June 23, 2010

Cats & Green Beans

What is it with cats and green beans?

This I can understand....

Or perhaps this...

But this?

Or this?


Any ideas?

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  1. maybe it was Rascal's fishing expedition?:)) it makes for great pix anyway! I can understand them - I like beans, too:))

  2. I'm with the cats, green beans are yummy! lol

  3. But, Mom! They wiggle and move and need to be chased.

    Gosh! I miss my cat! The kittens are growing very well.

  4. Surely you don't expect Rascal to trust that the kittens managed to adequately subdue those beans? No, he's got to test things out for himself. And then, of course, the kitties have to copy the right way of doing things. ;)

  5. LOL! it makes for cute pictures!

  6. Those are fun pics the kitty's are better to watch than any tv program.

  7. Bettina, it's funny because they don't eat the raw ones but even if I offer a cooked one they aren't interested. As toys I can understand, but in a pot with water???

    Icebear, thank you for visiting! I'm not sure if the cats think the green beans yummy or just fun. :)

    Benita, you know what they say, never a dull moment! *she says as she takes bite of sandwich with one hand and extracts kitten from plate with the other

    Maggie, you are so right. I keep telling him though, not to teach them any bad habits!

    Thanks Renee!

    Deep End you are so right. And we never do miss TV, mostly because of our critters. :)

  8. Sometimes I wonder what goes through cats trains of thoughts when they get engrossed in something you wouldn't think they'd be interested in. Cute piccies...

  9. That is so interesting and cute pictures1 My cat used to play with ice cubes floating in water - maye it's how they bob in the water that attracts them.

  10. I suspect they are imagining themselves as polar cats, fishing for seals, or on the big sea tuna hunting or maybe the local pond looking for minnows....
    Many of my cats have been unconcerned about water
    which does not translate to liking baths. Trust me, this I know.

  11. An Italian Proverb say: " Happy is the home with at least one cat". and you should be a happy owner.

  12. Nina, I wonder the same thing. Sometimes I talk and I can see their mental wheels turning. I just don't know how they're interpreting what I say!

    Evelyn, I really should let the kittens have a few cubes in their water dish. It can be very entertaining to watch!

    Theresa, that's so funny. Kittens especially pretend I think. Rascal's a fuddy-dud so who knows what he was about. Definitely not taking a bath. :)

    Robin, happy to oblige. :)

    Scented Leaf, I reckon that means we should have triple happiness! LOL. Great proverb.


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