) I looked it up. Lehman means "renter or tenant."

  12. Ha, this is the same problem we've had with first ever kid. We are still calling her Baby. I thought to name her her Dody, but it doesn't seem to fit.

    He is a fine looking young man, what is his personality?

    So, for your boy...

    BB Skid (b's for big boy & s for surprise & kid)

    Jazz ( because bb skid sounds like a jazzy name)

    Chaz (but wait that might be the same name of cher's former daughter, now son)


  13. What beautiful scarves! I haven't seen a pattern like that on any of the weaver's blogs I follow; would LOVE one. So I'd better think of some good names, even though I really like Cadbury on so many levels. (-:

    Choco and Cocoa (on the Easter chocolates theme)

    Decaf (since he's brown and neutered)

    Eno (take-off from "Surprise ending")

    Pancho (because he looks like one)

    Troll or Bridge/Bridger (because your buck is Gruffy, and I remember hearing the tale of Billy Goat Gruff and the Troll under the bridge as a girl)

  14. Lucky Buck
    because, you were going to sell him off but due to poor Chipper's unexpected demise, Lucky Buck got to stay to be the other ones companion. And as if I believed in reincarnation I'd love to come back as an animal on your farm I consider him to be one Lucky animal.

    have an absolutely gorgeous day!
    denise/deBRAT in Tampa bay florida who is now "reply-a-ble" due to some help from Madam Samm who told me I was NOT!

  15. Rumpelstiltskin, he just looks like a Rumpelstiltskin to me :P

  16. Sugiero:
    Es el nombre en español de esa criatura.
    Adoraría cualquiera de tus bufandas!
    Un abrazo

  17. He reminds me of Festus...from Gunsmoke! I think that would be a great name...

  18. Frank.

    Your scarves are gorgeous. The winner is going to have a hard time choosing!

  19. Hmmm, tough one. I would go with "Tude" as in attitude, he looks like he has one because you haven't named him yet:P

  20. "Billy Boy" or "Surprise's Kid"

    I suggest a combination of the above - Billy the Kid.

  21. im going with Wanderlust or Gulliver, since we all no how much goats enjoy that!

  22. Back when we had our small herd of dairy goats, my two favorite bucks were Jeremiah and Barley. I think I'd go with Barley as a favorite name for a buck. It's just a good name for a goat!

    Your "prizes" are FANTABULOUS!! How generous of you!

  23. I like Angus or August/Augustus... Good luck picking a name for him! I hear you on the name picking front - I have way too many laying chickens that deserve names, but I just can't decide yet! :)

  24. I love the name Sampson. It's a strong name with great character.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. He's so about Abisha, it means God's gift.

  27. Peanut
    there is a hiking goat on youtube called peanut

  28. Your scarves are beautiful, Leigh - I just love log cabin.

  29. Bing. As in Crosby :)

    And your scarves are beautiful!

  30. I always liked the name Cider.

  31. Beetlejuice! (just don't say it three times in a row!)

    Love your stories!
    Denver, CO

  32. I have two names:
    M & M -- fits with the Easter candy theme and also honors a bottle fed lamb I raised in high school.
    Snoopy -- also a goat kid when I was in high school who would search my pockets for treats whenever he could

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a pretty scarf.

    I have bookmarked your site and will be back to see who wins

    Jean - MN

  33. My daughter says he looks like an Edmund to her.

  34. Looking at him I like the name "Midnight", what a pity they were born at "Mid-day"!

  35. Name that guy "Bill E. Goat"

  36. Garrett the Goat. All our goats have "G" names.

  37. BTW, Garrett the Goat from your friend Kris in Houston.

  38. Awww, I missed the post about Chipper. So sorry. :(

    As for names for this guy, the goaty names that come to mind are:

    Tumnus (the goat man from Narnia)

  39. Gunther The Goat! Does anyone else have a Gunther? Probably not. My girlfriend named a grasshopper that and now it's stuck in my dang head!

    Your scarves are gorgeous!!

  40. Naming kids is always a time consuming job here on our farm too. The ones who are not staying get generic names. The keepers can take a few weeks/months to figure out who they are.
    Not knowing his personality is a bit tough, here are a few that might fit.

  41. How about "Flash" or "Forest".
    Love the scarves.


  42. I've been thinking again, and for no reason "Thunder" comes to mind.

  43. I think he looks like a charles. :)

    Good luck choosing a name!

  44. He is really a cute little goat. Many blog posts ago you showed two pictures, one of a goat, one of a well-known Sci-Fi character… Therefore, the best name for the goat, as I see it, is either “Jar Jar” or “Binks”…

  45. I look at him and I see......Roy.

    Roy the Goat.

    I'm sure he'll answer to just about anything and come running when he sees you but....I see you saying, "look, there's Roy"

    Have a great day!!

  46. Eek! I almost missed this post!! Given the ears, I'd name him Jet Stream. He's a cutie. And those scarves are to dye for (hehe).

    swomersley at gmail dot com.

  47. herkimer, you could call him herky for short.

  48. I use to raise goats and I know how the naming dilema can be..I had several billies over time, but my favorite billy was named "Milkdud." We had nubian goats and he was the only milkdud allowed to stay on the farm. I love the scarves, they are very pretty. Winters in tennessee are getting chillier and the scarf would be put to good use.
    Many blessings, Kim from Lafayette

  49. He looks like an Imp, to me!

    Though I'm not sure naming a goat Imp is a good idea; a bit like calling a dog Loki or Trouble. All too likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy...

  50. Hmm, born at Easter......lovely brown colour..why not Mocha?

  51. Ashley strawberrygal79@yahoo.comSeptember 27, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    Bosco... strong,sturdy, manly name.

  52. Oh boy there have already been a lot of good names suggested.
    pasco/ pascoe
    These names all mean Easter
    lieutenant nibbs
    general nibbler
    major muncher
    My son suggested eggbert

    The scarves are beautiful!

  53. Don't know why but he seems like an Ashley to me. No real reason it was just what popped into my head when I saw him

  54. I would call her Eary! You don't have to ask why.i didn't read all comments, so maybe it is already given?!

  55. Leigh, your scarves are just beautiful. You are such a talented lady.

    For the little boy goat, I'd call him "Sprocket"

  56. I'd call him General. Then you could have the General Lee.

  57. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw his photo was how HANDSOME he is. I say "Handsome"!

  58. Since he was born at Easter "Mr. Peeps"!

  59. Since he was born on Easter:
    Mr Peeps