September 5, 2010

Riley's & Katy's Predicament

The Predicament

This is Riley
He's stuck in a pecan tree.
He got up....
 ...but he can't get down.
This is Katy.
She's stuck too. 

The Rescue

Mom to the rescue, right?
With supervision of course.
CryBaby: Can I climb too?
Goats are always great helpers. 

The Resolution:

A good nap cures everything.

Riley's & Katy's Predicament photos & text (what little there is of it)
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Theresa said...

LOL, look at those happy saved kitties. They know it was goat power! ;)
Juno got stuck up in a 60 footer when we first got her. Took 4 days, but she got herself down. Poor Buzz worried at the base of the tree( between meals of course) for the whole time. In all fairness, he came away from his vigil only to grab a bite or two and then headed back. Horrible weather too, it was in January.
Glad you were able to help out. Sooner or later they will need to figure out down though. Getting up the tree is so easy. :)

Mr. H. said...

Now that is hilarious. Good thing you had the goats with you to help hold the ladder.:)

Razzberry Corner said...

Cats are so funny! I loved to see the goats helping, too! Once, when we lived in Puerto Rico, our cat, Midnight, got stuck in a mango tree in our front yard. He went so high up - the tree was huge. Randy climbed up the tree and carried him down. The stupid cat was so scared he peed all over Randy on the way down!!

Woolly Bits said...

do cats "suffer" from over-confidence or what? why do they always climb to where they can't get down again themselves? Schindler did the same a while back and Michael had to climb into the tree - though no goats to help around here:)) and to top it all off he got scratched as a thank-you...

Sara said...

How sweet they look once they are down...for sure they will try that again...

Leigh said...

4 days, oh no, Theresa! Glad she figured it out.

At our old house, Rascal used to get up on the roof and holler to get down. DS would always have to get out the ladder, climb up, and rescue him. One day DS wasn't home. I went out and told Rascal. "He's not home and I'm busy. You're just going to have to get down by yourself." A few minutes later he was meowing at the back door. Obviously he thought "rescue" was a game to be played!

Mr. H, what would I do without those goats. They are always in the middle of the action!

Lynn, poor Randy! At least Riley and Katy didn't do that!

Bettina, good question. They just seem to get a "wild hair" and race up before they realize they can't get down. Trouble is, they're still doing it even after their "scare!"

Sara, a sleeping kitty is always a sweet kitty. :)

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Such a cute kitty! I need to post up pics of my new baby chicks. I have tow new 6 day olds now. Also, a new pullett.


Mama Pea said...

Cute, cute pictorial post of part of your menagerie. On a homestead, if it ain't one thing, it's another!

Renee Nefe said...

too bad the kittehs can't just be left up the tree to figure it out themselves, but I hear they're pretty stubborn staying up there forever and such.
I loved hearing your Rascal story though.
I've never owned a kitteh and it looks as if dd might be allergic (her nose turns into a faucet when she sleeps over at her friend's house.)

Leigh said...

Melissa, I'd love to see your baby chicks! Do post these soon.

Mama Pea, truer words were never spoken! It's always something!

Oh no, poor Darly. And she loves kitties so. Rascal really did get stuck in a tree after we moved here. Either that or he was too frightened to get down. He went out in the wee hours of the morning but didn't show up at breakfast like he usually did. It was pouring rain too. DH finally went out to find him, and finally did, way back in the woods. He had climbed a tree and was drenched to the bone. He came willingly and was so happy to get back inside. For the longest time he wouldn't go near the woods. The only thing we've seen back there is deer, so that may have been what treed him. We'll never know.

Lee said...

WHY OH WHY do cats do this?

I've never been able to figure it out.

The rest of feline existence - eat, sleep, get cuddles, eat sleep, get cuddles, eat, sleep, get cuddles - yeah, that makes sense. But this? Huh?

Glad they're both safe and sound again :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad all the babies are safe and yes, we have had to do that too, but with a big cherry picker truck..ugh!!

Goats are the best helper's and the higher the!


Leigh said...

Daharja, I ask myself the same question! *grin*

Pam, a cherry picker? Oh my, that is high. I was a little worried that Baby would actually try to climb the ladder. Fortunately, she didn't!

Anonymous said...

I was concerned about that too when I seen the photo and it was!!

Sheryl at Providence North said...

Those two are so sweet! I have a gray tabby like that too, always in trouble.

Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm said...

I thought I did once. For the first time ever, I saw one of my old cats way up in our willow tree and just knew that she was stuck and couldn't get down! Egads. So I ran and got a ladder climbed up and tried to "extricate" her from her predicament only to find that she didn't wish to be extricated. In fact, she raised all manner of heck with me, holding on to the limb with claws and all her might. Finally, she escaped the lunatic trying to snatch her and climbed further up -- oh my -- and settled back down. I gave up and climbed back down. Oh, later I saw her stretched out on the porch, grooming. I stared and she looked at me like "what?" I'm glad your kitties are safe :)

Leigh said...

Pam, you never can tell about critters!

Sheryl, they know how to keep us on our toes, don't they!

Ken and Mary, that is so funny about your cat. It's pretty impressive that she knew how to get down. Most cats don't!

Kathy said...


Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

LOL. Bubbles and Madness know how to get down by going down backwards. They often go up very high and come down with no problem. However about a month ago Squish got stuck in my neighbors tree for TWO days. It took me a full day to just find her and then I basically camped underneath my (very understanding) neighbor's tree trying to coax her down. Eventually she basically walked out on a limb too far following me and fell down! Luckily she fell into thick brush and was totally fine. I was a wreck though!

Leigh said...

Kathy, you should have been there!

BM&T, I'm amazed she let herself fall out of the tree. She must have been desperate!