February 9, 2018

And More Goat Babies!

Daisy was my last doe due this month and yesterday afternoon she delivered ...


One buckling and three doelings.

Photos aren't very good I'm afraid. At first Daisy absolutely did not like me pointing the camera at them. Every time I tried to aim she would stand between me and her babies and look at me as if to say, "oh no you don't."

Little buck

The buckling was born first and he needed help. He tried to come out tail and hocks (hind "knees") first. That position is called a frank breech. Hind feet first are not uncommon for goats, but not tail first, which can be a serious problem if the baby gets stuck. I had to push his bottom back in and find his hind legs.

The next two came easily after that. 

2nd was a little doeling.

This little girl came third.

We thought she was done so I went to the house to get Daisy a bucket of warm molasses water while Dan went in to tend the fire. When I got back, there was baby goat number four!

Firstborn on left, last born on right.

These are Daisy's first and when I showed her the first one she pulled back like, "what is that!" Then she started licking him and her mothering instincts quickly kicked in.

She has a huge udder and it has been very full for several days, so I think she'll be able to feed them just fine.

That's it for February kidding giving us a total of nine new kids: three bucklings and six doelings.

Between kidding and Dan, I'm way behind on answering comments and emails, but have to say we appreciate every one. Next time I'll have an update on how he's doing and the rest of our situation.

And More Baby Goats! © Feb 2018 by Leigh


Mama Pea said...

You are wealthy in healthy baby goats. Good thing you're an experienced goat mid-wife 'cause that first little guy could have been stuck like a plug!

Seeking Serenity said...

omg NINE?!! and you had to push that guy back in! you must be so tired and sore --here have a cup a tea --- ( the captcha is nothing all you do is put a checkmark no biggy)

Leigh said...

Mama Pea, it's funny, but at one time growing flocks and herds were indeed considered an increase in wealth. The modern mind tends to think of it as more mouths to feed, but I do feel blessed and wealthy indeed.

Seeking Serenity, I'd love a cup of tea! I've been researching some about recaptcha, and if what I read is correct, then it has something to do with the kind of browser the visitor has. Older browsers get a more rigorous captcha (usually the extremely annoying "select all photos that have a ____" More current or google approved browsers get off easier. Glad it isn't a lot of trouble for you!

Melody A. said...

Congratulations! what wonderful outcomes and additions! they are all so sweet like all babies and the Momma's all look like they are going to be wonderful! Love the little black and white doeling Daisy had! Take care from Iowa, USA

Kris said...

Omigosh! QUADS! And talk about adorable! So funny to see 3 tawny colored kids and a black'n'white. What happened there? LOL I'm glad to hear that Dan is holding up and that the kidding is done. Big mugs of hot beverage all around, I'd say. Don't worry about us out here commenting - you guys take care. We're not going anywhere. *hugs* Kris

Rain said...

Congratulations Leigh! :) As per usual, they pull my heartstrings!! :) Good thing you were there to help out, if it were me I'd be a doting grandma...either be in the barn constantly or have a goat-cam going! :)

Michelle said...

Before you prayed for help He had answered, with NINE babies growing! I'm sure God has buyers lined up, too. I hope you take deposits!

Paula said...

congratulations on so many does! How does that increase your herd (or all you going to sell them all)?

Mrs Shoes said...

Quads? Well that is something!
I always think I'd like to have a nanny just so I can have kids, but Mr Shoes is pretty adamant in his objection, no matter HOW many adorable kid pics & clips I try to show him. Partypooper...

jewlz said...

Full barn, full heart, I always say! Ok I just made that up, but that last quad did melt my heart. Prayers continue for you & yours,

Gorges Smythe said...

I always enjoyed calving season on the farm hen I was a kid. There's something inherently charming about new life.

Susan said...

Those ears! What healthy, beautiful kids! Mama Pea is right - you are wealthy in kids! I am hoping that Dan is on the mend and that you two are doing okay. I wouldn't worry about answering comments, as we all know you have a lot on your plate right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your does have outdone themselves! I love the ears on quad #4. My girls aren't due for another few weeks, and I'm very excited for the prospects.

M.E. Masterson said...

Oh that is amazing! Quads...Congrats Goat Momma! So many to look after...what a blessing!!
My show up in the next couple weeks...hair sheep that is! I only have one goat and he is the mascot of our farm this year!
Many blessings to you and Dan!

Ed said...

I always loved seeing that surprise followed by the mothering instinct.

tpals said...

Well done, Daisy! At least you know this won't be one of those years when everything goes wrong.

Leigh said...

Melody, thanks! It's always a relief when they're all doing well.

Kris, pretty neat, huh? I've got a real rainbow of kids. :)

Rain, babies always have a way f doing that, LOL. I do spend a lot of time at the barn. I figure I'd better enjoy it while they're so little and cute. Soon they grow up and move on to new homes.

Michelle, a blessing indeed. No buyers specifically lined up yet, but I do have a waiting list. I need to take some time to start contacting folks soon.

Paula, thanks! These babies more than double our current numbers. Most of them will be sold. I try to keep my numbers at about 6 does and 2 (maybe ) bucks. I'd love to keep more but I don't think our land can support more than that.

Mrs. Shoes, many folks have goat war stories, so I kinda understand Mr. Shoes objections. We've had really good experiences with goats, however, so we really enjoy them.

Jewlz, well said! I like it. :) Prayers much appreciated!

Gorges, that is so true. It really gives a sense of being connected to the natural world.

