March 19, 2017

Solar Cooking: Are You Interested?

Awhile back I did some blog posts about my Sun Oven solar oven. I have really enjoyed it plus learning new cooking techniques to utilize this free power source. I've been asked by the Sun Oven people if I would be interested in hosting an online solar oven cooking class on my blog, sometime in April or May? I've replied to get more details, because I think it would be something we'd all enjoy, but I thought I'd get an idea of how many of you might actually be interested. So...

Would you be interested in an online solar cooking class hosted by me?

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Thank you for taking the time to let me know!


Rain said...

Hi Leigh, what a wonderful idea. I think that learning about any type of skill that is off grid is a worthwhile lesson. I hope you get some good feedback (which, looking at the results is very positive!!)

Leigh said...

Yes, definitely more "yeses" than "nos," so I'll probably go ahead with it. It will be something new for me, but I'd love to learn more about solar cooking too. I've got a few things down, but I need to work on some more!

Unknown said...

I dont show up on the map!! LOL