January 29, 2019

Violet First!

The other day I looked out into the pasture and counted six goats. There are supposed to be seven. I took a second look to see who was missing. It was Violet. I went to the barn and there she was, standing by herself. Goat gestation is 150 days with kidding commonly taking place between days 145 and 155. For Violet, it was day 147.

Separating from the herd is one of the signs that kidding is close. I put her in the kidding stall and kept an eye on her. A little buckling made an easy appearance at about 4:45 p.m.

Half an hour later his sister arrived.

It's chilly so they each got a baby goat coat.

Violet is an excellent mother.

Everybody was interested in what was going on. Here's a parting shot from the peanut gallery.

Iris and Meowy

It's always a relief when the birth goes well and the kids are healthy and strong. Jessie will be next.

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  1. Oh, the joys and wonder of new life emerging. It never gets old to watch. Thanks for sharing Violets babies, with us. Too dang cute, as ever!!

  2. Oops! Forgot to say, I love the goat coats too. So practical and so cute! Although, I think the doelings camouflage has been removed, lol.

  3. Oh how cute! I so miss kidding season and goats. Thanks for sharing the photos. I still have a tote with all our goat supplies, including goat coats I made myself.

    1. Kristina

      There is a saying in the goat world. When one “gets out of goats” one needs to rehome not only the goats but also all the items associated with them.

      If one doesn’t do so the goats will return. Perhaps not today nor tomorrow but eventually.

      Let me know how it works for you 😂

  4. What a happy post to start my day with! Thank you.

  5. Congratulations! You're right, it's always nice when all are healthy and well. We have a dozen new kids on the ground so far and I'll be heading to the barn shortly to see if we have more. We have one doe to go. Hope the rest of your kids arrive as healthy and with such ease.


  6. Way to go, Violet! Hardly anything better than an easy birth for mama goat, the kids and you. LOVE the bright, chirky colors of the kids' sweaters!

  7. Chris, you're right, it never gets old to watch. :) I always make sure I spend time every day simply watching and enjoying. I was able to take the coats off yesterday because it warmed up so nicely. I need to shorten the length a bit today because it's supposed to drop quite a bit below freezing tonight.

    Kristina, do you think you'll ever have goats again? I would miss them too if I no longer had them.

    Tpals, you're welcome! :)

    Jo, twins are so much nicer to have than singles or multiples. Someone to sleep and play with, and no competition to eat!

    Fern, wow, you have your hands full! We topped out at ten last year, but that was in the old goat barn so it was crowded. I've spread the breeding out more this year, so we may still have a full barn but I won't have so many sleep interrupted nights!

    Mama Pea, the color was to make the coats more fun to knit. :)

  8. How precious!!!! I never have been around goats...only to see here and there. But have always thought the babies darlings! My daughter worked with someone that had at least A goat, I don't recall if they had more or not...but they had the lever kind of door handles on their house...they had to change the outside handles to door knobs because the goat would come and open the door. It got in one day and ate her son's homework!

  9. Rose, goats are a trip. As your daughter's employee shows! I used to have a doe that was constantly working the gate latches, trying to get them open. Last year I sold Violet's buckling to a gal who later sent me a link to a video she had taken. Cy had figured out how to get into the house through the doggie door! (Fortunately they had a fake Christmas tree :)

  10. lovely! congrats to the mama and to you :) It certainly is a relief when everything goes smoothly. Usually about 5 days before kids are due I start reliving every problem I've ever experienced or heard about, and am always SO glad when the kids are on the ground and all is well!
    None for me this year, so thanks for letting me smile sappily at yours :)

  11. So glad it went smoothly - and what adorable kids! I love those baby goat sweaters, they look so chic~! :)

  12. The babies are SO SO cute! I love their little jackets. Good job, Violet!

  13. Aww, baby goats. My feel good picture of the day.

    Goat coats. There is a children's story in that...

  14. Quinn, no baby goats would be sad! But I know what you mean about reliving every problem.

    Susan, they have no clue as to how cute they look. :)

    M.K. thanks! Violet is an excellent Mom.

    TB, this is always a happy time of year!

  15. Awww So cute! My cocker needs a sweater like that. Suppose to be as cold here as in Siberia tomorrow. Nancy

  16. I will always miss our goats as well. I remember being out in the barn for so many births with our young kids watching the young kids coming into the world. Such a special time. Are these your first new barn babies?! Cause for celebration I believe.

  17. Cute little critters! I'm just wondering how many goats your homestead can support without buying feed?

  18. Thanks Nancy! The sweaters are great for keeping little critters warm. :)

    Goatldi, ha, ha. Sounds like a good way to ensure goats in one's future. :) Jessie is next, and in fact, I'll have a post as soon as I can get the photos organized!

    Donna, they are amusing critters, even though they can be stubborn and "difficult" at times. :) And yes! These are the first babies born in the new barn. :)

    Thanks, Mike! I am currently buying feed, but the goats support themselves through sales of kids. One thing that's key to our plans is pasture improvement, which I've been blogging about this summer. It will take some time to see the new methods show good results, but that will help.

  19. I just love goats - and baby goats are the very best. Two cuties for sure.

  20. The twins sure look healthy and cozy in their winter parkas.

  21. RT, our baby goats make my year!

    Nancy, thanks!

    Phil, it's been so cold that I'm glad I have sweaters for them. :)

  22. I forgot to mention! The sweaters are ADORABLE!!!

  23. Thank you! They are actually for goats, but for standard size kids, so they are too big for my mid-size Kinders. I was able to hem some of them up to shorten the length, but am thinking of making new ones. Acrylic can't take too many washings, so between that and needing them smaller, I think I've got a new hand project at the ready!


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