October 3, 2023

Leaf Blower Season

October from my Christmas calendar by my daughter-in-law.

The other day while I was hanging up the laundry, I heard a noise in the background. Not a lawn mower. Not a chain saw. When I stopped to listen, I realized it was a leaf blower. Not many of our trees have turned color and started shedding their leaves yet. But a few species are, so someone was getting an early start. 

Dogwood, our earliest fall color

The anticipation of autumn color is a seasonal event in itself. I remember back in the days when TV was free, we would watch the local news. The weather guys would make a color forecast every year. It was either, "the color will be spectacular this year because it's been so dry." Or, "the color will be spectacular this year because it's been so wet." I always wondered if anybody besides me noticed that.

Our temperatures are trending downward, but other than that, we have only hints of autumn. 

  • The shorter days, of course, which required changing the angle of the solar panels.
  • Starlings and Canadian geese are beginning to flock. They don't seem to have departed yet, but they're getting ready.
  • Goldenrod and mistflower blooming.


  • The does are beginning to go into heat and the bucks are rambunctiously ready to accommodate. 
  • Dan's getting ready to start thinning the flocks. 
  • The garden is starting to slow down, although that may be from no rain for weeks. But I'm finishing up with the canning and freezing, and will be glad for the break when it's all done. 

We can expect our first killing frost as early as mid-October or as late as early December. It's never the same from year to year. But we usually have our first fire in the woodstove this month, so I've been collecting kindling to get ready. Dan will clean out the chimneys probably next week. 

Of leaf blowers, they probably won't be revving up regularly until the end of the month. That's when we can expect our best fall color and the beginning of leaf fall.

Parting Shot

Saluda and Minnie, watching the boys' antics.

Leaf Blower Season © October 2023


Michelle said...

The maples are losing some leaves here, so I need to start blowing out the arena so they don't get ground into the sand when I ride, decreasing drainage and increasing dust.

Leigh said...

Michelle, I know leaves and gravel pathways don't mix, but I never thought about leaves and sand! Seems like blowing is your best option to keep it clear.

SmartAlex said...

We've blown a little bit as the apple trees and horse chestnut tree are already dropping, and yesterday I sucked up a batch of sycampre leaves that were up against the neighbor's fence. I'm looking forward to a fresh pile of shredded leaves for the garden. Last year our first killing frost was the morning of the 4th, but this year we are experiencing record warmth.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I should keep our leaf blower charged. We have a maple tree over our back patio, that drops leaves like crazy. I have to keep it cleaned off or it's a complete mess in the spring. Cute goat photo!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Leigh, word on the street is we are supposed to get a "cold front" later this week, but Autumn still feels a million days away.

I believe we have gone all the way to January in New Home before a killing frost.

Ed said...

My neighbors are probably annoyed but I use my leaf blower all the time. I use it to clean porches and sidewalks of grass, twigs, birdseed and leaves when the time arrives. I use it to clean off my lawnmower after every mowing along with the sidewalks and driveways. When I scoop up the bulk of my sawdust, I use it to blow the rest outside and then off the driveway into the lawn. I have used it to blow off dry snows. In the spring, I use it to blow off all the leaf mulch from the landscaping rock. It is literally an all year round tool for me.

I put my canning gear away this past weekend. I'm glad to be done with that and move onto other projects.

Leigh said...

Alex, at least you save them for the garden! Dried leaves are my favorite garden mulch.

Kristina, funny how fallen leaves bug some people, but not others (remember jumping into piles of raked leaves as kids?) On the patio, though, just means extra work!

TB, I've seen that in the 10-day forecast, but confess to being a bit dubious. We had chilly temps predicted for about a week ago, but they never materialized. Still, the later October gets, the better the chances.

Ed, congrats on finishing this year's canning! I know how good that feels. I'm sure you have plenty of interesting projects lined up.

Nina said...

The changing of the leaves are delayed here too. Usually by our Thanksgiving - this coming weekend, we have full colour, but so much green and brown instead of blazing orange and red. I love the crunch of walking through fallen leaves. The temperatures have been off this fall too. We've had so many mild and warm days, almost summer like! The goldenrod has finished blooming and only the fall asters are left. I love the Mistflower - such a pretty plant and lovely colour.

Nancy In Boise said...

We're getti g some colors here, leaves starting to fall, nice storm this week with rain, autumn is here!

Leigh said...

Nancy, lucky you to get some rain! The change of season is always welcome.

PioneerPreppy said...

Don't forget Asters!!!!

Leigh said...

Nina, you sound like you're on our schedule! I guess you can't complain about a delay in the cold though.

PP, I haven't found many asters. I know we have them, but this year they seem elusive.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

We are not quite there, here in Missouri, regarding leaves turning. It normally happens so fast and then the leaves fall to the ground that we must be ready to marvel at the beauty.


Leigh said...

Teresa, that's the thing I miss about living farther north - glorious and extended color. It's always sad when autumn is over all too quickly, isn't it?

Rosalea said...

Looking forward to collecting leaves for mulch. They haven't really started to fall much here, but lots of colour.
Love that last picture of the goats. Their ears show that they are watching, but darned if they are going to stop eating!

Leigh said...

Rosalea, I'm looking forward to collecting those leaves for mulch too.

Goats are interesting. I guess because of the way they can move their ears, they can pay attention to two things at once; what they see and what they hear. Cats seem to be the same way.

Jen said...

Here in NY the leaves are beginning to change. We are experiencing summer like temperatures still. I SO want the crisp cold mornings that fall brings.

R's Rue said...

I love all these photos. So joyful. Regine

Leigh said...

Jen, I agree about the crisp mornings! Seems we're all ready for them. :)

Thank you Regine!

Goatldi said...

All is so nice! But the two amazing does are so correct and beautiful. Both being bred this year? Love their coloring.

Leigh said...

Goatldi, thanks! The does were spring kids, so I want to wait. The bigger girls are all willing volunteers, however. :)

Rain said...

Hi Leigh! Oh the goats are darling! I thought about leaf blowers this week as I saw the piles and piles of leaves all over my garden!

Leigh said...

Rain, good to hear from you! I confess to really liking my leaf rake. It's so much quieter!