July 26, 2017

A Little Progress on the Goat Barn (Formerly Dan's Workshop)

"What? A new barn for us?"

Well, not a barn yet but eventually. Current progress is the addition of a few posts.

In the back - posts to frame out a wide sliding barn door.

In the front - a stable door will go between the two new posts on the left.

 In the middle - posts to support the hay loft.

It's slow going because the joints have to be cut. So that's it for the moment.

"Barn, shmarn. We'll believe it when we see it."

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Mrs Shoes said...

Slow going? Actually I think Dan is going along at a pretty good clip considering the old time craftsmanship he puts into everything & it all from scratch. Mr Shoes is impressed too (I showed him & he loves the jointing work especially).

Leigh said...

Mrs. Shoes, thanks! It takes an understanding of the techniques to appreciate the progress! :)

Ed said...

It's going to be the best goat barn ever.... I hope they appreciate that fact!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Your goat talk is funny! You must be more patient than I am to see things get finished! It will be nice! Nancy

Mama Pea said...

NOTHING on a homestead goes as quickly (or easily) as we'd like! But the other commenters are right . . . what craftsmanship. Wow!

With supervisors such as Dan has (the goat herd) everything will turn out super!

Goatldi said...

Good work Dan! Yup sounds about right goat attitudes with altitude!

Leigh said...

Ed, I think so too, goat opinions not included!

Nancy, well, we just have to be patient because we can't go any faster. I think Dan's most impatient because he can't work on it everyday. I'm just happy to see the progress!

Mama Pea, that's exactly right! Just being able to do something like this is exciting. :)

Goatldi, that's exactly a goat attitude, LOL.

Theresa said...

Goats are SUCH silly creatures! Some wonderful progress there though on the barn. It will be awesome!

Nancy In Boise said...

Love those beams!!! Looks like a great start!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Those are some handsome posts and beams! What a sturdy building that will be. Going to build a little office in there for yourself?

Leigh said...

Theresa, that's why it's so easy to make fun of them, LOL

Thanks Nancy!

Donna, if a milking room is an office, then that's me! ;)

Rain said...

Ha ha...goats with attitude...I think the goat barn is looking good!

Sandy Livesay said...


Quality work always takes a little more time. Great job Dan!!!
In the end you'll have a top notch goat barn :-)