February 13, 2015

Progress on the Bay Window? Not Much

Our recent run of nice weather has seen us busy with the forest garden hedgerow rather than working on the house. Even so, I had hoped to have painted the front porch by now. I did manage to get on the primer, but then it turned a little too cold for painting.

Bay window primed, but we need warm weather for a couple coats of paint.

On rainy days Dan has been working on the window interior.

Certainly lightens the living room. 

We debated about what to do with the area under the window seat. The window was framed out right on top of the new porch decking, so that's its floor. The decking boards have some rather nice gaps between them which allow quite a draft into the living room. The first step was to cover that.

The plastic helped, except when breezes poofed up the plastic. Dan placed a piece of plywood over the plastic, and insulation on top of that.

We decided not to make a storage space under the window seat. This is because we have so much trouble with humidity and mildew, especially in spaces that get little air circulation. This was a huge problem in our old bedroom closets, even when I left the doors open.

The space has been claimed.

The seat itself is made of finished plywood, stained, and polyurethaned. I think it looks real nice.

There is still a lot to do, but finishing this is not our top priority. When we prioritize, our motto is "food first." That includes both for our livestock and us. Dan's not one to leave projects unfinished, but sometimes, house projects have to wait. This latest cold snap may see a little more progress, however, and that will make him happy.

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  1. Pussy cats always find the best places and so you can consider Dan's work approved. I love the window and im sure that it will all be painted soon enough. Looking so Ab Fab.

  2. It looks great Leigh! Baby steps will eventually get you where you need to be.

  3. What a fine perch! You must be very happy not to have it be rough and open. I am always happiest on the day it gets its first use!

  4. Lynda, we envision the window seat getting it's most use by the cats. :)

    Deb, agreed! Progress is always welcome. :)

    Barb, I so agree. Functionality is the bottom line, but looking pretty is so much the better!

  5. So happy for you all. What a great job. Stay warm. Spring is 35 days away ( March 20th).

  6. What a purr-fect spot you've so graciously made just for the cats! I'm sure they're happy with their new "command post!" ;o]

    Every time I see a shot of the front of your house with the new bay window I'm kinda amazed at the (elegant) change!

    We've used stained and polyed plywood a LOT including for our floors for many years. Only spot it's yet to be replaced is our bedroom floor. The new laminated flooring is living under our bed, but other projects always seem to rank higher on the To Do List!

  7. I hate leaving projects undone too but it is definitely necessary at times. It looks great!

  8. It is lovely to see home reno projects which are for the comfort of our feline friends, lol. It's coming along nicely and will be lovely when finished.

  9. Teresa, thanks! 25° out so staying warm is at the top of the list. :)

    Mama Pea, I'm amazed at the look of elegance as well. That's a pleasant surprise. Dan has wanted a bay window for as long as we've been here and he got it in the perfect spot.

    Ed, I think it's better to be that way than to be plagued with startitis. It's definitely too cold to work outside at the moment, so maybe we'll get those inside trims in soon!

    Nina, agreed. :)

  10. perfect lookout spot for your felines:) you can always weave a nice pillow or cover at a later stage, when there's time!

  11. Leigh,

    I just love your bay window, and the bench on the inside. I'm happy to hear you have the inside of the bench finished to prevent the draft. As for finishing up, you'll have plenty of time to finish.

    It's coming into spring, I do understand why food would be necessary for both you and your animals.

    I'm rushing this afternoon to place more straw around the planted onions in one of my raised beds to prevent them from dying. We're expecting temperatures to drop below 20 degrees with snow come tomorrow night through Wednesday of next week.

  12. We are the same way. You have to prioritize. What is most important combined with what can you afford. It's fun....not. It is good to learn to wait.

    The window seat looks lovely. I think it was wise to turn it into storage.
    Great job.

  13. I can really see the southern charm of your home blossoming with this latest project! SweeT!

  14. Trying to peak out the window....do I see the goat shed out in the yard? That would be a great view! Never a dull moment and always the next project to start or complete on a homestead. Thanks for the update. It looks great!


  15. Looks nice! Some people made a simple seat cushion for those too....

  16. good thing you made use of the good weather while we had it. now it's turning cold again.

  17. Bettina, eventually I would love to weave a series of household linens. Assuming I ever get my studio back!

    Sandy, thanks! We've got that cold snap now so there is nothing going on outside except chores. I sure do wish it was time to garden.

    Karen, it's something we had to learn, was it the same for you? We're still working on it, actually.

    JW, it's really turning out well, isn't it? :)

    Fern, sadly our view from that window is of the street. You're catching a glimpse of the house across the street.

    Nancy, that would be perfect, although for the time being, it will have to be kitty beds. :)

    Harry, it's been a crazy winter, hasn't it? Time to switch gears again, so maybe we'll make more progress on finishing that window.

  18. Hey, are those flowers growing in your yard NOW???? Wow, our climates are different! I am sitting in a 16 inch snow pack with another five coming in a few hours...Thanks for the inspiration that it will end SOME time!

  19. I just love your house, Leigh....I know how much work you both have done and doing....it's adorable! <3

  20. It looks great! We too like to finish projects all at once, but sometimes we have to pick and choose! We are constantly reminding ourselves that Rome wasn't built in a day! :)

  21. Excellent vantage point:} Smart kitty.

  22. That looks great. What a fabulous place for a cat perch. My cat would love it.

  23. Inch by inch they say! Would do no good to have the house all finished and no food to eat! Your bay window is so nice looking. I think kitty really enjoys it! Nancy


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