October 2, 2009

Around The Homestead

Sheepish Annie does a Wednesday Night Bullet Post that I've always enjoyed. I think it's a great way to share bits of news or information without an entire blog post about each one. I've got a lot of this n' that I could report on: updates, follow-ups, small goings on, and projects with slow progress, so I thought to do my own version of a bullet post; random updates from around the homestead, in no particular order:

We have all but two corner posts in for the goat field. It's an odd shape, (see Field #1 on the master plan) so we have more than four corners! Brace posts are next.

We finally got the clothes line put up. That was about a month and a half ago.

We bought a deep freezer. I've never had one before and I admit I do worry a bit about losing power for a week during one of our area ice storms. Such ice storms are usually an annual event in my neck of the woods. I do love having it though.

Still no sign of Catzee

Rascal has stepped up to the plate as a hunter. So far he's caught (that I know of) a mouse, a chipmunk, and a squirrel. He's been instructed to focus on the mice. And voles. We do have those too.

Have been putting in the fall garden. Broccoli, turnips, carrots, garlic, radishes, and Romaine lettuce are up. Onions, spinach, and peas still to go in. And more radishes. Hmm, and maybe some cabbages.

~ I'm still getting okra, tomatoes, green peppers and an occasional cucumber from my summer garden.

I'm letting the rest of my green beans go to seed, for seed.

Had problems with the roofing company which we are still trying to resolve.

Still scraping and priming the siding on the house.

Have been waiting on a backorder of kelp meal before we till next year's big garden. We already have the dolomitic limestone and phosphorus. After it's tilled we'll sow it with annual rye for the winter.

Have been working on a walking trail in the woods.

Still working on the wiring in the house. All of the knob & tube has been disconnected, which means a few rooms still don't have ceiling lights.

We've changed out a few ceiling fixtures. I'll have to show you those sometime.

Need to finish painting the dining room before we put the flooring in. The ceiling is done and I'm working on the walls

Have started working on bedroom decor. Nothing fancy.

The dogwood leaves are starting to turn red

Have ordered fruit trees to plant this fall: 2 peaches, 2 pears, 2 apples

Nights are dipping into the 40s. We plan to finish the alcove and have the woodstove in next week.

This also means I need to move my summer kitchen into the house. I'd better add that to my "to do" list.

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Sharon said...

You won't know how to act when all the things are you to-do list are crossed off - your list is so long. We had our first freeze last night which finished off what the deer and rabbits missed. You're still going great guns!

Renee Nefe said...

Your list makes me tired. :D

Woolly Bits said...

your list looks pretty impressive already! and for the power failures - a generator might cost now, but will keep your storage in the freezer safe for later? we have power failures due to high winds normally....

Leigh said...

Oh my Sharon, first freeze. Ours is right around the corner. Hope you and Ian stayed cozy!

Renee, at least the whole thing isn't a to do list!

Bettina, a generator would be just the ticket. DH wants one, and wants to run it on methane!

Theresa said...

LOL, it never ends Leigh, never. By the time you get the current list caught up, a new one has elvolved.
I'm impressed with all the activity too. Hurray on the stove going in next week.
I second the generator. Costly, but when the power goes out we can run everything but the hot water heater, lights, stove, fridge, heat etc. So worth it.
We needed one to provide power to the building site when we started this house, so it was just a no brainer to get one that would be capable of most of the household electric needs.

Katrien said...

Oh, I have to say, also, that I love the links you have in the sidebar. I'm going to check those out right away!

Julie said...

That's one big list, but ours seems to be a long one also! I guess its just part of having a home!
Good luck!


Your list makes my head spin, but I bet it keeps your on your toes too. Have a great weekend.

bspinner said...

You have a long list of things that should and need to be done but take a look back and write down all the things you've accomplished since you bought your new home.
Things don't thaw out in a good freezer as quick as you mgith think especially if you keep it closed.
Mother in law had a new generator put in at her house. Propane which starts up five minutes after the power is off. I don't think the whole was to cheap between $3,500 and $4,500. Before you ask no the power isn't off to often. For her it's more like a security blanket.

Leigh said...

Theresa, this has really been a good exercise for me. Some days we just seem to be spinning our wheels, but when I stop and consider, we are really making progress.

Katrien, thanks! Personally I find it very handy because I use a lot of these links frequently.

Julie, I think you're right about that! Still, every time I feel overwhelmed, I just remind myself that we could still be stuck back in that apartment. Cures me every time. :)

Barb, thank you for that. I did get a good freezer, and energy star to boot. I figure if worse comes to worse, I'll have a big canning party over a campfire!

Robin said...

That is quite an impressive list. Maybe you should come over to our house for a week...:)

Leigh said...

Robin, too bad we didn't live closer to one another. We could trade work!