May 18, 2013

New Kid on the Block

Or perhaps I should say new kid on the homestead. This is, .....well, he doesn't have a name yet.

White or cream with gold markings is common coloring
for Kikos. although they can be other colors as well.

We bought him several days ago. He's a spring born, mostly Kiko buckling, advertised as having a Kiko dam and 97% Kiko sire. I put him in with Alphie first. There has been a little head butting, but not much, since both of these little guys are missing their mamas.

Same age and height, but Alphie is a little chunkier.

They are the same age and size. Being young, I have a better chance of taming him than Elvis, who was older when we bought him. He needs to accept enough handling so that we can trim his hooves, give him his vaccinations, and tend to other needs should they arise.

I had hoped to let Alphie stay with Surprise for at least another month. Unfortunately, little bucks reach breeding maturity around two months of age. Alphie would nurse and then run around behind Surprise attempting to mount her with his breeding apparatus at the ready. Then he'd go after Lily. Neither doe was happy about this, so poor little Alphie now has to face the sad reality of Mama on the other side of the fence.

Surprise is less concerned about weaning than Alphie, but she obliges him by
hanging out with him by the fence. She's giving me a gallon of milk per day.

My plan has been to breed Surprise and Lily to one Kiko buck one year, and to another the next. I had hoped to find another full Kiko, like Elvis, but even unregistered they were out of my price range at this time. The offspring from these different matings will hopefully give me enough genetic diversity to experiment with the Nubian/Kiko cross over the next few years. What I'm hoping for, is a goat with the good milking qualities of the Nubian, and the stamina of the Kiko along with it's ability to thrive on forage alone. This is a concern for me because Surprise, in particular, puts everything into making milk so that it's hard to keep her in a healthy weight when she's in milk.

Gruffy and Elvis were curious about the newcomer.

Introductions to the "Big Boys" went smoothly. Elvis stands over the little guys and pushes them around a little, to demonstrate his dominance. They're all getting along pretty well, though Elvis tends to get a little rough at times. Even so, the new kid tends to gravitate toward Elvis, I reckon because Elvis's common Kiko coloring looks familiar. Will I keep Elvis?  No. He's currently listed on Craigslist.

The worst part is the screaming. Both little guys miss their mothers and will stand and bawl for hours, Alphie especially, since his mother is still in sight. They sound like a couple of little girls screaming bloody murder. I keep waiting for a police car to pull up and two officers to step out and ask me, "Ma'am, are you torturing children over here?"

And how about a few parting shots of the babies.

We've about decided on names: Rosie for the dark twin, Daisy for the other

Only Mama puts up with this.

Chickens are still a curiosity.

Lastly, the Ziggster.

Poor Ziggy, tired of being pregnant

No, she still hasn't delivered! Besides now, my last potential due date is June 7th.

New Kid on the Block © May 2013 


Tombstone Livestock said...

I guess Ziggy will pop when she is ready to "pop" ... sure hope it is soon. Watching for a Ziggy post.

Nadine said...

He is adorable! Ziggy looks ready to pop hopefully soon!

Mama Pea said...

I'm glad Alphie now has a chum his own age to bond with. Four bucks! You currently have the fertility situation covered! And what a nice little herd of goats you're building. I know the whole bunch must add so much "life" to your homestead.

Ziggy. What can be said? I cannot believe she has gone this long without delivering those quintuplets. (All does, please!) ;o)

Sandy Livesay said...


I can see it now, a police squad surrounding your house looking for the kids who were screaming for help, lol......
~ just teasing~

On Ziggy count down now!!!!

Maybe she will give birth on my birthday the 13th of June :-)

Leigh said...

TL, it looks like her udder is getting pretty full. But other than that - ?????

Nadine, thanks! Poor Ziggy is ready to pop. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

Mama Pea, Ziggy waddles pretty bad, poor thing. Would love all does! And hopefully we'll be down to four bucks soon.

Sandy, I hope poor Ziggy doesn't wait that long, ;) And no police so far. Actually it rained today so poor Alphie had to spend the day with the boys in the new shelter. He and the new kid settled down together and since then there's been less hollering.

Renee Nefe said...

Nursing and mating at the same time? Wow there's something wrong with that plan.

Glad that the new guy is beginning to settle in now.

The Cranky said...

Things sure are staying lively over at your place! I hope poor Ziggy delivers soon and safely.

Seeking Serenity said...

Love your photos :)
(omg your neighbors must luv you..)
I always learn something!
I'm thinking that if Zig has a buck he'll be ready to breed by the time he comes out LoL!

Farmer Barb said...

Ok, so was the plan always to punt Elvis after the first breeding? I don't know enough about the genetics game. Please elaborate. It will give you something to do while you wait for Ziggy...

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

When I think Ziggy I ponder over the Willie Wonka movie with violet as a blueberry.

luckybunny said...

First of all I cannot believe that girl is still holding those kids in! I think she's made a bet with someone. Secondly, I loved this entire post. always love hearing about and seeing the goats :) Everyone looks great!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

Love the photo of the baby lying across mama. Animal mamas are so patient. A few days ago, I watched Vanilli's chicks go in the front side of her wing and come out the back over and over. It was like an amusement ride for them, I guess. Vanilli just sat there while they have their fun.

Anonymous said...

Look at your new handsome boy! Weaning kids is never no fun, but a must. Elvis is adorable, I'm sure he will find another awesome home. The babies are sure growing fast and Ziggy...come on girl...give up those have made us wait long enough..... ;)

Leigh said...

Renee, no it isn't a good plan. It annoyed Surprise but especially Lily. Poor Alphie doesn't understand but at least he has a buddy.

Jacqueline, me too!

Peaceful, I'm sure my neighbors are overjoyed. Not. But then I have one who sets of fireworks at 10 o'clock at night. Another who uses his power tools at 11 o'clock at night. Next door plays mariachi music full blast. Another neighbor with yappy dogs, and one more who mows his lawn at 7am on Sunday(!). So, I reckon we all give one another a little leeway. :)

Barb, I need to do that. It's still on my list of things to research. :)

Cloud, LOLOL

Donna, thanks! I think everyone is doing great too. :)

Candace, I never seem to get enough photos. I love watching the twins play! I love watching baby chicks with their mamas too.

Pam, no inquiries on Elvis yet. And as for Ziggy, who knows!

DebbieB said...

Such cuties!!

Susan said...

Ah, yes, the screaming. Sage does nothing but. I did have one of my neighbors ask if someone with a baby was staying with me. LOL! I was going to explain about Sage, but then she obliged. Now the neighbors pity me.

farmchicsophisticate said...

Love your blog! I just came across it in blog searching! We have a small hobby farm, nothing major, but its fun reading other people adventures too!

Unknown said...

Leigh, you really make me consider getting goats in the future! Your bunch are the cutest things (and we do tend to go through £45 in goat milk every month).

Leigh said...

Debbie, I can't help but agree. :)

Susan, LOL. It's amazing how human they can sound when they're bellyaching.

Stephanie, thanks! And welcome! I'm one that learns a lot from others and blogging is a fantastic way to do it.

Tanya, you need goats! And I'm guessing you'd go through less in feed bills. :)