January 5, 2021

Buck Barn Progress

I've got more pictures than words for this post (a good thing, right?!) Progress (always weather permitting) is continued from here

Dan's old pick-up still has some use.

So far, we've had to purchase very little for the new buck barn. Almost all of the materials have either been milled from our property, or re-purposed from other things (like the buck shelter). 

Ridge beam

Dan "treats" the bottoms of the posts with fence paint.

Posts are set on cap block instead of a footer.

Dan drills holes in both the cap block and the bottom of the post and inserts rebar to stabalize the posts on the blocks. 

Roof rafters over the buck side of the barn.

Where the bucks' door will go.

Knee braces and roof rafters in place

Most of the roof rafters came from the demolished
buck shelter. The rest Dan purchased.

Continued here.

Buck Barn Progress © Jan 2021 by Leigh 


  1. Yes, its looking really good! How have the critters reacted to you demolishing their shelter, and where is the feline 'snoopervisors?

  2. Isn't it a blessing that you already have most of what you need for the project on site? Repurposing is the way to go!
    It'll be done in no time.

  3. It does look great!

    Generic question: How are y'all get the rafters up there - by hand or by some kind of equipment?

  4. Gorges, thanks!

    Rosalea, good question! The cats come by every now and then, but mostly it's the chickens that do the snoopervising. I need to get some pictures. :)

    Daisy, I hope so! Not having to go out and buy everything is a blessing indeed. Very thankful to have that.

    TB, thanks! Dan just carries the rafters up the ladder by hand. The beams were heavier and a bit more challenging!

  5. WTG Dan! That's a lot of progress. Leave it to Dan to build it right and then some with the rebar and soaking the posts bases in motor oil.

  6. That looks splendid ,Leigh! We have been looking at saw mills for the farm, and I was wondering if you could shed any light on what Dan uses for his timber’s. Thanks for the update! Those bucks are sure in for a great surprise!

  7. Reading such posts make me very green with envy. I really need to move up the sawmill on my list of things to get for my life. I just love a timber framed building. Those are some luck bucks!

  8. Lookin' good! Just curious . . . do you have to get a "building permit" for any and all structures you build on your land? I know in areas of some states this can really hampers what can be accomplished.

  9. Having a skill like this is pretty rare these days.

  10. Oh it's going to beautiful. I love the timbers and the fact your making such good use of your trees. God bless you both. So very talented.

  11. Thanks Jo! Except it was fence paint rather than motor oil. :)

    Wyomingheart, we found it on Craigslist. It originally came from Harbor Freight (that blog post here. It's been great, but I think Dan would recommend a Woodmizer sawmill if you can afford it. Website here.

    Ed, being able to mill your own wood is a real plus. Unfortunately, the bucks could care less!

    Mama Pea, for certain specs we do, but the restrictions aren't as severe as some places.

    Sandi, so very true. All the more reason to try and preserve them.

    Fiona, thank you! The trees truly do need to be utilized. So many have fallen on their own, or are leaning over fences. Better to put them to use than let them waste.

  12. Thanks Leigh, and thanks for the links! We have been studying some for awhile now, and had thought the woodmizer looked like a good one. Sure appreciate Dan’s recommendation!

  13. Goatldi, :)

    Wyomingheart, the higher price gives you better adjustments. There is a huge learning curve to using any sawmill. Seems like no matter the brand, everyone has the same problems. So give yourself plenty of time to experiment and learn how to adjust for problems. Looking forward to your blogging about it one of these days!

  14. Looks great! The bucks won't be able to push it over. ;)

  15. Nancy, thanks!

    Renee, good to hear from you! It will definitely be sturdy. (They love to rub on things).

  16. The new barn is looking great! You two are amazing! Sure wish we could jump in and build something here. :)

  17. Wonderful progress, Leigh and Dan! So solid, and the attention to detail is outstanding. Another great outbuilding for the property.

  18. Henny, thanks! I'm not so sure Dan was really wanting another building project, but it will make chores so much more convenient. I think that's what won him.

    Chris, thanks! Pride in workmanship is a lost quality. It's nice to do things we can be proud of. :)

  19. How wonderful to be married to such a handy guy!

  20. RT, if it wasn't for Dan, this place wouldn't be what it is today!


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