May 2, 2023

Sewing Room?

Last winter's sort, purge, and organize project turned out to be more successful than I expected. I focused on the two rooms we use for storage as we slowly continue working on the house. Not surprisingly, these have become chaotic catch-alls because, well, out of sight - out of mind. Dan moved all of the construction related stuff to the workshop, and I was able to significantly pare down the number of boxes we had. The remaining boxes are mostly weaving yarns, spinning fibers, sewing fabrics, and all of my knitting and sewing supplies. I was able to organize these in the front bedroom, leaving the other room clear and free. That room is the sun room (formerly my studio). 

The room has been like this since Dan replaced the old windows with a new one.
You can see the original windows plus other original photos of this room here.

The current state of the room is the result of upgrading the exterior of the house, i.e. new windows and siding. We left the interior for a future project.

There was originally a door here going out to the front porch.
We eliminated it when we put new siding on the porch walls.

You can't see it, but the greenhouse adjoins that left-hand wall on the outside.

I don't know why I never thought of it before, but as I looked at the newly reclaimed space I wondered if it could become a little sewing room. Actually, I do know why I never thought of it before. It's because I always imagined my studio to include not only sewing, spinning, and needlework, but also my loom and weaving supplies. It never occurred to me to simply set up a space dedicated to sewing and handwork—until now.

Renovating this room has been on the project list, but it's nowhere near the top. We have the greenhouse to finish (if it ever stops raining) and a masonry stove to build this summer. Plus, when Dan talks about finishing this room, he talks about gutting it and replacing ceiling, walls, and floor. But that would be a lengthy, major project, so I was perfectly happy with the idea of using the room as is, for now. I just want to use the space. When Dan took a look, he said at the very least, we ought to cover the exposed insulation. That, plus fresh paint on the ceiling and walls, and an area rug for the floor will give it a facelift. The major renovation can wait until some distant year in the future.

So that became our rainy day project. Next time, I'll show our progress so far. (Click here!)

Parting shot:

"May" from my cross-stitch calendar Christmas present.

Once I get my sewing room set up, I'll have my sewing, needlework, and knitting supplies organized and easily accessible. I'm looking forward to that!


Kate said...

Where do you keep your loom now?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

You are a lucky gal. I am purging almost all of my craft supplies, as we only have a small room for an office (pretty small) downstairs. Any of my yarn is going upstairs for now (in totes). That is nice you have that big window for light too.

Ed said...

I know the feeling. I have a pile of flooring to install sitting in my basement but can't bring myself to do it when it is nice outside. I'm waiting for winter to do that. I also have many other projects that can wait until future years.

Rosalea said...

Yeah! Love, love a room for crafting. I used to have to share a corner of our guest room, but now have a cozy little room with my sewing table, small desk, and cupboards storing quilting, knitting, and other crafting stuff. I love spending time there, up in the top front corner of the house. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

daisy g said...

So much space! What a blessing.

Boud said...

I don't remember your ever mentioning spinning. Is there a blog post about it?

Leigh said...

Kate, my loom is currently disassembled and stored in the front bedroom (our other catch-all room). It's a Glimakra countermarche loom, which is huge and so requires a lot of space to set up and work with. Once upon a time I had it set up at the other end of this room, but we're putting a greenhouse door on that side, so the loom won't work there anymore. :(

Kristina, thanks! Dan's original vision for this room was to tear out that wall of old windows and replace it with only one or two new windows. The appeal of this room is all the light! That front window was somewhat providential. We buy all our windows at a builders surplus warehouse and so just have to take what they've got. That large window is wonderful for the light. (On the other hand, it also gets our fierce afternoon summer sun, which heats the room quite a bit, even with the new insulation and energy star window.)

Ed, I just keep telling myself that at least we'll never be bored! Always something to do. :)

Rosalea, it's really nice having a dedicated space for creative projects. I love being able to just leave something as-is when it's time to do chores or prepare a meal. Nothing disrupts the flow of creativity like having to pack everything up and putting it away when it's time to do something else.

Daisy, I agree! (I'm very excited about this!)

Leigh said...

Boud, my spinning and weaving seem like another lifetime because it was my primary pastime before we bought our homestead. Once upon a time, I had a blog dedicated to my fiber art adventures, but so many people stole content from it that I took it offline.

Quinn said...

What an inspiration! I sometimes wish I had a spare room so I could shove - I mean carefully arrange - everything in it while I clean the rest of the house, then go through the spare room piece by piece. I've even toyed with the idea of renting one of those little storage "pods" for a month and using it for that purpose, but I don't even get to the point of trying to calculate and justify the expense...I just have a strong suspicion that instead of being short-term it could end up going on and on, due to that out-of-sight thing you mentioned.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Leigh, one of the reasons I really dislike anything with drawers or things with doors that close is that I will stuff them to the gills with things that I either forget are there or I should pass on but never do, much like the boxes in your rooms. Glad you were able to find a use for the room.

(He says, eying the drawers in his desk...)

Leigh said...

Quinn, renting storage space always seems to feel like a drain on finances. Sometimes it's just too much stuff, sometimes it's a matter of organization. Our lifestyle requires a lot of storage space, such as food storage and food storage equipment (like several hundred canning jars!). While the textile and fiber stuff seems like a luxury on one hand, it's an important means of self-reliance as well. I know you know what I mean!

TB, storage and keeping stored stuff organized is a challenge! I have the forget problem with everything in my chest freezer. Even if I remember it, I often can't remember where I put it. I think if I can get the room set up for good organization of supplies and materials, I'll be very happy.

PioneerPreppy said...

Looking good! I turned our old entry room into a sun/mud room years ago but no where near as nice as yours.

Leigh said...

PP, things always look better in pictures. Paint is the magic wand. :) I think it's great to transform spaces into something useful.

wyomingheart said...

That looks like a great sewing spot, for sure! Can’t wait to see the progress! Don’t you just love making new out of an old space? We sure do! Great post, Leigh!

Goatldi said...

So happy to see a craft and sewing area in your future! Your loom is a biggie and perhaps you could treat yourself into a table or stand smaller loom if you get the urge to weave but have no room for the big loom yet. I have a really sweet four harness table loom say the word and I will put on my enabler hat as I drive it to FedEx for you friend lol!

Great post looking forward to more!

Leigh said...

Wyomingheart, indeed. It's especially exciting because I didn't think we'd be able to do anything with this space for years!

Goatldi, oh my goodness, you have tempted me sorely! I've never woven on a table loom, but I'm guessing something like that would work well in this space. :)