Susan, those are Kinder ears! That's one of the things I love about the breed. Yes, lots on our plate and it's a bit wearying at the moment. Baby goats really make for a nice distraction.

Sue, aren't the ears great? I hope your kidding goes well!

M.E. thanks!

Ed, it's pretty amazing, isn't it? I'm especially glad she let them nurse. Some new moms really aren't too sure about that!

Tpals, I couldn't take any more problems LOL. We've had our share for the moment, thank you very much!

Mark said...

Goodness! Quads!! You have a nice little herd, Leigh. They're all adorable and the mamas look great, too. Looking forward to hearing how Dan is doing. Praying for the two of you.

Lady Locust said...

Congrats! I think this means you've survived kidding. Try to get some rest yourself. Keep well.

Goatldi said...

Well now! The more the merrier and what is one, er, nine more?? Now you have my brain going same buck? If so he is really throwing himself isn't he? Or are the does related or or? Inquiring minds and all that.

Let the kid races begin!!

Leigh said...

Mark, we've more than doubled our herd so it will be pretty crazy around here for the next several months. In May they will be old enough to go to new homes, so until then, we'll have more goats than ever before. :)

Lady Locust, very happy to have survived! Seems crazy to have "planned" to have three does kidding within the span of about a week, but the goats actually did the planning! I'm just thankful the weather has turned milder. And yes! I'm ready for a full night's sleep, LOL

Goatldi, the trips and quads have the same sire. (The twins are by my other buck, as are the ones due in April). This guy is young, and will just turn two at the end of next month. People say young bucks usually throw more males, but 5 females out of 7 kids turns that on its ear! Almost makes me wish I hadn't arranged a trade for him. But his line is from one of the original Kinder herds in the SE, which means most goats in the SE are related to that line, including 5 out of my 6 does. While I don't oppose some line breeding, the breed numbers are small enough that genetic diversity is still very important. Most of the people who contact me for Kinders ask for unrelated goats. I've had people ask me if I specifically have goats for sale not related to that line. So when an opportunity arose to trade him for a first generation buck, I jumped on it. Now, after seeing all these girls I hate to see him go, LOL.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

4!? Oh my! That is a lot of babies. Ours were either black and white or all white. Love the colors on them.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Those little ones are so dang cute!! Hope they all thrive.

Fiona said...

A question for when you have a moment.
Does good nutrition have an effect on multiple births in goats?
You take such care with yours and they are in excellent condition, it made me wonder if there was a link.
God bless you both and Ralph and I feel blessed with each addition. Even with the increase in work. We are currently beginning ‘observation’ training for Ralph. We need to learn Kate’s heat cycle so we can AI her. I know nutritional needs have to be addressed with breeding cattle.

Your goats are just so awesome.

Annie in Ocala said...

They're Beautiful! Congrats! My first is due on the 22 and I'm excited! Even with the added work, they always bring smiles and a pleasant distraction, and MILK!
Annie in Ocala

Leigh said...

Jean, thank you for the prayers. Much appreciated! The kids are a bright spot in our lives right now and a welcome distraction> :)

Kristina, me too!

Sue, so far so good! I worry most for the first couple of days, but once they are active and alert there's little else to do but enjoy!

Fiona, good question. I don't think nutrition has as much to do with number of babies as with a healthy pregnancy, an easy labor and delivery, and healthy babies. Most of the problems I've had with my goats were from mineral deficiencies or imbalances. I've learned the hard way to be more proactive with their diet and mineral needs and it's definitely paid off. Doing your homework before hand will pay off for you too!

Annie, thanks! Very exciting that you have some on the way too. Nice to have milk on the horizon again too!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Four more darling baby goats but I love the black one! You are sure one busy grandma! Nancy

Goatldi said...

Morning Leigh . Had to spit out what is in my head before I forget after reading your reply above.

I know that feeling of looking around and thinking "darn , why did I sell that goat!" Hind sight is always cheap isn't it? In your case it sounds as if you are getting a shot at bringing in some new genetics which is a time consuming process waiting for a few years to see how it all plays out.

I think that often as breeders of livestock we tend to become overly cautious about line breeding. Often I have found that some folks confuse line breeding with in breeding. When I had Nubians there was a limited amount of genetics from the original purebred animals imported to this country. I was told at that time by a well respected breeder/judge not to be fearful of close breedings especially to obtain and cement a particular trait both animals are carrying into your breeding programs.

Some of my best goats with the most consistency came from very tight line breedings some of my less desirable came from some of my out crossings. Not that it can be said that it never happened the other way around.

Looking forward to seeing the buck from the trade and perhaps it is not too late to get the other party to toss a couple of breedings back to him for you into the pot.

Leigh said...

Nancy thanks! The little black girl is a real cutie and full of pep. Lots of fun to watch.

Goatldi, I agree with you about line breeding, and am happy to keep good qualities in my herd. On the other hand, I'd like to increase my herd gene pool. I just wish I could keep more goats! LOL The gal I'm trading with is in central Florida and we're meeting halfway in the middle to make our trade, so I'm kind of doubting more than that will work out! However, I am thinking about keeping one of the little girls because they are such nice Kinders. The triplets have really showed good growth and weight gain quickly, which is a good quality in a dual-purpose breed.

M.K. said...

They are just darling! Yay for the new mama :)

Henny Penny said...

Glad you are having good luck with so many beautiful baby goats. You are an amazing woman...helping with the birthing of those babies...especially that little buck. Gosh, you've got to be strong!