June 15, 2018

New Book Non-review and Giveaway!

I don't know if anyone else has been looking forward to this announcement, but I certainly have been. My Prepper's Livestock Handbook is now available! It's part of Ulysses Press's Prepper series, which includes a lot of truly excellent books. I'm proud to be part of that group.

Why a non-review? Well, because I can't exactly review my own book, and I don't want to give you a sales pitch. I do want to give you an idea of what you can expect to find in it, and to host a giveaway!

Here's the official blurb from my Kikobian.com website.

Livestock care from a preparedness point of view. 

You will learn: which livestock is best suited to preparedness, options for shelter and fencing, how to establish and maintain good pasture, how to grow and store hay, strategies for feeding your farm animals without going to the feed store, options for breeding, birthing, veterinary care, and sustainable dairying. Also pitfalls to avoid and how to keep things manageable. And if the grid ever fails, you will know how to preserve and store eggs, dairy foods, and meat without electricity. The Preppers Livestock Handbook focuses on simple, low-tech, off-grid methods for managing your land and your livestock. It is an excellent addition to any prepper, homestead, or self-reliance library.

  • Ch. 1   First Things First
  • Ch. 2   Best Breeds fpr Self-Reliance
  • Ch. 3   Barns, Shelters, and Fencing
  • Ch. 4   Forage and Feed
  • Ch. 5   Breeding and Pregnancy
  • Ch. 6   Blessed Events: Birthing and Hatching
  • Ch. 7   Eggs, Milk, and Meat
  • Ch. 8   Keeping Them Healthy
  • Ch. 9    Keeping Them Safe
  • Ch. 10  Keeping Things Manageable
  • Conclusion: If SHTF

Includes at-a-glance charts and lists for:
  • Livestock overviews (sizes, ex[ected production, acreage needed, natural and productive lifespans, example breeds)
  • Grasses, legumes, and forbs (annuals, perennials, warm and cool season examples)
  • Hay Feeding Needs
  • Homegrown and foraged feeds
  • Natural vitamin and mineral sources
  • Gestation times for livestock
  • Labor times and number of offspring
  • Incubation times for various poultry
  • Homemade feeds for hatchlings
  • Supply lists (birthing, hatching, milking, routine and emergency care)
  • Alternative de-wormers and medications
  • How to know when you need a vet
  • Normal range of vital signs
  • Common livestock predators (includes signs of attack)
  • and more

Resources are listed by chapter, so you can know where to find the things I talk about.

It's available in paperback or several eBook formats. The paperback is 192 pages and lists for $15.95. You can find it at the following websites and bookstores:

Giveaway is over. Congratulations to the winner!


Unknown said...

This book sounds really interesting! I'm not in a place where I can have animals yet, but my husband and I are saving for a small hobby farm in the next couple years, and I'm really interested in learning how to raise animals sustainably. It sounds like this would be super helpful!

Caroline J. Baines said...

Hi Leigh!

I shared this to FB and just bought the book via Amazon (if I win I'll give it to a friend!).

Can't wait to read it!

J. said...

Congratulations on the new book!
I would love a copy-- it looks like it is jam- packed with priceless information!

Unknown said...

Oh this book sounds fantastic! If I dont win a copy I will definitely buy one. Right up my alley! I will share on Facebook. If I knew how to add a link, I'd post it on my blog. I will see if I can figure it out.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Leigh, Best of luck on your book. I am sure it is very helpful. I don't have any livestock except Coco though. Nancy

Mike Yukon said...

Enjoy the break, you deserve it.
The book looks like it covers most everything people would need to know. Looking forward to reading it.

Mike Yukon said...

I tried to copy and paste information about your book to post it on my blog and it won't let me do a copy and paste. What's up?

deb harvey said...

have you painted the barn quilt yet?
in eastern pa there are some barns with hex signs which are pretty, but i think it is to keep the hexes [witches] away.
don't know the truth of it.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Congratulations and well done. That is quite an accomplishment.

Leigh said...

Jessica, I think it has something for everyone. It can help someone in the planning stages, and also those who have been working on greater sustainability for awhile. I wanted it to be a good reference resource.

Caroline, thanks! I always appreciate your support.

J. Jost, thanks! It's filled with all the livestock self-sufficiency methods and means that I've been collecting and working on over the years.

outwithmybootson, thank you! To add a link, just copy the URL and paste it wherever you want. :)

Nancy, I don't think Coco is livestock! Coco is family!

Mike, thanks! I'll be interested in what you think. I emailed you about getting a copy of the pic and info.

Deborah, the barn quilt is almost done! I'm touching up a few sloppy lines and then it will be ready for the hay loft door. Eric Sloane talks about hex signs in his barn book. He says they were purely decorative and had nothing to do with witches and luck. But I suppose that doesn't make as good a tale to tell. :)

TB, thanks! I love to write but it is a lot of work to get the ideas and words just right. This was a different experience for me, because I had word limits and deadlines. Glad to have it done.

Stephanie said...

I'm excited. I preordered from Amazon. It'll be delivered tomorrow. :)

Annie in Ocala said...

It sounds like a read that's right up my alley! Congradulations! Im sure a lot of time, thought and effort went into it, and I hope it pays you back. It'll be on my wish list for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

This book sounds great! I am planning to grow chicken. I think this book will be helpful:)

M.E. Masterson said...

Sharing a post tomorrow about your book and giveaway!

I have your book 5 acres and a dream. Lots of information that was helpful and insightful!

I look forward to reading this one too!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new book! It looks like an interesting read. While I do prep, I must admit I am behind on some things when it comes to my animals. I gave it a little shout out over on my blog. Quick question - are any of your books available on Google Play?

Charlotte Boord said...

I preordered your book and it was delivered yesterday, so don't pick me for the freebie. I just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying the book, especially the poultry section. I'm not ready to have animals yet, but this will certainly help me decide what to do when I am ready. Thank you!

Leigh said...

Nina, slow answer, LOL. I don't think any of my books are available on Google Play. Through Amazon, and I used to have them on Smashwords (which supplies almost all eBook vendors) but they'e been off of Smashwords because I've had problems with PayPal. Would like to get them back on SW at least though. Not sure how to get them on Google Play.

Charlotte, thanks! Please consider writing a review for me. Every honest review helps!

Renee Nefe said...

Congratulations on your new book!

Leigh said...

Thanks Renee!