August 18, 2023

Sewing Room! Done At Last!

This is a crossover post with my fiber blog. Double posting? In a way, but with a difference. Here, it wraps up a project and another step toward building our homestead and fulfilling our dream. There, it signifies a beginning, a coming to terms with my dilemma (On Finding a Balance Between Work and Play). If you're interested in close-ups of shelf and drawer contents, and what's on the wall, you'll find more photos at my fiber blog

The room (originally called the sun room) measures 20 feet by 9.5 feet. For years, it's been used for catch-all and storage, as we've upgraded and remodeled our old house. Part of it is my computer room / office. But I haven't needed much room for that, so the rest of the room has become my sewing room / studio. It's a little under 100 square feet, so it's small, but I think I've managed to find places for almost everything.

My little tour starts at the entrance to the room.

Cotton weaving yarns on the left-hand bookshelf, books on the right.

The two shelving units face outward toward the office and form walls to help define my area. On the other side of the yarn shelves, is my worktable. It's multi-functional, for planning projects, cutting fabric, or sewing.

The table was a $40 thrift store find.

It's also where I can put my table loom for weaving. 

The drawers under the table hold more yarn,
 sewing, and weaving stuff. (Click here to see)

I absolutely love the workshop light over the table. It gives me lots of light in the late evenings, which is when I do most of my weaving or sewing. 

At the end of the table I found room for my button box.

Button box, current weaving yarns,
and the covers of my first two books.
My comfy thrift store sewing and reading chair, treadle sewing machine, and spinning
wheel. The basket contains my boro & sashiko inspired barn jacket (pictures here).

I have very little available wall space, so finding spots for some things has been a challenge. Like my warping board.

The warping board is a tool for measuring warp for the loom. By hanging it from the ceiling, it's out of the way but handy. When I want to use it, I set it on over-the-door hooks on the closet door.

Measuring warp for the table loom.

The closet is used for storage

More yarns, spinning fibers. ironing
board, iron, and fabric cutting board. 

The remaining wall space is lined with shelving units, a filing cabinet, and a tall stack of storage totes.

Equipment and sewing thread are on the shelves on the left.
The filing cabinet has folders of handouts & sewing patterns.

The old analog TV cabinet works well for storage, don't you think?

Top: boxed yarns & fibers, yarn swift & mending tote.
Storage drawers: spinning, weaving, & crafting equipment
Basket drawers: Knitting, crochet, and sewing items
Stack of totes on right: spinning fibers & handspun yarns

I already had the plastic drawers and was happy they fit perfectly. The baskets for drawers were from Dollar General. It's like they were made for the VCR cubbies. One holds my knitting and crochet tools, the other sewing notions. 

Fabrics are stored in the bottom of the cabinet. 

There are still things I haven't managed to find room for: my large floor loom, my tri-loom, half-a-dozen boxes of spinning fibers, and a trunk filled with my handwoven samples and fabrics. But, I've got it jam-packed with more than I thought I could, and for this photo shoot, it's neat and tidy! We all know that won't last long, but at least I have documentation that I did it once. 😜

More pics available at my fiber blog, just click here.


DFW said...

It look great Leigh! Your creative talents will get put to good use in this cozy space.

Leigh said...

Deb, I love this space. Everything there feeds my sense of creativity. :)

Quinn said...

Congratulations,Leigh! What satisfaction you must feel when you walk into that room!

Leigh said...

Quinn, absolutely! Especially because I've waited so long for it. I suppose it's a testimony to not giving up on a dream.

Boud said...

This is a dream space now! It's enormous. The size of a New York apartment, literally. And places for all your fiber interests, great.

Once you start working, yes, it won't look like this model place!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Fantastic! You have is still up brilliantly. I always tell my husband the way to a woman's heart is storage! -Jenn

Leigh said...

Boud, I suppose 100 square feet is about the size of a modern apartment! I figured I'd better get lots of pix quick, while everything is neat and tidy. ;)

Jenn, I agree! I'm always wrestling with storage space. We don't need much to live in, but to store everything we use for our lifestyle is another matter. :)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

This looks great Leigh! And so much light. I love it.

