April 14, 2015

Rainy Day Progress on the Bay Window

There is so much to do outside but the weather must cooperate to do it! Thankfully we've had house projects for the recent rainy days. Foremost on the list was trimming out the interior of the bay window.

Here it is before we put in the window seat (photos and details on that here.)

Bay window interior before.

And here it is now -

Trimmed out but unpainted. The longer top moulding will accommodate
the curtain rod. The walls are cement board and harder to nail into.

A couple of close-ups...

Ceiling before. The original ceiling is actually the porch ceiling.

Ceiling after. Dan had a couple scraps of drywall for the alcove ceiling.

He used the same moulding for finishing both the seat & ceiling.

The interior angles were a bit tricky. Dan finally came
up with a pillar look made from chair rail moulding.

All trim in place

The next steps will be to fill any cracks with painters putty and then paint. Once that's done I can put up a window treatment and we can get our living room back in order!

Hopefully we'll get clear weather for outside work next. If not, we'll resume working on the front porch. As much as I'd rather be planting, it will be nice to get that part of the house done too.

Front porch progress continued here.


PioneerPreppy said...

It looks really good. The pillar trim is a nice touch.

Dawn said...

Dan has done a great job and a lovely touch with the moulding, rainy days have there uses :-)

The Cranky said...

It's looking gorgeous, what a creative use for beadboard!
Drilled drainage holes in all the new galvanised buckets, troughs, and tubs on Sunday; waiting for it to stop raining long enough to plant some peas and lettuce. Fingers crossed we both get planting weather!

Kirsty said...

Looks great!

Farmer Barb said...

So smart to have that big headder on the window. I always take pictures of my framing so I know where it is when we close up. Cement board is no fun to get through!

Leigh said...

PP, I really liked his idea and the finished result doesn't disappoint. :)

Dawn, summer before last we created our entire master suite because we has so many rainy days! I just wish we could get the planting done!

Jacqueline, sounds like you're making garden progress in spite of the rain, way to go!

Kirsty, thanks!

Barb, it wasn't what we set out to do, it was just checking the board's fit and then thinking, hey, what if .... Another great idea chalked up to Dan!

Erika keller said...

It's nice to get inside work done! The window is looking great. We have soooo many projects to get done inside and outside around here!

Ed said...

We're not getting many rainy days up here so my inside projects are lagging. Your window looks great. I like most remodeling projects except for doing trim work for some reason so I give your husband kudos for a job well done.

Bootzey said...

Looks Good!

Sandy Livesay said...


Using the pillar trim really makes this window pop. I can't wait to see the final project with paint, and your window treatment.

Beautiful job you two!!!

I hear you on the rain, it's been raining here. Not much work done outside around here the last couple of days.

Renee Nefe said...

How did you get pictures with out snoopervisors? I'm amazed. ;)

It is looking really nice. Can't wait to see it finished with window treatments.

Leigh said...

Erika, as much as I'd rather be outside, it's a relief to make progress inside!

Ed, Dan doesn't like doing the trimwork either. Mostly because nothing in the house is square or level, and nothing ends up matching or fitting together well. Even so, he always manages to pull it off!

Penelope, thanks!

Sandy, I'm really pleased with it. Will probably do the pillars in the same color as the rest of the living room trim. The windows are white vinyl so they'll have to stay that color.

Renee, good point, LOL. Once Dan finishes the baseboard trim (which we had to tear out to do the window) I'll be able to paint and get this baby done!

Mama Mess said...

It looks lovely!

Izzy said...

Window looks really great! He's a handy guy to have around!

Karen@ onthebanksofsaltcreek.com said...

I love it. Great spot to sit and read a book on a rainy winter day.
Love the pillar look. Very good solution.

Mama Pea said...

It's the unique trim and finish work you two always come up with that makes everything you do so special. I know some of it is done out of necessity (been there, done that!) but I'm sure you love every nook and cranny of your home as it nears completion.

DFW said...

Window seat looks great! Dan is a very talented man. I know you will be happy to get finished & move on to the next project.

Unknown said...

Dan The Man is a genius!

Leah said...

Wow that looks amazing! I have been doing a little reading on do it yourself carpentry jobs but thus is way out of my league! Wow Dan is awesome at do-it-yourself projects!! Can't wait to see the finished porch!

Leigh said...

the Goodwife, Izzy, and Karen, thanks!

Mama Pea, part of that comes from trying to find the least expensive way to to it! Even so, I think there is a place for aesthetics. :) Hve to admit completion seems a long, long way off.

DFW and Lynda, Dan will love to hear your comments. :)

Leah, carpentry is out of my league as well. I sincerely wish I'd taken a basic shop course when I was in school along with basic home ec. Those are life skills I think everybody should be trained in.

Amber said...

It's beautiful! I love it!

Leigh said...

Amber, thanks!