September 24, 2010

Colors of September

I have to make a confession here.  These colors have not been typical for September this year. But at the tail end of August, we got rain. When September arrived, the ground was moist and the temps cooler. During the first week or so of September, we had fungi galore. I was amazed at the variety I found, and couldn't resist photographing them. I know absolutely nothing about mushrooms, so I won't attempt to label any of these. They are here strictly as my Colors of September.

I did research mushroom identification sites, and have this link list to offer:

American Mushrooms
The Fungal Jungal
Backyard Nature Mushroom Identification

I've not tried to ID any mushrooms with them, so let me know how they work for you. Or if you have another suggestion, I'll be glad to add it to the list.

For more Colors of September, click here. Sue (Life Looms Large) has a linky list of participants around the world.


  1. Wow I've never seen so many mushrooms. Amazingly beautiful!!! And all different colors.

    Good luck with the new computer!

  2. Wow - that is an amazing variety! Not surprising since your area is known for having a wide variety of species of plants....something to do with the last ice age and how plant species moved south pushed by the advancing sheets of ice.

    Thanks for sharing your colors of September!!

    Fingers crossed for no computer woes!!


  3. The dyer in me is itching to get my hands on those red ones to see if they will give ant color on wool. Pretty!

  4. I like Benita's idea, but I was going to ask if any of these are edible.

  5. Fantastic lot of mushrooms. The ones with the white flaky bits are Amanita Muscaria which are poisonous.

  6. I'm a big fungus fan, for no better reason than that they are ultra cool. Nice pics!

  7. Barb, I couldn't resist. I think if it hadn't been so dry for the rest of the month, we would have gotten more. I never realized they came in so many colors.

    Sue, we do have an amazing range of plant life. I never thought about why though. Folks with allergies don't appreciate it, but it's nice anyway.

    Yes, new computer is up and running! (Much relieved)

    Benita, gosh, does anyone dye with mushrooms? Lichen yes, but fungi???

    Renee, I haven't a clue and I'm too chicken to try to find out. I don't trust my identification skills all that much!

    Evelyn, thanks for that! I doubt I'd ever trust myself to try even ones that are supposed to be edible. I do love store bought mushrooms however.

    Nornspinner, thank you for visiting and commenting! And thanks for your compliment. I admit I'm not all that happy with the color in some, but I'm not sure if it's me, the camera, or my new monitor.

  8. Wow, what neat and fun pictures! Could you believe that it was time to do September already??? T.

  9. The colors and variety in shapes are absolute art in nature. I'm glad you chose this subject, or they chose you :)

  10. Tina, even more amazing is that September will be history in just a couple of days!

    Sharon, I reckon they did choose me! I couldn't help but photograph them. :)

  11. Nice idea for a colour theme for September.


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