Cederq said...

A nice and comforting and inviting room! Now, I have some clothes that need mending, I saw the sewing machine! I am sure you are going to have a lot of nice days in there, a perfect winter and rainy day enclave.

Leigh said...

Kevin, I have piles of mending! LOL.

Yes, it's a wonderful space. Right now I get evenings there after supper, but this winter I will use it a lot. I enjoy the busyness of summer, but I'm looking forward to that.

Agent X, not said...

Very nicely done! Congrats on one more project off the list! Always feels good.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Good job! Now use it, girl!

Leigh said...

Agent X, thank you! And yes, completing another project feels very good indeed.

Sue, thanks! And I'm just getting warmed up to using it. :)

Henny Penny said...

It's perfect! I love how you've placed everything. A perfect place to work and cozy enough to just sit and relax. I love it.

Leigh said...

Thank you Henny! It's definitely my happy place. :)

Debby Riddle said...

what an accomplishment! It looks like a delightful space. I have a Dorothy table loom that looks similar to yours, but did you say it was a Mighty Wolf loom? I have three looms and limited space...hmmm, but the idea of parting with any of them hasn't yet hit me. Thanks for the inspiration.

Leigh said...

Debby, I think I was the most motivated for this room than I have been for any of the others. :)

The table loom pictured is a Rasmussen. My first loom was a Schacht Mighty Wolf, but after I got my 8-shaft Glimakra countermarche, I sold the Schacht. The Rasmussen was gifted to me by a very dear friend because I didn't have room to set up the Glimakra. I paid the postage and am thrilled to be weaving again! I still plan to set up the Glimakra and use it again, once we finally get that last bedroom finished!

Ed said...

The feeling of absolutely unequivocally crossing off a project from the long list is the best feeling in the world!

Leigh said...

Ed, absolutely. Especially when the project yields so much purpose and joy. :)

Sandi said...

You must sew A LOT!

Anonymous said...

That’s exciting.! I’ll enjoy seeing that. Loom repair is on my “to do” list . I’m working through projects and rooms to create space and get to it. I picked up the Dorothy at a thrift shop for $15. It needs a couple parts , like a beater bar, The internet is great for locating that stuff thankfully.

Leigh said...

Sandi, actually, I'm more focused on weaving. :) It's wonderful to get back to it as a creative outlet. Sewing too, but I'm a weaver at heart.

Goatldi, is that you? What a find on the Dorothy! Even at $15 plus replacement part costs, it's a huge bargain. And I agree about the internet. How did we ever get along without it? lol

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Leigh, I love that you have so much light. And congratulations on a finished project!

Also putting this here as there is not really another place to put it - Chelsea Green Publishing, that publishes a lot of things on homesteading and self-sufficiency, is have an up to 75% sale until 31 August 2023. The link is below:

(I receive nothing for this. I am just the beneficiary of many of their books. Also, if you sign up for their mailing list, you get a 20% coupon for later use.)

Leigh said...

TB, that's a great sale, thanks for the link!

Always happy to have another project done, especially on the house, since it tends to be lower on the priority list. Only one more room to go!

Fundy Blue said...

Your sewing room looks wonderful, Leigh! It's so well organized! It's bursting with potential creative projects! Happy week to you!

Leigh said...

Fundy Blue, thank you! At least it's organized once. :)

daisy g said...

How wonderful to have a sacred space to pursue your passion! Enjoy!

Leigh said...

Daisy, it's been something I planned for since we moved here. I just never dreamed it would take so long!

R's Rue said...

Looks amazing

Leigh said...

Thank you!

Seeking Serenity said...

I need a couple large plastic drawer things but cannot fond them.
Looks Amazing!

Leigh said...

TB, yes, the light is fantastic. Because of all our trees, most of the house is somewhat dark and not conducive to project work. This room is just the place. :)

Leigh said...

Serenity, I can relate! That's been my life for the past decade. Now, I'm finding things I forgot I had. :)