June 21, 2010

Colors Of June



Looking closer...

Field flowers

Marigolds & tomatoes



For more Colors of June, check out Sue's blog, Life Looms Large

Colors Of June
photos copyright June 2010 by Leigh at http://my5acredream.blogspot.com/


Valerie said...

Hi Leigh!

Love your colors of June. It was good to see your comments on my posts this AM. You have been very busy! The fiber will come in it's own time, once you have some of these big projects set into a routine.

Love your new Surprise!

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful colors!!

Now, every time I see a daylily, I think "I could eat that". So far I haven't tried it though!

Thanks for sharing your colors of June!


Theresa said...

Looks great Leigh, a real treat this month!
Hope the goat situation is calming down. Dang, my girls were so easy when we brought in additional members.
I have to laugh about Sue's comment. My grandfather many years ago had a particular name for those lilies
it would translate in PG terms to Outhouse lilies, since I guess they grew best by the outhouse.
So, when I see them, the last thought in my head is eating them! ;-)

Julie said...

I just posted how bad my yard looks then I come over to yours and its just beautiful!

Mama Pea said...

So THAT'S what my hydrangea bush is supposed to look like! Three years old and nary a blossom yet. Sigh.

Leigh said...

Valerie thanks! Some days I feel that we'll never get a routing, there's so much to do. I do love my studio though, for when the weaving time finally comes.

Thanks Sue! Sadly, mine are beginning to peter out :(

Theresa, that's so funny about the daylilies. Things are going a bit better with the goats. Dan made them separate stalls, so Abigail can't "claim" the entire area. Crybaby actually likes Surprise and likes to hang out in her stall with her. I have hopes that things will settle down soon.

Julie, your yard is one in a million! It'll be fun to watch it progress from mess to magnificent.

Mama Pea, yours has never bloomed? Pity! I don't know anything about them really. Ours were here when we got here.

Sara said...

Very pretty!!!

bspinner said...

Very pretty pictures!!!!

What a lovely field. After your blog about daylily it seems I've noticed so many more along the road side. I'll never look at them without thinking of your and your post about eating them.

Benita said...

That Marigolds and Tomatoes picture would make a great book or magazine cover.

I agree with Life Looms Large - I need to try eating one of those day lilies before they disappear for the summer.

Leigh said...

Thank you Sara!

Barb, I think daylilies are one of summer's prettiest flowers. The orange ones are everywhere. My neighbor has other colors and they're pretty too.

Benita, what a lovely compliment. Do try at least one. They can be chopped fine to make a pretty addition to a salad.

Nina said...

Gorgeous colours! I love the way the orange day lilies sort of glow in the sun. Your tomatoes look wonderful too. Have you harvested any yet? I too plant marigolds with the tomatoes. It's a pretty and useful combo.

Heather said...

That Hydrangea looks amazing!

Robin said...


Sharon said...

Your colors are wonderful. It was so comfortable to see my old friends, day lilies. Hope we'll see our day lilies next month. Isn't it fun to see the month universally?! Big thanks to Sue~

Annie said...

I loved the close up of the field! It shows that it's good to look around better than people usually do. There's so much to enjoy!

Leigh said...

Nina, no tomatoes yet! To bad we don't like fried green ones or we could be enjoying them even now.

Heather, thank you!

Robin, me too! Well, except for the heat. We've been in the low to mid 90s for most of the month.

Sharon, I agree. It means I can enjoy dayliles for a longer season via cyberspace! Sue had a great idea, didn't she?

Annie, I do so agree. It's something I really have to try to do though. Life gets so busy and pressing, that sometimes I miss its simple pleasures.