March 3, 2010

Chicken Littles

This morning I enlarged the brooder guard, giving the little flock a tad more room. They were hatched three weeks ago today.

Delaware chicks are starting to show their colors.

The Barred Hollands are really changing quickly.

Welsummer chick eying the camera strap curiously. Dan introduced them to worms the other day, and obviously the camera strap needs a careful examination!

Ameraucana claiming the top of the waterer. This never lasts for long however.

It's amazing how much they've changed in just a couple of days!

Chicken Littles text and photos copyright March 2010 
by Leigh at


  1. I love "king of the waterer". Notice the little chick on the lower right looking adoring at the "king".

    So cute!!

  2. I have to show your chick posts to Darly. she really wants to hold a baby chick in her hands and might get to do that next Tuesday.

  3. There can never be enough chick posts haha I find myself taking photos and talking a lot about my chicks too. They are so darn cute and yes they grow and change so fast!

  4. They look fantastic! Silky, even...

  5. Barb, it might be more accurate to notice that chick thinking "hey! I want that!" *LOL

    Renee, that will be so much fun! I know she'll love it. Do you think she'll be wanting one for a pet after that?

    Rainbow Rivers, they are so hard not to photograph, aren't they? I just want to have a photo album of sorts, recording how they look as they grow up.

    Maggie, yes, that Ameraucana does look like a Silky, doesn't it? Ameraucanas have beards, so I'm wondering if that's what that fluff will turn in to.

  6. I agree with Rainbow Rivers - tehre can never be enough chick posts!!!

  7. It's cool to watch them grow up!! I love how they're getting real feathers now!


  8. Lynn, so glad to have other chicken folks who agree!

    Sue, they really amaze me with how they change almost daily. They should be completely feathered out in about another month, I believe.

  9. Never too many. They grow up so quickly so let's enjoy them as young'uns as much as possible!!!

    Did you ever stop to think that in each one of those tiny noggins is a brain? A chicken brain, to be, sure, but still... :)


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