July 28, 2019

Photo Wrap-up For July

Summer has been moving right along and here it is, the end of July. What's really amazing is how the temperatures have dropped since last weekend. Very unsummerlike for us! And very welcome! To finish up the month, here's everything I didn't have time to blog about.

Since Dan finished his tractor wagon he's been busy with firewood ...

A good start on this winter's supply safely tucked away in the carport.

... and making woodchips.

There's plenty to chip! The tractor and chipper are in the background.

If you read my blog much then you're probably aware that we've had a lot of downed treed in our wood lot over the years. They're mostly old pines and they've sure left a mess. Some of them Dan has milled into lumber. The rest we'll put to good use as chips.

Hauling chips up out of the woods.

A good day's work.

Last week I showed you the garden and how it's doing. Also growing...

New ginger plants.

I lost my original ginger plants the winter before last. Usually they overwinter on our enclosed back porch, but ginger is a tropical plant and the temps that year were just too cold.

July is also the month we start fruit harvest. Blueberries ripen first and that means...

fresh blueberry pie and

pancakes with fresh blueberries.

I've been experimenting with different kinds of flour we can potentially produce ourselves and that's been fun. For the pancakes in the above photo I used oat flour and almond meal, about half and half. Makes for a very tasty combination.

I harvested the crabapples. I made a small batch of jelly with some and pectin with the rest (that link will show you how.)


We've begun to harvest the first of the pears.

Pears, figs, and apples will keep me busy next month.

July is also a good time of year for...

Homemade ice cream! Chocolate!

Of course every photo wrap-up should have a cat photo.

Sam trying to find some shade.

Also one of some goats.

Violet and Nova hoping for treats.

I reckon that about wraps up July. Anybody ready for August?

Photo Wrap-up For July © July 2019 by Leigh


  1. We used to sell firewood. That photo sure brings back a lot of memories.

  2. This summer can't be over fast enough for us, so bring on August!

  3. I didn't realize you could grow ginger in pots. I'm definitely going to do that when we finally move to Tennessee. We finally decided it was time and we are trying to sell our house in Florida so we can make the move to our new homestead and start really homesteading. No more practicing. I'm excited and wish someone would buy our house soon.
    We will be camping while we build our new house and I'd love to get started on it before winter. Plus I want to see the mountains dressed up in fall colors.

  4. Ready for August? No, no, no! Can't believe how fast this summer season has gone, but that's probably because our cold weather lasted this spring/summer well into June. So in some ways, I feel we're just getting started on summer regardless of what the calendar says. On the other hand, we've had some really hot, humid (ugh!) weather both day and night so actually being able to exert (either working OR recreating) during the day and sleep snuggled under a quilt at night is something we're looking forward to!

  5. Gorges, nothing is nicer than a great big pile of firewood!

    Michelle, lol, I'm no fan of summer either! Of course, I'm no fan of the cold either. ;)

    Stephanie, that's exciting news! I hear there are quite a few folks moving to Florida, so I hope you can check that off your list soon. It is truly exciting to finally move to your own land to start your own homestead. I hope you'll keep us posted on your progress.

    Regarding ginger, you can indeed grow it in pots! It's a pretty plant with a useful purpose.

    Mama Pea, I'm guessing August for you is getting pretty close to that first frost! We've had oddly cooler weather, down in the 60s at night which we love. Makes the hotter days more bearable.

  6. Very hard to believe July is just about gone. I admire you and Dan for doing so much for yourselves and all the hard work you expend to do it.

  7. Love your front door.


    I don't think I noticed that before.

  8. We have been working on firewood too. Gotta get it done now. Sounds silly, but it will be cold before we know it.

  9. FFG, I can't believe July is almost over! I have to say that we love the work, though. We do pace ourselves and are happy with whatever progress we can get.

    Ed, great choice for a front door! lol I really like the window. We put ours in just a few months earlier than you. https://www.5acresandadream.com/2014/12/front-door.html

    Michelle, summer is the time of year to do it, especially because you don't feel rushed at that time of year. Dan tries to work on it periodically and I have to say I love looking at it every time I walk by the carport. :)

  10. August??!! I'm ready for OCTOBER! :) Things are looking good on your farm!

  11. Love all those food pics. All natual. All delicious. I sometimes lose my ginger (only, to the heat) because I grow mine in containers too. If I don't have enough water to go round, I let them fend for themselves. I usually have enough survive, to resprout when conditions are more favourable though. But there's usually not enough to eat.

