September 28, 2011

The Life Of Riley: Wiley Wednesday Edition

Setting: Katy has the basket

Problem: Riley wants the basket.

Solution: Rouse her under the guise of giving her a bath

Moderately acceptable outcome: Kitties share the basket 

Preferred Outcome: Riley gets the basket all to himself
(and he usually does)


  1. Tu deberías ser ESCRITORA! que hermoso mensaje con esas fotos tan elocuentes!
    Poor katy!
    Riley necesita una cesta MÁS grande!
    Son hermosos ambos
    Un abrazo

  2. Sounds like what happens around here, but in the human bed! Although I don't get groomed :(

  3. What a sneaky little devil lol!! Love the pictures, your cats are gorgeous:)

  4. See? That just shows you that with a little bit of loving, we girls will give our guys anything they want.

    Cute pics.

  5. Rosamargarita, thanks! Stories like these sort of write themselves. :) Actually Riley does have a larger basket, he just always wants whatever Katy's got!

    Carolyn, LOL. Actually that happens here as well. Like you, I don't get groomed, but I get awakened around 5 am with Riley "marching" on top of me. He loves to stand on me, purr, and knead, until I get up. What a cat.

    Stephanie, you don't know the half of it, LOL Thanks!

    Tami thanks. It's great until she doesn't budge and he grabs her by the neck and starts biting! That's why he always gets his way. :)

  6. Oh yes, various household cat rules... it's always something. Our kitty is a single, so he chooses people with which to do that. Mainly me, stealing the end of my bed, by curling up on top of my feet. It's impossible to stay sleeping with a cat on one's foot.. you end up moving and letting him have the space 'cause he just links himself to the bedrock and you can't move him for anything. :)
    Riley is a handsome kitty though.

  7. hm, would you remain in the basket if someone was sitting on top of you?:))
    we had this story going with the dogs - one is on the sofa, the other one wants that spot. to get the space free - she ran to the door, barking madly - and of course sofa dog had to join in! as soon as the sofa was free - guess who ran back to the empty spot?:))

  8. Adorable pics! You sure have to imagine they have reasoning capabilities, don't you? Maybe not exactly like humans, but there none the less!

  9. Nina, they do have rules, don't they, LOL. Riley likes to sleep on my feet too, which I actually don't mind in winter! (He's a great foot warmer)

    Bettina, that is so funny! Rascal did something similar to Catzee once. He wanted the box she was in by the window, so he jumped up on the bed and started kneading and purring. Sure enough, she got up to go get on the bed. He immediately ran over and claimed her box!

    Mama Pea, I honestly think they do reason after a fashion. Riley certainly knows how to get us up. If standing on top of me and kneading doesn't work, he jumps up on the dresser and starts knocking things down!

  10. Our girl dog, Maggie, does that to Jack. She starts cleaning him and then gradually slips in between he and Dad, getting that coveted position. - Your kitties are so adorable!

  11. What is it about cats and baskets? My late (and lamented) Tippet used to curl into any basket or hat she could find. That seems like the perfect plan - and it works! (OMG Carolyn, I just mis-swallowed my coffee!)

  12. Riley just wants whatever Katy's got. Now that sounds like our boys! Great post.

  13. Adorable pictures :) I sure understand when you say "Riley just wants what Katys got" I have a couple of those types around here!

  14. Oh Riley, you are a very sneaky brother. We think that every time you do this, Katy needs to get a treat.

  15. My black cat Burt used to do that to the late Zoe. She'd be sleeping peacefully in the top of the cat tree. Burt would come along and start to groom her forcefully until she gave up and left in disgust, then he'd curl up and take a nap. It's big enough for them to share, but they rarely did. At least he knows better than to try that strategy with Caliope (the grouchy old lady would clean his clock!)

  16. Leigh, you gotta love it! They are both adorable. Darn, they have gotten big!!!

  17. Sherri, how funny. Seems they all know how to get a good thing!

    Susan, baskets and boxes!

    Jody, so true, "kids" of all sorts have a competitive streak!

    Donna thanks! They do keep things interesting, don't they?

    MTS&M, Katy says, excellent idea!

    Norma, thanks!

    Susan, ha! Good for Caliope. Riley knows Katy's a scardy cat and a wimp. :)

    Sara, so good to hear from you! They're definitely big kitties now (though Riley's about twice Katy's size.)

    Renee, I think so too. :)

  18. Why Riley, how you remind me of someone I know.... T.

  19. Tina, ha! Funny how alike they can be. :)

  20. they are so adorable, just like my brother-sister pair timmy and rose. i'm also lucky enough to have mama, sophia. i know exactly what goes on in your house! such good entertainment.

  21. How adorable!!! They have grown into such beautiful cats!


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