October 20, 2016

Homestead eBook Authors Wanted

Do you all remember that I participated in the Back To Basis Living Bundle earlier this year? This was a bundled eBook package with over 65 individual eBooks and courses written by homesteaders for homesteaders. It had a lot of excellent information on homesteading, homeschooling, cooking and gardening, DIYing, green living, preparedness, and natural remedies. For the amount of information it was a really good deal. I decided to participate again for the 2017 B2B Bundle.

The group is currently looking for more authors to join the project. The only caveat is that the deadline is October 31st. Joining in means earning a commission for your plus an affiliate percentage for the bundles you sell. It also means being able to share your work with a larger audience and getting useful information out to people who want it and appreciate it. Plus it's fun to meet other authors with similar goals and interests.

If you're interested you can sign up at the Back To Basics Author Referral page. You can share a previously published eBook or one you're just getting ready for publication.

If you have any questions, I'll answer if I can.


Goatldi said...

Sounds interesting . Can't wait to find out more. Just sent you an email with some of my questions. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Interesting, one day perhaps :-)

Leigh said...

Great! I'll be happy to help or encourage any way I can. I'm only sorry it isn't much of a heads up!

Leigh said...

Absolutely! Start thinking about it now and email me if you have any questions about the process! I think you'd do a great job!

Dani said...

Thanks for the thought Leigh. Unfortunately life here is pretty hectic and with the deadline 31 October I don't think I would make it. Only other alternative is possibly to submit the solar recipes without any editing... what do you think? Which sections did you think would be suitable?

Leigh said...

Dani, well, you already have the sections as pdfs in "Free From the Sun". Authors upload pdfs via either Google Drive or Dropbox. The organizers simply zip all the pdfs into a package. (Last year the collection was available on a flash drive as well).

You have the best basic instructions for solar cooking that I've seen. So I would combine your "Free From the Sun" introduction with any of the other sections (maybe one you don't see many recipes for on the internet). Then do a closing page that lists all the sections available and where to get more, sort of an advert for the rest of the collection.