February 5, 2018

Baby Goats!

So after the tragic news of Dan's hand last time, here is some happy news. We had our first kidding last Friday - triplets!

One buckling

and two doelings. This is the firstborn.

The 2nd little girl was born last.

They are Jessie's, officially due Feb. 4 and so just a couple of days early which isn't unusual for triplets.

We've been having an usually cold winter, so they all got a kid sweater to wear.

I used the pattern from Fias Co Farm website and even shortened them some because Kinder kids are smaller than standard breeds. Even with that the sweaters are still too long so I fold them over so Jessie can smell them and clean their bottoms.

This is how mama goats identify their young'uns.

Also we let the heat lamp in the kidding stall, after using the door from the old chicken coop to make it snugger.

The other thing I do is put the water bucket up high. Some
folks have had kids fall into water buckets and drown.

All of our kids have tended to migrate to certain corners of the stall so by temporarily decreasing the size I was able to keep them closer to the heat lamp so as to not become hypothermic. 

Jessie is a wonderful mother and loves having babies.

Also, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has offered prayers and encouragements since Dan's accident. The first blessing from your prayers has been a profound peace for both of us and a sense of hope for Dan. The road to recovery will be longer than we'd like, but we're already seeing healing and improvement. More details soon.

Expecting Violet to kid any time now! Then I'll have more baby goat pictures to share.

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Michelle said...

Good on Jessie for providing future income! May the rest of your kiddings be as bountiful!

Goatldi said...

Oh my goodness such sweetness on legs. They sorta remind me of a university rowing team with the striped sweaters teehee!

Glad to hear Dan is healing and you are managing all with having a full time patient on board. Will continue to throw prayers upstairs on a daily basis for you.

Looking forward to the next batch of buns fresh from the oven.

Gorges Smythe said...

Cute little buggers!

Living Alone in Your 60's said...

They beautiful and their costs are lovely. Glad things are taking a turn for the better.

tpals said...

Well done, Jessie! They are beautiful and lovely to start your kidding season with three healthy little ones.

Yarrow said...

Such wonderful little darlings <3 Thank you for sharing the coat pattern link, I may have a go at those.
Sending healing wishes for Dan's hand and I hope things go well for you.xxx

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Congrats! We never had triplets, just twins and single babies. I love the sweaters. One year I used old sweatpants and pajama bottoms to make sweaters for our baby goats. They looked like mini-zebras romping around. I sure do miss kidding season here. Again, congrats.

Mama Pea said...

Nothing cuter than baby goats! An easy birthing and a good mother . . . so glad this first kidding this year went well for you, Leigh.

I hope the shock from Dan's accident is lessening now. Looking forward to an update. Keeping you both in our thoughts and sending support and hugs.

Ed said...

Good news on Dan! I will keep him in my prayers though for the time being.

Lady Locust said...

Oh what fun little critters. Glad to hear healing is beginning.

Susan said...

Aren't they adorable! And so tiny! Congratulations on such a great first kidding of the year. Sending you and Dan healing thoughts and hugs.

Leigh said...

Thank you all! Jessie is ready to be out and this morning her babies are outside in the warm sunshine. They've got the jumpy feet but are still very unsteady on them. Loads of fun to watch.

Please do continue your prayers for us! They are one of the things we cling to. We're waiting for the bills from both hospitals and since Dan can't work because of his hand (and his job doesn't offer sick leave) we're seeking guidance not only for paying them but for income until he can work again. For the moment we're just resting in trust.

Henny Penny said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable. That is a cozy looking little area where you have them. Life can sure be hard at times. Those sweet little goats would have to make you smile though. I sure hope Dan's finger heals quickly. Hope and pray things get better.

Rain said...

Congratulations to you both and Jessie! That last photo just got to me, those little sweeties in their sweaters...you're blessed Leigh. I want to know what's going on with Dan, I like that there is a positive vibe from your post that there is improvement. Did the births all go well, were you there for them? I've likely asked you this before, but do you assist?

Mark said...

They are SO adorable!! I just love baby goats! I'm so glad it all went well for Jessie and you.

Keeping Dan and you in my prayers. Let me know, either in a reply or privately, if there is something specific you want me to pray about.

jewlz said...

It's like a two fer special, adorable sweaters, and even more adorable kids to slip inside them. Life is good, even the rough parts :)
Prayers continue.

1st Man said...

It must have been something in the air, my post today is about a baby goat! 2nd Family adopted one (well, saved it and then decided to keep it). Yours are SO adorable and now I understand what it means to become enamored of baby goats! Congrats, can't wait to see more!!!!

Leigh said...

Thank you everyone, these babies are sure a bright spot in our lives. :)

Rain, I always try to be there for the births. Most of the time everything goes well, but every now and then I need to help a little.

Mark, right now the needs are pretty basic: healing, funds to cover the expenses, and the ability to pay our bills until Dan can go back to work. All of that is very much up in the air, but fortunately we have plenty of homegrown food and our needs are simple.

1st Man, how neat! Goats are really wonderful animals, but some of them can be pretty mischievous! And as you can see, baby goats are amazingly precious.

The Wykeham Observer said...

What a pleasant sight to see those little guys so snug and healthy in their little enclosure. Good to see they are warm and well-cared for. I'm glad you are a little more in uplifted spirits after your husband's injury. Hope all works out well. The little goats are a hopeful sign. Phil/Minnesota

deb harvey said...

God bless you and protect you!

deb harvey said...

my daughter advised to follow quinn's advice in the dan post.
write to the hospital and to the newspapers retailing your negative experience. other people need to know.
she says if a doctor is on call and doesn't answer his messages, unless something major prevents him, he must answer. if not, he needs to be called onto the carpet.
also, hospital need a backup for every on call doctor, if possible.
up here i was told if i wanted my husband admitted and not left to languish in the waiting room, sending him by ambulance was the key to admission--and it was!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Oh my gosh, just catching up here and read about Dan's hand, I'm so sorry, what a scary time that must have been for both of you! Hope he's healing quickly! Oh those sweet baby goats, oh my gosh I could just snuggle them to bits!!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Love those little sweaters. Hopefully it helps to see all this joy and light in the midst of your recent troubles. Enjoy your time together and tell Dan not to return to work too early. Setbacks are often worse than the initial injury. Praying for you.

Helen said...

Continued prayers to you and Dan
Love the cute little kids, such sweet babies.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Aren't they sweet! I would not get anything else done but trying to snuggle and love them! I am glad Dan is improving. Nancy

M.K. said...

Leigh, I'm just now getting back to post-reading. Please do have peace and hope with Dan's hand. Adam severed 2 tendons in his similar accident, and he has regained good use. The middle finger doesn't close as tight as he'd like, but is about 70%, and he can do everything he needs to do. Your babies look SO adorable ... I'm tempted to want goats, if I didn't think they'd be so much work! And I know I'm entering a time of life when I'll need to travel often to see family ... so no goats right now :)