March 20, 2010

Colors of March

Week 1:

March debuted by sprinkling
February's first daffodils with snow.

Week 2:

The snow melted quickly though and
soon there were daffodils everywhere.

Rascal accompanied me on a walk in the woods to
look for March color, but we only found all-year-'round
green things, like mosses and magnolias.

Week 3:

Spring color at last. First violet

And first "weeds."


As yet unidentified flowering tree.
Kobushi magnolia. Thank you Bettina!

Amazingly, the pansies I planted last fall
survived our weeks of freezing weather.

And an unidentified flowering shrub. Any ideas?

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For Rascal's walk, click here.

Colors of March photos and text copyright March 2010
by Leigh at


Woolly Bits said...

Leigh, I am not sure what the last shrub might be, a daphne maybe? but the white one in the middle is a magnolia (m. stellata I think) - lucky you, mine died a few years back! it looks like you have far more shrubs in flower - there's nothing on the forsythia here yet and neither on the kerria:(( but at least all the spring flowers are giving colour - and we found the first wild primroses in flower on the stone walls yesterday - a sure sign of spring and I hope the violets will follow soon!

Leigh said...

Bettina, your comment sent me on a search and you're correct, it is a magnolia! I believe it is a Kobushi magnolia, based on the number of petals, which for M. stellata need to be 12 or more. The two are very closely related!

Now, off to research that shrub.

Dorothy said...

I like all the flowers, but most especially the magnolia. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will look for some colours.

Sharon said...

I can see how the colors of Easter have come to be purple and yellow. At least, that's what those colors make *me* think of~

Callie Brady said...

Happy Spring!
Don't know what the last plant is. Lovely flowers. An early touch of Spring. Have a good weekend.

Life Looms Large said...

Gorgeous colors! That's how I imagine March....but not how it looks up here.

At a friend's house today, I did see crocus and pansies blooming....I'll have to investigate my garden carefully in the next few weeks. Maybe something will bloom soon.

Love the daffodils!!


Michelle said...

That "weed" you photographed looks just like my candytuft, or Iberis sempervirens!

Tina T-P said...

Very beautiful day here for the first day of sprint - got up in the high 50's and the lambs are racing back and forth in the pasture -

Loved your colors of March - especially the little purple violet. And the walk with Rascal (on his blog) was very special too. Glad he's feeling better for now. XOX T/

Annie said...

Lovely springflowers! I'm amazed that all these are already out: we still have no daffodils and magnolias will definitely be another month here. We still only have lots and lots of snowdrops, aconites and the first crocuses are out as well. I'll go and take photos today or tomorrow.

charlotte said...

This is so beautiful to look at! when I look out of the window, I see white and grey. I love all those daffodils!

Theresa said...

Okay serious flower envy going on here...
I'd take even flowering weeds right now.

Leigh said...

Dorothy, I left that tree because originally I thought it was a dogwood. At some point I realized it wasn't, but have kept an eye on it in hopes of ID'ing it this spring. I never would have guess it was another magnolia!

Sharon, I thought the exact same thing. I suppose they make them pastel because of the baby stuff (baby chicks, baby lambs, baby bunnies).

Thank you Callie! The same to you!

Sue, thank you! I have to admit that for the first couple of weeks I thought March color would be dull. It's just been this past week that everything as started blossoming. All very welcome.

Michelle, thanks for the lead. I looked up Iberis sempervirens, but this one isn't evergreen, so I googled "annual candytuft" and came up with something else similar, but not quite the same. Still, it's something to go on!

Tina, I'd love to seem those lambs racing back and forth. Another sure sign of spring.

Rascal is feeling pretty good. He doesn't seem to know (or care) that he's terminally ill. He's just Rascal as usual!

Annie, yes, do get those photos up. I'd love to see your March flowers.

Charlotte, ah but you're so much farther north. When do you start to get spring growth and color in Norway?

Theresa, ah but you're at a much higher elevation! Actually I've been amazed that most of the Oregon bloggers have had spring flowers earlier than we've had in the South. The blogosphere never ceases to amaze.

Benita said...

Wonderful March colors and I loved your transition over the first three weeks.

Colors here are still more brown than green, but the green is coming. I've finally seen daffodils pushing their way out of the ground - just not at my house. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Ummm, wonder if the pansies are really Johnny Jump-Ups, which can be a short-term perennial - they self-seed if treated properly. Here in New England we usually see them shortly after the crocuses come up. And some eateries use them as you might parsley to perk up a serving dish.--Sue in MA

Leigh said...

Benita, you need to plant some daffodils! :)

Sue, I have Johnny jump ups too, in fact they've just started to bloom. Sweet little pansy like flowers. I think my pansies made it because they were protected. Actually, I need to find a spot to let the Johnny jump ups flourish. They have medicinal value as well as being lovely to look at.

Robin said...

Wow that is a lot of Daffodils! How pretty. I LOVE SPRING!

Sara said...

Oh, I love seeing all the pretty little flowers. We don't have any popping up yet...hopefully in the next week or so...

Thanks for sharing.