October 24, 2021

Outdoor Kitchen: Wood Cookstove Top

Continued from here.

I fell a little short on taking photos for this step, but I'm sure you'll get the idea! The stove top is actually two pieces, one over the firebox for cooking and the other for the oven. For the oven top, Dan found a piece of granite.

Because the surface of the brick is rough, Dan sealed
it with gasket tape made for smokers and grills.

The "core" (firebox and smoke path) wasn't the same height as the brick (see
this post for more about the core); mineral wool was used to fill in the space.

Cutting the chimney hole on the backside of the granite.

Granite top in place.

For the cooktop, the plans called for a glass cooktop from an electric stove. We found one on craigslist for $30.


The next step was to trim the edges. This was challenging because the two oven and stove tops are different heights. 

Dan found a set of bed rails for $10 at the thrift store to use for trim.

Trim for oventop welded and being tested for fit.

Trim for cooktop installed and painted black (with engine paint).

For finishing touches, Dan welded some hooks onto the trim for me.

Last step will be installing the chimney. Then we can fire it up and test it out.

Continued here.


Gorges Smythe said...


Wendy said...

Beautiful! Very interesting to follow this proces. I presume the insulation does not get in contact with the fire?

Leigh said...

Gorges, thanks! Nice to see you out and about again. :)

Wendy, correct. The firebox is a completely separate compartment on the bottom of the cooktop side. The insulation seals the pathway of the internal portion of the chimney, after its left the firebox.

Lady Locust said...

Oh you are going to love it! That’s going to be so nice when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen or when you have large quantities to process 💕

Cederq said...

That is a cool idea with the glass topped stove. Don't have to worry about weather rusting your coils. A very nice project and can't wait to read about the outcome and the first meal cooked on it.

Cederq said...

Leigh, will you make a cover for the stove top to protect it?

Leigh said...

Lady Locust, yes! That's exactly what I had in mind. Even though I do my summer canning and cooking on the back porch, a lot of heat leaks into the house every time we open the back door. This will help a lot. :)

Kev, I thought it was a clever idea too. And I checked with folks who used these stoves to see how they stood up to a canner, and apparently just fine.

I hadn't thought about a cover yet, but it would probably be a good idea. Especially for winter when we get a lot of bad weather. At the very least, it will keep the stove top cleaner.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Looks super spiffy. Cannot wait to see the final product.

The glass top is brilliance.

Leigh said...

TB, especially when they can be found used for really cheap!

Retired Knitter said...

Wow, you guys are so amazing at the things you successfully tackle and complete! I am always a bit in awe of your projects as a couple, from writing books to building outdoor cooking areas. Looks great.

daisy g said...

Looks like you've timed this perfectly for a fall cookout! Enjoy!

Leigh said...

RT, I guess new ideas excite us and we're willing to give them a try. :) Especially when the ideas seem useful!

Daisy, yes, just in time!

Ed said...

I can't wait for the trial run on this thing. It has my mind pondering various ideas.

Leigh said...

Ed, me too! I wish we had gotten it done earlier in the year, since I won't do much cooking outdoors in winter. But learning its nuances will give me something to look forward to next spring!

wyomingheart said...

What an absolutely fabulous project! How terrific to be able to put this kitchen together, and not breaking the bank! Great job, you two! Anxious for the first fire, for sure!

1st Man said...

Amazing. I have no other words to say, it's just amazing.

Leigh said...

Wyomingheart, the not breaking the bank was especially important! :)

1st Man, thanks!

Wendy said...

Swoon! I would love an outdoor stove! Nice job! Love the hooks on the sides ;).

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

What a treasure Dan is! He's made a thing of beauty from odds and ends - creative and resourceful. The stove looks great!

Leigh said...

Wendy, thanks! I'm really happy with it too. :)

Rhonda, I agree! This project did require pulling together a lot of creative odds and ends. But it's turning out well and we're both happy with it.