January 31, 2019

Then Jessie

First Violet delivered twins, then two days later it was Jessie's turn. Triplets! A little buckling came first, followed by two little girls. They arrived in between dinner and dessert.

This is what I mean about getting good photos. Most of the time they're
facing away from me. The little boy is the one at the bottom of the photo.

Buckling several hours old.

Here he is the next morning.

Jessie and her boy

Sisters. The little black was second-born and the white was last.

Last of the triplets, also a doe, was the biggest of the three.

The sweaters are all too long for newborns, so I ended up shortening them.

Sporting shorter sweaters.

Of course, there were onlookers.

Violet and her twins

I'm relieved that's over. Now I can take a break from middle-of-the-night doe checks and catch up on my sleep.

 Then Jessie © January 2019 by Leigh 


  1. Enjoy the break and needed rest. We had our last kids of the season yesterday, twins. Now we have a dozen kids, which is a few too many. Beautiful babies! Fern

  2. Whew! Good job to all involved. The doubled over sweaters on the little ones just give added insulation when they most need it. Catch up on your sleep now, Good Midwife!

  3. triplets?!! WOW - really, go to bed :D

  4. How darn adorable! I guess there isn't much you can do to help them birth - they do it all on their own. I guess all animals do except for humans, haha! Anyway, they are so so cute.

  5. Michelle, thanks!

    Fern, last year we had ten (would have been 13 if Anna's other premies had survived) and I said that was too many! This year I was only going to breed two does, but then the others got to hollering, and well, looks like we're well on our way to a dozen too, LOL

    Mama Pea, thanks! That's true about the added insulation, plus, I can still let them out again in case I need them longer.

    Serenity, it's always a guessing game! After the first one we wait and wonder if there will be anymore and how many!

    RK, most of the time they need little assistance. I like to be on hand, though, just in case they need help. I've had various things happen. Commonly with multiples legs might be mixed up or not positioned correctly. Jessie's third came head first, so I had to fish out a leg and then baby was out. But mostly I just watch and help dry off. :)

  6. You are just bustling with kids now! Those coats are great scrap buster projects.

  7. Love seeing the pictures of the baby goats. We have a doe who was too young to breed this fall - but looking forward to it next year. It’s reaffirming to see that you have happy, healthy babies with good Moms. I follow a goat health blog and it seems there are always complications - of course, I know they are posting on the goat health blog BECAUSE there are complications, but it was a good reminder that Mother Nature usually knows what she’s doing - all on her own! Congratulations on the new bundles of joy.

  8. My goodness, they are adorable! Thank you for giving me my daily dose of cute!

  9. Jo, you are absolutely right! About both the kids and the scrap busters!

    No Rhyme or Reason Farm, welcome to my blog and thank you so much for commenting! I can't say that I haven't had my own share of problem births. And unfortunately they haven't all turned out as I might have wished. But it makes me all the more thankful for easy kidding and happy results. Fortunately, that's most of the time.

    Susan, this time of year I just can't get enough of baby goats. :)

  10. I bet it is nervous, but they are so adorable, and I know that must be a very rewarding event on your farm! Congrats!

  11. Baby goats are about the cutest thing ever! (Ok - Maybe next to all our grandchildren.) Congrats, Leigh!

  12. So sweet! Will you have to supplement feed them or will Jessie give enough milk for all three?

  13. M.K., thanks! This is one of the happiest times on the farm. For us and the goats too. :)

    Cecilia! Always good to hear from you. Gotta love those baby goats. :)

    Mark, so glad to see your comment. Have to agree that the only competition for baby goats in the cuteness department is grandbabies. :)

    Rose, Jessie had triplets last year and had no trouble feeding them. I'll keep an eye on their weight gain to make sure they're getting enough (and to make sure everyone is getting their fair share.)

  14. That little boy, is almost the spitting image of his mum! Five new babies on the homestead. The cuteness factor, is in overdrive now. ;)

  15. TB, it's my favorite time of year. :)

    Chris, he does indeed! So I was thinking I should try to find a "Jessie" name for him. lol

  16. They are sooo cute, and with their little sweaters on, oh my gosh!! How many goats do you have now?

  17. Simply precious! I think I would be cuddled up with them if they were near me...lol.! Thanks for the awww cuteness break! I really needed that!

  18. Debbie, I have 6 does, 2 bucks, and 5 kids. :)

    Wyomingheart, this is my favorite time of year. I always make sure to spend plenty of time just watching and enjoying. :)

  19. I'm so glad the babies came without problems. They are the cutest things I've ever seen, and those little sweaters make them even more adorable. It warmed up to 61 degrees here today with sunshine too. Sure felt good.

  20. Great success for all concerned and now I hope you are enjoying good nights of uninterrupted sleep! We had a nanny goat during the second world war when I was a child. My parents were still talking of her with great affection when they were in their nineties!


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