October 8, 2009

Woodstove Alcove: The Home Stretch!

Continued from here.

Because of it's construction, the cement board did not have a paintable surface texture. DH covered it with tileset mortar, smoothed it, and sanded it after it dried.

I painted the walls and ceiling, and DH put the vents in.

Then he cleaned the bricks with muriatic acid and a lot of elbow grease. This is rather nasty stuff which requires care to handle, but it does remove dried mortar from brick surfaces.

Then (with a neighbor's help), we brought the woodstove in.

Drumroll please ..... (click here.)

Woodstove Alcove: The Home Stretch! photos and text copyright October 2009 by Leigh at http://my5acredream.blogspot.com/

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  1. is the stove going in before you finish the outsides of the alcove? just wondering

    It's still looking great!

  2. Yeah! It's almost done. We just fired up ours for the first time tonight. Boy does it feel good.

  3. You guys are amazing! I'm so impressed by this project.

    We just turned our heat on....so it seems like you'll have time to get the woodstove operational before heating season arrives.

    Can't wait to see it!!


  4. Hooray! The alcove looks spectacular! Got that bubbly chilling to Christen Thee DONE!

  5. But, but, I wanted to see the STOVE! You tease, you! (The alcove is looking GREAT, btw.)

  6. Wow, DH has done a really good job on that finish. Hope he gets a beer when it's all done!

  7. It won't be long and you will be using that wood stove! The brick looks wonderful.

  8. Wonderful!!!! Almost there. Bet that warm fire will feel good now that its getting cooler out.

  9. Looks good! Can't wait to see the stove in place! It's getting COLD here, too!!!

  10. I forget to mention how much I enjoy your new header.

  11. That's quite the inglenook, Leigh. Well done!
    (and thanks for the book recommendations!)
    It's in the 20s here at night now and a little woodfire goes a long way to warm old bones. We usually have 7 cat puddles on the floor around it by evening's end.

  12. Renee, we'll get the stove in and finish up the last details after that. It's getting too chilly at night to wait any longer.

    Robin, I'm looking forward to that here, too.

    Sue, we're fortunate that we live in the south. Of course, if we were farther north, we would have probably had it done by now.

    Theresa I can't wait!

    Michelle, *lol, sorry! :)

    Cally, he sure did. :)

    Julie, and MiniKat, thanks!

    Barb, thanks!

    Razzberry Corner, more photos soon!

    Kathy, thank you and your welcome :) "Cat puddles", I love it!

  13. Woohoo!!! You're gonna have HEAT! And just in time, too, I'd say. At least here, we are talking lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's.

    And nothing feels as good as heat from a real fire.

  14. Benita, I couldn't agree with you more. I adore wood heat. It is so comforting.


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