December 6, 2018

House Project Phase 3: Trim, Gutters & Paint

Phase 1: Back Gable End
Phase 2: Pantry Roof
Phase 3 checklist:
  • trim
  • gutters
  • paint
  • attic vent fan cover


Now, Dan's eyeing the carport as his next project.


  1. Looks good. I like the blue colour. We went from Wedgewood blue opaque stain on the outside of our cabin to a light yellow. Here up the lake I like the yellow because during the darker winter months it looks warmer and brighter even if it isn't. - Margy

  2. Looks wonderful Leigh, and makes that carport look truly in need of a face lift! ;-)
    It's ALWAYS something isn't it?

  3. That's the danger of fixing something up. It makes other things look ugly.

  4. Margy, it's amazing how color has such a psychological effect. Yellow is always cheering, but I do like my cool colors. :)

    Unknown, thanks!

    Theresa thanks! When I took the photos I wished there was a way to hide that carport! It's definitely next on the list.

    Ed, so true! Serves as a great motivator though. :)

  5. Looks like a sweet country cottage now - great job!!

  6. You guys have certainly worked hard and it shows....I imagine the carport didn't look nearly so bad until you made the house look so good! LOL!

  7. Lookin good! Is the carport the last big project?

  8. TB, thanks! Yes, I really like the blue, especially with the red brick. :)

    Debbie, thank you! It's on its way!

    Sam, the carport has been slowly deteriorating since we got here. It's true though, things don't look so bad until something gets a fresh face. :)

    Mike, it's one of several big projects (although none of them are as big as the barn or the kitchen.) We have two windows to replace in the front bedroom, and the sunroom to decide about. But we are getting close to the home stretch!

  9. Excellent! Each small victory is worth its weight in gold. I know ! Thrilled for your progress 😊

  10. I wonder if you couldn't put a wood cookstove in the carport and use it as a summer kitchen for canning etc on really hot days. It all looks nice. Phil

  11. Goatldi, very much so! Visible progress is the most rewarding. It looks like we did something!

    Phil, we're thinking exactly along those same lines! I've been collecting photos of outdoor kitchens for ideas. Dan would like a built-in grill and a smoker too.

  12. Hi Leigh!!! :) How exciting is that! To cross off all of those big projects! You guys have done such a great job, good luck on the carport!!!

  13. In the UK there is a saying “like painting the forth bridge” it refers to a never ending job

  14. Wow! You folks are rocking right along! Well done :)

  15. See there was a reason Dan got hurt, Not that it was a good thing. God knew what needed to be done could not be accomplished while Dan was working as many hour as he was with winter coming on. The thankful silver lining. Mission accomplished. Cockeyed Jo

  16. Rain, it's a huge relief! :)

    Mark, an interesting article! Amazing to think some things can't ben done in a timely manner. It's kind of like that with our roads. No sooner are they done with an improvement then they dig it up again and (appear) to do the exact same thing over again.

    Quinn, yes, this one had to be done before the winter rains!

    Jo, I so agree. He will always have limitations with that hand, but he's so much happier at home than on the road. :)


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