November 12, 2017

Would You Be Interested ... ?

... in participating in a huge basics living resource project? The upcoming 2018 Back To Basics Living Bundle is looking for eBook authors and affiliates.

I don't host advertising on my blog and I don't participate in many affiliate programs, but I do participate in this because I love being part of it. It's a chance to get my homesteading how-to books out there, meet other authors, make a little money, plus add to my own homesteading resources.

The bundle is organized by the Self Reliant School, and if you're uncertain about how a program like this works or how to promote it, I can tell you that these folks are great. They are encouraging, supportive, and offer free training and materials to help you get started, have fun, and be successful.

Authors! There isn't much time to get eBooks submitted, but if you've got one ready or in the works and want to participate, click here. Please use my name as your referral!

Affiliates! If you'd simply like to be an affiliate and make a little extra money, you should sign up now too! Click here to sign up!

Back To Basics Living Bundle 2018 will be available Jan. 17 - 23, 2018 and that's it! Those dates are approaching quickly so if you'd like to join us, now's the time!


  1. Sounds great! What is the deadline for authors? Thanks.

  2. Hannah, it's December 1st, which isn't much time, I know. But if you sign up you'll receive an email confirmation, and then you reply and ask specific questions then. They are very helpful and want to see everyone succeed.

  3. I sure do appreciate all the free material given to us to learn even though I only have a little courtyard at this stage of my life! Nancy

  4. Nancy, I agree. And you can do a lot with even a courtyard. I've been amazed at how productive yours has been!

  5. Can't wait for the next bundle. Such valuable wonderful information.

    I would love to do the affiliate thing to help out but the link isn't working?

  6. 1st Man, the link has been corrected! Thank you for letting me know. I believe if affiliates sell a certain number they get their copy of the bundle for free!


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