September 1, 2023


September from my Christmas calendar by my daughter-in-law

Is autumn a word or a feeling? It's heralded by a date on the calendar, but how often does the weather pay attention to that?

I tend to think of September as our first month of autumn. It means the garden slows down and my busy job of preserving slows down too. Usually, it means cooler temperatures and an end to the intense summer heat. But this year has felt different because we had such lovely nighttime lows most of the summer. The closest we came to a "normal" Southern summer was the last couple of days of August. Then came rain and a cool front, and it seems that autumn is officially commencing. No color in the trees yet, but cool nights, shorter days, and the changing angle of the sunlight certainly hint of the seasonal change.

Besides needing a light jacket in the morning, there are other tell-tale signs.

The squirrels are feasting on green pecans (and bombing us with their leftovers).

The first muscadines are ripening.

This is the month when we look to start preparing for winter and writing our seasonal project list. At the moment, there isn't much on that project list. Dan hurt his knee last month, so the greenhouse has been on hold, although I'm going to try some plants in it anyway. It's the last big project we have for the homestead, so he's having a hard time being patient.

I've got the fall garden to finish planting, which, maybe now that I can ease back on picking and preserving, I can get the last of the seeds in the ground before it's too late! My indoor fall project will be to continue sorting and organizing our remaining spare room. Even after moving out most of my fiber and textile supplies, I'm still finding a stray box here and there. Then I need to get a handle on the office, which shares the other end of the room with my studio/sewing room. I have boxes of office related supplies and books that need to be unpacked.

Speaking of my studio, since my On Finding a Balance Between Work and Play post, I've settled into a new routine. Mornings have been in the garden, and afternoons have been for preservation. After dinner, I have time for weaving. So, basically, less time on the computer, except for documenting and discussing my fiber and weaving projects on my fiber blog.

Twill gamp dishtowel (1st of 3).

And occasional updates here. all told, it definitely feels like I have more balance in my life now.

I know everyone out there is ready for autumn! Anybody else winding down their garden and getting fall weather yet?

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Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

More than ready, Leigh!

I do not think I am quite ready to call it in New Home yet - the sunlight has not turned to that shade of... well, the cast of Autumn it always has.

In terms of projects, I suspect trying to figure out a move and sorting things here will consume most of the time.

PioneerPreppy said...

I guess my balance comes once I retire now. They just won't stop sending cars right now it seems. Everything looks great for you though!!

Leigh said...

TB, you have a big job ahead of you. On the other hand, sorting, rearranging, and organizing seem to be eternal jobs.

PP, I know you will be ecstatic when you retire! From the way you describe your job, it seems like a lot of headache. I know you won't miss that.

Goatldi said...

Well, well, well!
I was looking at your weather last night and we are in about the same place. Except we didn't get any rain since the 1/4 inch a few weeks back. But the temps , etc , are about the same.

And then next would be the garden. I am beginning to pull up non productive plants. Our garden got in mid to late June due to winter making repeat itself multiple times. So some plants presented with a very slow once crop and now that we are heading to cooler nights and days I am just treating the chickens as I know there is little to know reason to press on as the chance of another round is pretty much not.

But I can prep for my broccoli, brussel sprouts can go in as it starts at the end of September. I had a fairly successful winter garden last year.

But the OH MY!! of your post is the weaving spot. Leigh I knew you were accomplished but you nailed it lady! I just love this project. The placement of the colors the whole thing screams of happy weaver! I can't wait to see the final project.

Leanne said...

Here in New Zealand, we have signs of Spring... I'm so ready!
I do feel we miss out not have squirrels here.

Leigh said...

Goatldi, we're on such different sides of the country, our weather patterns come from different places, don't they? It's amazing temps can be so similar!

I need to follow your lead and start to pull unproductive plants. I have some things hanging in there, but I think the cucumbers are done for sure. I really need to get the rest of my fall garden in! We didn't do as well as you did last winter, because of our bad cold spell.

Thank you for the comment about my weaving! Maybe once upon a time I was accomplished, but now I'm rusty (and need a lot of practice!).

Herbalist's Cottage, I love that you are heading into spring! Of squirrels, I'll say they're amusing, but they're a nuisance too! But oh well. :)

daisy g said...

With temps in the high 50's the last several mornings, I am longing for autumn. But alas, we are predicted to have a warm up in just a few days. Good thing God made me a patient woman.
It'll be worth the wait.

We are in the midst of fall planting. Got my beets, turnips, lettuce and kale sown. I will most likely buy brocc starts and get them tucked in next weekend.

I agree with you about the squirrels. It's frustrating to grow things for months and have them eaten by those greedy lil' critters.

Your weaving looks fantastic! So happy for you that you have space in which to create such beautiful things.
Hope Dan heals well.
Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're finding balance, and love to see the updates! I live in the mid-Atlantic and this morning I can feel the beginning of fall in the air. It's one of my favorite times of year!

Seeking Serenity said...

WOW that towel!!!
Fall is def my season. here we have been teased with cool and now back to 90's

sbrgirl said...

Your weaving is lovely!

Ed said...

Mother Nature is quickly winding down our garden. With the last three weeks without any rain, we are now in the worst drought in over 10 years. I've been wanting to till up my backyard to start our new garden but it is as hard as a brick. At this rate, I'm going to have to water it first.

I'm with you on September being the first month of autumn. That is how my mind works too. Although our summer garden is winding down and we don't plant a fall garden, our preservation is going to be going like gangbusters again after a several week lull. Apple and pear harvests are about to commence. Only when they are over do I get to put my canner and hallway full of canning paraphernalia away until next summer.

Leigh said...

Daisy, thank you! Dan has a really hard time letting his body rest when it needs to heal. I remind him it only makes healing take longer, but his response is always "I've got things to do."

I'm glad to hear you've made good progress on your fall garden. I made planting a priority today, too. The little plants need to get established while the soil is still warm!

Anonymous, I appreciate that! The first hints of autumn are, oh, so welcome. Even though hot days still occur, knowing they are coming to an end is a relief.

Serenity, thanks! 90s is annoying! We're heading in that direction too, although hopefully it won't get that hot.

Sbrgirl, thanks!

Ed, drought like that is so worrisome. It would be great to have your garden closer to home. Maybe good winter rains will soften the soil.

Your apple and pear harvests are later than ours! Sounds like you'll be super busy with all the goodies.

Debby Riddle said...

Oh, the weaving is so wonderful! What fun! Our warm-season crops revive a little this month after the searing summer heat. We'll get a spurt of productivity in September and October with a frost at the end of October. I usually have to pull up plants full of green tomatoes and let them ripen inside, but it works.

Quinn said...

Such beautiful fabric on your loom!!

R's Rue said...

I’m so ready for fall

Leigh said...

Debby, I've noticed that plant revival as well. Even some warm weather plants don't like intense heat. It's nice to get a renewed harvest!

Quinn, thank you!

Regine, that makes two of us!

Rosalea said...

Sorry to hear Dan hurt his knee, hope it isn't too bad. It is frustrating to have an injury interfere with plans. Your weaving is impressive Leigh. Glad you are getting some balance, and yes, things are winding down in the garden now. Last beans are being picked, tomatoes are ripening, and the J. artichokes are blooming, a sure sign that summer is ending.

Leigh said...

Rosalea, thank you!

The garden winding down is always something of a relief. As sad as it is to see the plants finish their life cycles, it's nice to not feel so pressured to get everything picked and canned!