    Still, I keep hoping for better success the following year. Spring is just around the corner for us, so I wonder how much ginger will resprout this year? Do you harvest your ginger all at once, or do you pick as you need? I tend to do the latter.

    You might be able to bring your ginger inside over winter, and keep the soil just damp. They'll lose their leaves, but the rhyzomes should stay healthy. Just don't overwater, or they'll rot.

  12. M.K. lol. I'm ready for October too but first we'll have to muddle our ways through August and September!

    Chris, I have figured out that ginger really doesn't like living on the front porch, I think because the porch gets the intense heat of the afternoon sun. Even in the shade it doesn't seem to thrive like it did when I kept it at the foot of the back porch steps. We lost our shade there though, so it needed a new home. I'll probably have to bring it indoors this winter, although I don't really have a good spot for it.

    Originally I harvested it all, saved a few rhizomes, and then replanted in the spring. Now I tend to do more like you and just dig a bit as I need it. I add the leaves to the goats hay!

  13. You are way ahead of us with firewood. We have a bit left from last year but not enough. We have some floaters ready to cut, but will have to go out with the barge to get more before the end of summer. Right now we are having too much fun with our ocean cruises. - Margy

  14. I am totally not ready for August yet. I have so much weeding in the garden to get the plants healthy again.

  15. I love photo heavy posts like this. So many wonderful things to see. The pancakes look tasty. I like trying different flours (not that I make any of them myself!). Spelt is one of my favorites.

    That last photo had me laughing. Silly goats. :)

  16. End of July and laid up in hospital bed again! UGH!

  17. Your firewood is looking great! Isn't it a fulfilling feeling when you know there will be enough to get you through winter - then a greater feeling when there's a bit of surplus?

  18. We're ready! That means a 3 day weekend soon, and vacation is late Sept. for us. Cooler this summer so far so not too bad... love the goats and cat!

  19. Margy, who can pass up that kind of fun? lol

    Kristina, oh gosh, weeding! It's so hard to get to in August, isn't it? Once the harvest begins my weeds have a field day.

    Kelly, thanks! I forgot about spelt. We could actually try to grow that, in fact, I should give it a try.

    Jo, oh no! I'm so sorry. You've had more than your fair share of hospitals this summer. Hopefully, this visit will be a short one and they'll get everything straightened out this time.

    Lady Locust, oh yes! It's better than money in the bank! ;)

    Nancy, thanks! 3 day weekends and vacations are always something to look forward to.

  20. Yay! photo wrap ups are easy and fun to look at. I gotta get going with one :P

  21. Seeking Serenity, yeah, not so many words to bother with, lol. I do tend to get wordy, sometimes to the point where I'm pretty sure nobody is actually reading them. That being said, I love photo posts too and look forward to yours. :)

  22. Looks like a good July to me! And I'm intrigued with growing ginger and making pectin. Sadly I've missed most of the berry seasons here. But there's still the fall berries. Will definitely make time for those! Happy August!

  23. Kristin, gotta love those berries. So much easier to preserve than peaches, apples, or pears. Ginger is easy to grow! You will enjoy having your own. I don't find pectin hard to make either. And I love having my own pectin without all those additives and preservatives. :)

  24. Wonderful post! Great photos and commentary all around!

    Of course I am prejudice and the favorite is Violet and Nova😊 Love the ears how can one not??!

  25. Goatldi, the ears always get me. :)

  26. You're making good use of the carport fix-up. A relief to have the wood split now and not later. Kitty and the goats look content. I'm sure they appreciate the good care. Phil

  27. Thanks Phil. It is nice to feel on top of things. That's not always the case!

  28. Great post . . . there is always work to be done when you live the country life :) I've got blackberries and apricots to pick today and then I hope to can a batch of pickles before the day is over. Thank you for the bug spray recipe. I will be giving that a try in the future. I'm looking forward to your next post to see how it has worked for you :)
    Today is a special day for us . . . a true celebration of life. In fact we stayed up until mid-night just to welcome in the day. Six months ago my Steve was given six months to live . . . He's still kicking and looking forward to another Christmas. Keep us in your prayers.
    Have a lovely day, sweet blogging friend.
    Connie :)

  29. Thanks Connie! And a huge congratulations to you and Steve! Truly something to rejoice about.

  30. I have had this post open for two or three days and just now reading it. I went ahead and refreshed the page till I would see if anything had been posted since. It sounds like it has been a full month. Love all that stacked wood. Of course a cat and/or goat photo is always a good way to end a post.

  31. Rose, it's fun to round up photos that I haven't blogged about earlier. It's a nice way to keep a record of what we've done.


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