October 26, 2016

Looking for Folks Willing to Sponsor a Giveaway on Their Blogs

Earlier this month I finished an eBook version of Critter Tales. It worked out as a series, really, with each set of tales becoming it's own volume in the collection. Now comes the ongoing job of promoting, and I was wondering if any of you faithful readers would be willing to help.

Here's how it would work. If you are willing to sponsor an eBook giveaway on your blog or website, you would receive a free review copy of the Tales of your choice (in the eBook format of your choice). After you run your giveaway, you would contact me with the email address of your winner and I would send them a free copy of the same book.

Ground rules:
  • If you agree to participate, then I expect you to follow through and hold the giveaway.
  • You set up the giveaway as is convenient for you: dates, length of time for readers to enter, deadline, and how you draw your winner are up to you. You can open up your giveaway to the entire world, because these are eBooks so there is no postage involved.
  • You don't actually have to write a review for the book you give away, but if you do, you must state that you received a free copy in exchange for your honest opinion. 

All the copies (review and winners) will come from Smashwords, because they allow me to set my own discounts up to 100%. The books are available at Amazon and other online vendors too, but only Smashwords lets me give away copies for free.

Speaking of free, the introduction to the series, volume I, Concerning Critters, is permanently free at Smashwords. You'll find that here. It sets the stage for the tales that follow.

If you think you might be interested, you can take a look at all the volumes here. It would be nice to have a couple of giveaways for each volume, so I'll work that out with volunteers on a first-come-first-served basis. To find my email address, click on "View my complete profile" here, or at the top right-hand side of my blog. A link to my e-addy is listed in the left-hand column.

People love giveaways and they are a great way to build followers and readership. I think your sponsoring a giveaway would be beneficial to both of us. Let me hear from you if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

Will review the book and let you know about it...

Leigh said...

Great, contact me by email for which book you'd like and where to send it.

Nancy In Boise said...

I'm emailing you :)

Rain said...

I don't have a blog but I'm sure with all of your followers, you'll get lots of publicity! Whenever I have the opportunity, I recommend your site and your books to a few friends who have hobby farms and homesteads. Good luck Leigh!

Leigh said...

Thanks Nancy!

Leigh said...

Rain, maybe you need a blog. :)