June 6, 2010

Naming & Renaming

The Naming - Kittens

Baby boy cat -
Loves to eat
Will taste anything once
Make that twice
Can smell food on the other side of the house in a deep sleep
Won't share the bowl with his sister
Purrs loudly
Misses his mom

Baby girl cat...
Loves to chase
Loves to climb
Gentle purr
Very sound sleeper
Drinks with her paw on the rim of the water bowl

For a few more pix and how Rascal's adjusting, click here.

And the Renaming - Goat

The name "Bathsheba" just didn't stick. What did?


Cries when she can't see her mother
Cries when her mother won't follow her
Cries when she sees me
Cries when the water's got a straw in it
Cries when she gets wet
Cries when the chickens get fed
Cries when she thinks it's time for goat feed
Cry. Baby.

For a goat who is supposed to be mostly Boer, her Nubian shows worse than a snow white slip peeking out from under dark skirt and stockings. She is a sweet girl though.

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Theresa said...

Oh those are terribly cute kittens and the names are perrrrrrrrfect! When the goatie girl gets older she may stop the bleating. Of course I have more than two and they were all weaned away from their mothers... Mine answer when I call out to them, and talk at me but not constantly. They would all rather come and "help" me out with whatever project might be going on. She's very sweet looking!

Razzberry Corner said...

The kittens are adorable! I didn't realize you had already gotten goats - I'll have to read some back posts on your blog to find out all about her!

Nina said...

They are sweet.. considering our cat tends to be called "the cat", I think your names are wonderful.

Woolly Bits said...

you could earn money with those pix:)) I love the first where they cuddle together like an old couple - but the one where Katy pulls the tail is even cuter!

Sara said...

Love the names for the new kittens - they are just adorable!

I can understand renaming the goat - sounds like the perfect name now!

Robin said...

I love how cute your kittens are. It makes me really really want a kitten now. LOL

bspinner said...

Kittens, you've got to love them!!!

Sharon said...

I envy you your kitties - absolutely adorable. I'm amused by your goat CryBaby - Nubians are so vocal and kinda too social in my book to eat. I had problems in 4H with this very thing, and now all these many years later~

Renee Nefe said...

cute! love the pix

Leigh said...

Theresa, I certainly hope that's the case. She still nurses as her mother lets her and we do plan to get a couple more goats. We'll just have to see what happens.

Lynn, it's easy to get behind on blog reading, isn't it? The goats aren't as new as the kittens, but they're still new to us!

Nina, well, "the cat" works, providing you only have one. :)

Bettina, the problem with that cuteness is that I have a zillion pictures! Fortunately, I'll spare you all at least half of them. :)

Sara, isn't it funny how some animals seem to name themselves? Not sure if that name will stick, but I do need to start teaching her her name. Maybe I'd better just teach her "Baby."

Robin, sounds like Lee better watch out!

Barb, they're a lot of fun, aren't they?

Sharon, I agree, I don't think I could eat a Nubian. These are supposed to be mostly Boer, but even so, we didn't get them to eat. Maybe someday we'll breed them to a meat daddy though.

Renee, thanks!

Julie said...

They all are so cute! And I like the names.

Mother Moon said...

precious kittens... so cute


I guess the kitties are stayin with you! Love the names, and the goat is really cute, I hope she's not for food.

Leigh said...

Thank you Julie and Mother Moon!

Deep End, those kitties are here to stay. The goats are not intended for us to eat. Rule number 1 is never name livestock intended for food.

Lee said...

Those kittens are soooooo beautiful.

I had a cat called Katie (different spelling, same name though). She lived to be 18, and was the best cat I ever had.