November 10, 2017

"Bones" for the Milking Room

I didn't have much to show in my last goat barn post, but since then Dan has framed out the milking room and feed storage.

The next step will be the bones for an overhang in back.

This will serve as a loafing area for the does plus keep the doorway area dry when it rains.

After that we can figure out the roof and the rest of the siding. It's almost hard to believe that after all those years of planning and delay, we've finally gotten this far!

Next → "Goat Barn: Loafing Overhang."


  1. I so enjoy your progress photos; seeing the old-time way Dan builds is inspiring.
    We know what it is to be working on the big projects - it sometimes feels like the 4Shoes will never be 'finished' because just as one thing is done, something else needs repair, or refurbishing, or renovating...
    But all these dreams - the ones we've achieved, the ones we're still working on, & even the ones we haven't thought up yet - make up day to day life on the farm. The day to day life we always wanted.
    We really are so very blessed; I'm sure you feel the same. <3

  2. I'm glad you're making headway. It's always nice to make life a little easier and simpler.

  3. Mrs. Shoes, well said. Not keeping that in mind becomes discouraging and frustrating. A homestead is always and forever a work in progress! (But I'll be glad when this one project is finally behind us. :)

    Gorges, me too! Once we get this done and the goats moved in, it will leave their current structure for Dan's workshop plus storage. Hopefully we can do a major clean-up around the place and not look quite so much like a junk yard. :)

  4. I so admire people that can build things. I wouldn't know where to start but it has been on my list for years and I have tools. I guess I need to brush off my bucket list of learning and dive in. How did you guys learn how to build like that? Thank goodness for You Tube for me as I think I am a visual learner. You Tube has been a tremendous help. That is going to be the cutest barn ever and you have thought of everything. You are also great planners. I am a better planner than a doer! LOL!

  5. Sam, we all start at the same place - the beginning! Dan learned basic carpentry from helping his dad build things, but it's always YouTube that he turns to for anything new. :) The planning part comes from living with things as they are for awhile. Then it's easy to figure out what the problems are with the current set-up and how to improve them. I suppose in the end, time and patience are two important ingredients. :)

  6. Oh, yes! Living with things for a while . . . we find this so very important and eye-opening. We've started projects that came to a halt for one reason or another (or proceeded v-e-r-y slowly!) and that turned out for the best. Often the first plan was changed drastically because we "lived with it" (even unfinished) and were able to see a much better plan. I guess it just goes to prove that rushing through a job or refusing to live with "temporary" (I'm trying not to dislike that word as much as I used to!) isn't necessarily the wisest way to go!

    The milk room and barn and storage area acquired for your goats is going to be WONDERFUL. Hang in there.

  7. So happy for you, and so impressed, as always, at what you two accomplish together!

  8. Gosh, I get excited for you as I watch these long held dreams manifest! When I look around here and start to get discouraged, I remind myself the improvement will come with time, and sometimes poke around your blog's old posts to underscore that they will. Hope the future is full of more dreams coming true for you two!

  9. Mama Pea, I so agree! It's always interesting that you experience these same things as well. It's one more aspect of slow living, but the wait is always worth it. :)

    Michelle, thanks! Dan gets most of the credit for most of this though. I just did the painting!

    Jewlz, thanks! One of the primary reasons I blog is for a record of our projects. And you're right, it's encouraging to see and remember the progress. It's all too easy to get bogged down by what isn't done. Yet.

  10. That's amazing Leigh, Dan is really skilled. The "bones" look very solid! We have so many ideas and plans for the future, we just have to keep in mind, everything in order of priority! And your motto of "food first" that I"m adopting! :)

  11. Such an adorable, strong and well built barn!! It is amazing what we all can accomplish with the right materials and the right weather isn't it? Our barn is coming along as well just as the weather is getting very cold here in Illinois. Keep the barn photos coming!!

  12. One day you'll be showing us what's happening "in" the barn, and it will be just like it's ALWAYS been there. But it seems to take forever to build initially! I know how that feels. Long days full of hard slog, then it becomes the domain of slow and delightful pottering, once done. :)

  13. Rain, this is what Dan loves to do, so he's in to doing a good job. But I know what you mean about having ideas and plans for the future! We made lots of lists and collected lots of ideas before we even bought our place. :)

    Donna, thanks! We're in that phase where we're recharged with enthusiasm because we see it taking shape. We had hoped to get the roof on before our winter rains, but that probably won't be happening. Even so, it's getting close!

    Nancy, thanks!

    Chris, right now I can't even imagine that! Actually it's time to graph out my interior space and figure out how to arrange it. I have ideas, but now that the basic structure is up, it takes on a new perspective. That's exciting too.

  14. Looks SO good! But then your building projects always do :)
    I dream of building a simple "shed" roof off the south side of the goat barn, which I think would make everybody so happy. But when I asked my carpenter for an estimate he said 3K. He always estimates high, but even would just be too much. Sometimes it's really frustrating that I can't do things for myself a lot of the time anymore. I've come to terms with some of it, but other times, not so much.
    Anyway, I vicariously enjoy YOUR building projects!

  15. It's always so exciting watching a building project take shape and grow.


  16. Quinn, thanks! Building is so expensive nowadays. If we had to buy all our materials we wouldn't be this far along, that's for sure. Dan's sawmill was probably one of the best investments we ever made.

    Joyful Chaos, I agree!


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