September 24, 2010

Techy Note

I just posted my Colors of September post below, but wanted to add a note about my computer situation. Some of you know I've been having computer issues and so have gotten a new computer! So, there's the huge chore of transferring things off the old and onto the new, including bookmarks, etc. But also, not being a fan of Windows (7 preinstalled), I need to install my operating system of choice, Ubuntu Linux. This usually goes without a hitch, but somtimes not. (I'm not geeky so I do keep Windows on my machine for dealing with hardware issues, utilizing a duel  boot.)

If you don't hear from me for awhile, this is what I'm working on. This includes blog visiting and email correspondence (I owe several of you replies!)  Hopefully though, you'll never even notice that I've been gone.


  1. I hope you're up & running soon! :Dr

  2. And you say you're not a techie, running Win 7 & Ubuntu dual boot...I say you are! Most non-techies don't even use Ubuntu, Leigh!

    Good luck & have fun with the new computer!


  3. argh, I know all about that - we have our new computer since august and are still not completely finished with transfers etc.:(( it's nice to have - but a lot of work, too! and pm for me is private email - so no problem, I just have to scan those pix for you....

  4. Good luck with the computer situation. We'll be here waiting for you when(ever) you return.

  5. Must be going around. I just got my computer back from "the guru" (aka Dad) after it attempted suicide with all my schoolwork and the kids schoolwork trapped inside. I wish you much luck and few troubles in your transition!

  6. Good luck Sweetie..take your time!...I know how overwhelming these things can be!


  7. Yay! Awesome to find another Ubuntu Linux user! I've been using Linux for about 10 years, and Ubuntu for about 4. I honestly have no idea why people would ever buy Windows (or any Windows software) when Linux is free, reliable, and almost any piece of software you could want is available for free too.

    We have 3 computers in the house and all of them run Ubuntu. I've also converted Robin's sister (2 computers) and Robin's computer-illiterate parents. No more virus scanners, spy-ware checkers, random crashes, etc for any of us.

  8. I'm going to have to share this with my husband. We used Red Hat linux for a long time, then switched to Ubuntu a few years ago. He was a Unix sys admin for many years and now works in IT security, so he refuses to deal with anything Microsoft because of all the security vulnerabilities.

  9. First of all, I'm pleased to report that I got Ubuntu installed, though not without a few minor problems. Whew. I'm always on pins and needles when I do this but figure if worse came to worst, I could just start over with the Windows 7 recovery disc I made.

    Renee, thanks! I still have to get all the programs I like downloaded and get it set up the way I want, plus transfer a bunch of stuff from the old computer, but at least I am up and running!

    Lynn, actually, I think Ubuntu is one of the more user friendly distributions of Linux. That's why it's been referred to as "Linux for the rest of us"!

    Bettina, glad to know I'm not alone with computer chores, LOL. PM works fine for me! I'll look forward to those pix. No hurry though, please do at your leisure.

    Mama Pea, thanks. Love your new avatar!

    Oh Maggie, that's quite scary to have happen. I lost a whole series of lesson plans for a computer workshop I taught to the Online Guild a number of years ago. I never could recover it. I figured I'd better get a new computer before the old one got to that point.

    Pam, they are! At least the worst is over and I'm back with my favorite OS.

    Lee, fantastic! I love to find other Ubuntu users. I couldn't get away from the new Windows version fast enough. I don't like it any better than XP, which was when I left Windows for Ubuntu. You're absolutely right, there is so much more peace of mind with it. With this computer I've upgraded to Lucid and love the upgrades. Also, I love open source software. Why pay for something that is available for free and better to boot.

    Kari, yay! Another Ubuntu user! Red Hat was my introduction to Linux, but I like Ubuntu so much better. I'm willing to work out the rare problems I have, but not enough to learn the technical language to talk to it. Ubuntu's graphical interface is better for me.

  10. Way to go Leigh...see we have faith in you...Congrats! xo


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