June 28, 2018

June Blooms

Closing out the month with a collection of photos I've been taking. Color abounds! All of the May flowers have continued blooming in June, while others are made their debut this month.

Southern Magnolia

Butterfly Weed


Black-eyed Susans

Multiplier Onion

Hardy Hibiscus, AKA Rose of Sharon


Meyer Lemon

Summer Squash

Beauty Bush

What's blooming in your neck of the woods?

June Blooms © June 2018 by Leigh 


  1. Your flowers look beautiful and you got some great pictures of them!

  2. Wonderful blooms Leigh. I especially love seeing all the chickory blue on your blog background. I take photos of our flowers and veggie blossoms most every morning and got a few posted awhile ago. Gardens are so pretty right now aren't they?

  3. I've never seen mimosa before; very pretty.

  4. Thanks Angela!

    Donna, I have a really nice patch of chicory this year. It's one of my favorite flowers and good to feed to the goats. I should try roasting some roots for "coffee" this year.

    tpals, it's a very pretty tree but a lot of folks don't like it because it's messy when the blooms shed and it tends to be invasive. Ours was just here. One site I looked at said it was imported from Asia, another said it is native to South and Central America. What I just learned from looking it up, is that it has medicinal qualities and has been used in traditional Chinese and ancient Mayan medicine. That's good to know!

  5. I really like that you included the often overlooked vegetable flowers in your post. I have raised okra a handful of times over the years but I don't believe I've ever seen the flowers. Beautiful!

  6. That beauty bush is gorgeous! I have been trying to plant more perennial flowering plants, just for the bees, birds and butterflies. Any myself, by default. Thank you for brightening up my morning!

  7. Ed, they are often overlooked, aren't they? But so many of them are beautiful and add wonderful color to the garden!

    Susan, bees of all kinds love those beauty bushes! They make an attractive wind break or privacy hedge too. :)

  8. Wow, you got some spectacular shots, Leigh. Especially the mimosa which I've never seen. Not a lot blooming around here yet. I think the flowers have been a bit behind because of the cool start they had.

  9. So many delicious blooms. But my favourite is the mimosa! That rain has put everything into overdrive.

  10. Mama Pea, the mimosa is always a favorite. :) Clouds of pink blooms. Hopefully warm weather is right around the corner for you and you'll be loaded with summer blooms too.

    Chris, yes, rain and warm days will do that! And you're going into winter now. Thanks to the internet, we can enjoy all seasons at any time of year!

  11. Lemon blooms are the best!

    Sadly, where we live nothing is blooming right now. Just mostly hot.

  12. Leigh, I always watch what's happening in your climate (in the Northern Hemisphere) during the growing season. To see what we can expect in ours, in the Southern Hemisphere. They seem to correspond. Maybe not exactly, but similar.

  13. TB, nothing blooming! That's sad, especially when it's hot out. Summer should mean flowers galore.

    Chris, I'm always keen on your blog for the same reason, LOL. Our seasons may be opposite, but our climates and challenges are very similar. We've had an amazing amount of rain so far this summer, but that could be followed even today by a long dry spell. At least I have plenty of rainwater collected for watering.

  14. All these blooms remind me of the country, and that magnolia blossom, I can imagine that sweet smell.

  15. Hi Leigh, All your blooms are so nice. It lifts the spirit when I see pretty flowers. I wish they could bloom all year but then we may not appreciate them as much. Have a great week-end! Nancy


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