November 20, 2023

Product Review: Fresh Keeper by Luxear

I don't often do product reviews, but when I was contacted by Luxear, I was really interested in doing this one.  Luxear is the same company that makes those fantastic Arc-Chill cooling blankets that I love. So I already have confidence in their products and this one, Fresh Keeper Refrigerator Storage Containers, sounded like a must have. With a garden like mine, something to help keep things fresh would be a real bonus!

The box contained a set of five storage containers with lids.

These included a good range of sizes: 

196 oz, 129 oz, 78 oz, 46 oz, and 24 oz.

I like the lids, both the carrying handle and the way they snap on.

The removable colander is nice for rinsing produce before storage.

I'm going to confess here, that I wondered if the freshness wasn't due to some sort of chemical additive, but no. The fresh keeping is just simple common sense.

The inner colander lets moisture drip off
and allows for air flow to keep foods fresh.

These can be used for any fruit or vegetable, so for my test, I chose fresh picked garden greens. I washed them well, shook off the excess water,and divided them into thirds. One third went into the Fresh Keeper, one went into a ziplock bag, and the other will be wrapped in a paper towel to store.

Then I popped them all into the fridge. 

Day 1

I checked them daily. Of course, the greens on the paper towel wilted the quickest, so the real competition was between the greens in the plastic Ziploc bag and the Fresh Keeper. After 7 full days, the difference started to show.

Day 8

The greens in the ziploc were beginning to lose color and wilt. The greens in Fresh Keeper were just as fresh looking as the day I picked them.

Conclusion? Fresh Keeper is definitely a keeper! The Amazon link is here. And the good news is that Luxear has given me a 10% Amazon discount code to pass on to you. They're currently running a Black Friday Deal, so the discount will count on top of that!

Seller Rywell Direct:4QL428NE 
Expires 12/31/2028

(Not in the US? You can order directly from the Luxear website.)

With the discount, these would make great holiday gifts. 


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Interesting Leigh! Thanks for the review - even though we do not have fresh greens from our garden, we do get them from the Grocery store and keeping them longer would be great (Spinach in particular seems to go bad quickly).

(Note: The expiration date currently reads 2028. Perhaps meant to be 2023?)

Leigh said...

TB according to the box, it works for all veggies and fruits. I should add that to my post!

Leigh said...

Oh, and the date is the one they sent me; copy and paste. Maybe it is a typo.

Ed said...

Keeping the moisture off and the air circulating would surely work well for preserving vegetables longer but for me to use something like that, I would need a lot larger refrigerator. By the time we fit in all the various condiment containers needing chilled and leftovers, we are completely full with the two built in vegetable storing drawers full as well. I would need to have a refrigerator where they weren't built in and I'm not sure I have seen such a fridge in a long while.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Leigh - Had not thought of fruits, but another great use.

Leigh said...

Ed, refrigerator space is always a consideration. For example, the vegetable drawers in mine are small and not enough for the harvest. For awhile, I tried to get away from plastic and stored only in glass, but gosh, that was just too heavy for the fridge shelves. So I've been using ziplocs which can't be stacked when full. The Fresh Keepers are a good answer for that, and I like that they are rectangular and stack well.

TB, I'm sure there are a lot of uses!

Michelle said...

This looks like a good way to reduce waste, which is especially important when you have to buy produce like I have these last two mostly "gardenless" years. I think my sister would appreciate them, too, so thank you for a good gift idea. I AM a little confused by the codes; which one do I use for the extra 10% off?

bornfreev said...

I have discovered how to keep any greens, salad etc. fresh by putting a paper towel in the plastic bowl or ziplock bag. I can keep a mixed salad that I make with romaine, onions and sweet peppers fresh this way for a week. I just cover the salad with a paper towel and change it out if it becomes too damp. Works really well for me.

Leigh said...

Michelle, my contact said both are their Amazon store fronts but the coupons are store front specific. The link goes to the Luxear store, so I'm going to say use that one.

Bornfreev, great idea.