March 18, 2010

An Outing For The Chickens

This is not the "big" out, mind you. They didn't get to go outside. But they did get to go out of their brooder area, to explore the rest of the coop.

We were curious as to which one would be bravest to go first. We thought it would probably be the Barred Hollands, who though smallest, are most curious. But it wasn't.

It was the Delawares.

Cautious at first.

Peeking out.

A quick conference.

Then off to go see.

Soon followed by the rest of the Delaware clan.

Who's next?

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  1. so did they all go running back to the brooder after their big day?

    A friend of mine's chicken

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm glad Renee pointed you my direction. I've also got three grown children. The oldest is married, with three children, the other two are recent college grads. The two left at home are our "little" kids (no longer so little though!) that we adopted when the "older" kids were teens.

    I've enjoyed reading through your blog, especially watching your chicks grow!

  3. such funny creatures, chooks are! I'll bet you'll be looking forward to those first eggs!

  4. I can't believe how big your chick have gotten. CUTE!!!

  5. The chicks are so cute and brave. I love watching the chickens too. Free entertainment.

  6. I love to see the chickens, how big they've grown!

  7. Well, they should be old enough to start really smelling 'bout now. ROFLMAO!!!!!

    You will be surprised how entertaining they will become - as I'm sure Mr. Rascal has found out. ;)

  8. Renee, thanks so much for the link! I visited Maura's blog and found that it was not only interesting, but that we have some things in common.

    Maura, thank you for the return visit! Actually, it was your chickens that made the connection for us. :)

    Nina, oh yes. Actually I can't wait to find out who are the boys and who are the girls.

    Barb, it seems that they're bigger every time I go out to the coop! It seems amazing that they can grow visibly during the course of a day, but it sure seems like it.

    Callie, it's better than TV!

    Dorothy, actually I can't keep blogging about them as fast as they grow. It's amazing.

    Kathy, you're a card! Actually, with the deep litter method, the coop smells fresh and sweet. And Rascal. He's not the least bit interested! He only cares that I'm paying attention to them and not to him. :)

  9. Oh, I miss having chicks - they are so much fun to watch grow up - wait til they start eating bugs - they will cluck and peep and everyone will come running! T.
    (my verification word? - stinas - how funny is that?

  10. Awww I love that they were so brave to check things out! Haha!

  11. With the recent spate of poultry pics on the blogs, I almost have chicken envy. Then I went out and cleaned poop from the dog pen and the goat pen ( and shearing). Always works for critter envy. Now if they could develop one that doesn't poop.....
    Brave little chicks though and they'll be out and about before you know it!

  12. They are just so cute! We've been making plans for where to put a coop while working on the yard!

  13. Tine, why don't you get more? (hint, hint)

    WFR, now they want to check out what's outside the coop door!

    Theresa, *LOL. That'll do it.

    Julie, I'm excited for you! So fun you can have some chickens.

  14. I love the wide-eyed looks on their faces as they venture out - that first straight-on shot had me giggling.

    Big wide world getting outside of their box - just wait until they experience the yard for the first time. That ought to be good!

  15. I love it!
    Could I still get a Fall chicken order in? Mmm.

  16. Benita, the chicken yard is next! I just have to finish burying on portion of the fence and paint the gate. Then we'll pull up some lawn chairs, get out the camera, open the coop door and watch the show!

    Katrien, that would be great! I never realized how much fun chickens are until we got our own.


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