November 25, 2016

Ideas for Your Holiday Gift List

With the official holiday shopping madness upon us, I hope you'll indulge me in a little shameless self-promotion. I'd like to share my offerings for inexpensive books for the homesteading inclined on your gift list. If you're like me, then you are looking for bargains that will be meaningful to the recipient, while avoiding the crowds and chaos of holiday shopping. Between Smashword's easy gift giving option and the discount coupons listed below, you can do that.

In this post you'll find a rundown of my new projects plus discount codes for all my books, both electronic and paperback.

Critter Tales Series was an experiment in turning a print book into an eBook. I prefer print, but a lot of people request electronic versions. The challenge was that the text file was too large for proper eBook conversion, so it became a series. Critter Tales lent itself quite well to this format, and it makes the stories and information available to someone interested in only one critter rather than all.

You can see all the volumes with links to descriptions here. I'm offering them at 50% off between now and Dec. 31st. Codes and links below.

The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos, How-To Goat Bundle #1 is my first eBook bundle. It combines four of my previously published goat how-tos for half the price, and I'm offering a 50%- off discount code on top of that.

It contains:
  • How To Make a Buck Rag: & other good things to know about breeding your goats
  • How To Garden For Goats: gardening, foraging, small scale grain and hay, & more
  • How To Mix Feed Rations With The Pearson Square: grains, protein, calcium, phosphorous, balance, & more
  • How to Get Cream from Goats' Milk: make your own butter, whipped cream, ice cream, & more

Click here for details about the book itself, then scroll down to the bottom of this post for the code.

Volume 13 in the series
How To Compost With Chickens: Work smarter not harder for faster compost & happier chickens is my newest addition to The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos. It discusses how to adapt composting to accommodate chickens including a plan for a simple, economical, chicken-friendly compost bin.

The above title links to its webpage, and you can get it for 50% off with the code and link below. I'm also offering codes for all twelve volumes in the series. For titles and descriptions, click here.

While I'm on a roll, also please consider my paperbacks:

Coupon codes below are for 30% off each title.

About the discount codes. I can only offer these for specific sellers, because not all sellers allow me to discount my own books. The eBook codes are good only at Smashwords, and the paperback codes are good only at CreateSpace. Titles below are linked to their sales pages, where you'll use the code at checkout. Codes are good for as many copies as you'd like - no limit. Codes expire December 31, 2016.

Critter Tales Series - 50% off each title.

The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos - 50% off each title
How-To Goat Bundle #1 - XS25J

Paperbacks - 30% off each title


jewlz said...

Oh good! I'll be picking up the blood drawing, cream making, & ginger growing pamphlets because, as usual, you have exactly what I need when I need it. Don't forget to remind us we can also donate books to the local library or set up give aways on our own blogs. G'luck to you!

Chris said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion, especially as you do it so rarely. Thank you for your blog and desire to help others. I hope some of your Christmas wishes will come true. :)

Sarah said...

Go for it! G-d helps those who help themselves, right??? :) I know that I do a lot more business on CafePress from October through December which really helps me out with being able to afford the holidays. At first I felt so bad when I would share the link on Facebook and then I decided that I needed to get over it! I definitely will be some of your books. Especially the ginger one. My best friend is addicted to ginger and its the only "natural" thing he things works. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Leigh said...

Oh yes, great ideas! I've had several people buy copies of my books for their local libraries. Then they tell me there's a waiting list to check out the book! Always makes my day. :)

Leigh said...

Thanks Chris!

Leigh said...

Thanks Sarah! I struggle with self-promotion, because I think there's a difference between making the information available and pushing it on folks. I don't want to err on the side of pushing and trying to manipulate others into buying. The little bit of money my books generate is truly a blessing to the homestead, but so is encouraging others.

And your friend is right about ginger. It is one wonderful medicinal herb, one that we wouldn't be without. :)