June 28, 2019

June Garden Blooms

Do you remember my showing you what I thought was a volunteer cucumber in one of my rice patches?

Volunteer in the Loto rice bed.

Well, it's bloomed and turns out it's not a cucumber!

Not a cucumber

Looks like a cushaw squash. I assumed cucumber because that's where I had them planted last year. The cushaw seed would have come from the compost pile. I should have known from the leaves!

This is a cucumber!

Also blooming:

Multiplier Onions

4 o'clocks



Rudbeckia (aka Black-eyed Susan)

Echinacea (or purple coneflower)


What's blooming in your garden?

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  1. Nothing blooming but we did harvest our sour cherries a couple weeks back. We only had enough to make a cobbler but they tasted so good that when our local nursery store had heavily discounted trees for an big anniversary milestone, I bought another sour cherry tree and also a plum/nectarine/peach hybrid tree. I can't wait for that last one to start producing fruit.

  2. Tomatoes, snow peas, bush beans, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, marionberries, raspberries, and I think a few strawberries still.

  3. All my herbs. I had two volunteer potatoes sprout up from where we emptied the tires last year. Lost my lemon balm due to May;s lack of rain, but where they had lost their seeds around the raised bed are coming up nicely. I've noticed a few blooms on our tomato plants. This cockeyed weather is to blame.

  4. Neat! I wouldn't have known the difference until they actually grew the fruit! I thought maybe it was some kind of pumpkin. Everything is growing slowly but no flowers yet! The window garden is doing better, I have some baby lettuces popping up again.

  5. at least they are in the same family! when I met DH he proudly told me that he had a lemon blooming! when I saw the lemon flower I nearly cried with tears - it was a passion flower - not even close:) his specialty are trees, flowers not so much;) we do have both now and he has learned the difference - eventually!

  6. with laughter, not with tears of course....

  7. Chive blossoms and strawberry blossoms. More to come I'm hoping!

  8. Spiderwort and comfrey! The bee balm is tall but no flower buds yet. The vegetable garden is mostly planted, though the unusually cold night in early June meant a delay. Now we're suddenly having either days and days of rain, or HOT and humid days - today was 93F. Whew.

  9. Tomato’s aplenty. Squash and lemon cukes. Beans holding on by their stems as something that goes shopping in dark of night likes them. Blueberries and cat mint and cat nip . A few strawberries.

  10. Sunflowers and beans. The lettuce are slowly dying away. I also have two leeks that have put out blooms - I keep them going because I want to see what happens!

  11. Fantastic!! I'm late to planting this year so nothing is blooming. Yet. And I just planted my pumpkin seeds inside. But I think I'll get something this year. I love following your progress!!

  12. Thank you to everyone who shared. I love hearing about how everyone's gardens are doing. The flowering of everything is always so welcome.

  13. Chillies, capsium (peppers) and cherry tomatoes are still blossoming in our winter garden, in Australia. Just not growing as fast as summer. Your garden looks lovely and green, so hasn't copped the browning off of summer (yet). Hopefully, you'll get a lot of crops in, before that happens. :)

  14. Chris, it's nice to know you have something blooming! I have to credit the greenness of my garden to our rainwater tanks. They have made all the difference in the world.


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